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  • Confused!!

    As This is first post I'm a little unsure about what to write so I apologise in advance for the waffle... I'm 33 almost 34 and my life is literally evolving in front of my eyes in the past week. I should mention that a year ago i went to a psychic fair and decided on getting a picture of my aura can't remember what colour it is as i was more interested in being told that i was an indigo child/adult. I have read up on it but not really taking anything in until today (don't know why). I have been going through a lot in the past few years and have been very lonely even though i have been in a relationship for 10 yrs I know its not right for me but have not ended it for reasons I don't believe in any more. Just last week I met someone that I know think was my soulmate and i'm afraid i've lost him because I still haven't ended this relationship. Why is there this intense fear of hurting someone else's feelings when they have little or no regard for yours. I see this seems to be a trait with indigo's but now I suddenly don't care and want out. Does anyone know if you have pushed away your soulmate will they come back to you?? And can someone explain to me what this transit is?

    Kindest regards

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    Hi Marette, I suggest you to create your own thread to the introductions forum, you can include everything you want to share. This section of the forum is a crowded area where most topics decay fast with the possibility of having no answers.

    With a little adventure in the forums, you will find a lot of scientific and spiritual information about the transition we are facing right now.

    In my opinion, don't worry about your soulmate, you already arranged the perfect timing to meet before you came to planet Earth


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      Well darling, do not worry! This is what I know about soulmates. Unless you have a constant yearning... a waiting... to find the love of your life (I mean all consuming)... then your soul mate is your spirit guide.

      If you incarnated to find your soulmate, both of your spirit guides (a different member of our spiritual family) would've helped you see all the right signs and clues to get you two to meet. The primary purpose of this incarnation would be to exist in this physical reality just to enjoy it with your soulmate (with a few other lessons I'm sure), to experience the difference between your relationship in heaven, and your relationship on Earth. There would be no question in your mind. It would be an obvious thing. I feel that because we incarnated during this glorious shift in consciousness, that either 99%-100% of everyone incarnated has their soulmate as their primary spirit guide. I would really like to think it's 100%, because you get the best of both worlds: You experience this beautiful lifetime, and your soulmate is always with you... experiencing everything you do.

      There may be times where you think of the possibility of "is this man my soulmate?", but just because you have your soulmate/spirit guide with you all the time, doesn't mean you're not supposed to explore the possibilities. They want you to be happy.
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        Thank you i appreciate both your reply and advice, I will explore further