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  • Exo-politics

    First, sorry about my English, i can’t speak quite right yet
    feel welcome to correct me.

    Are you guys aware of the political groups

    Galactic Federation
    Galactic Federation of Light
    Andromeda Council

    and, or others?

    For what i know the first is what we would call 'bad guys' they are the nibiruam represents

    The second is being responsible for caring about natural disasters... elenim… nibiru... volcanoes activity they are 3d based

    the 3rth is responsible for dealing with the draco/hydra reptilians and greys,
    By the way they are doing a very good job…4d based

    adromeda council – human representant TOLEC
    galactic federation – representant Jelaila
    galactic federation of light – representant Princess Kaoru Nakamaru?

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    Sure, I am 'aware' of them, but believing in it is another question. There's no documents or anything concerning this situation. These "spiritual messages" people are getting from them has been going around for more than 60 years, and they were supposed to visit since the 70s if I recall correctly. Although I would love to think its real, and I'm not crossing out that option, I'm just more of a realist and I search for other answers from information that we physically have, as much as I would love to work with aliens for the best of humanity.

    On a side note: you mentioned Nibiru, and mentioned it with natural disasters, so I'm assuming you're mentioning the planet that can come collide with earth (or other claims that are made from it). It's something that was made up by some woman that already twice changed the date on her website on when it's supposed to arrive (and now saying it falls under 2012 -- oh.. what a coincidence =P). And historically, if it really is supposedly an alien message, I'm sure they would use a different name for the planet, since Nibiru means Jupiter from ancient Byzantine.

    All-in-all from my honest opinion, its alright and fun to read about these things, but don't let them brainwash you.


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      I ignore all of them. My advice to anyone is: listen to your own guides, and channel your own information. Anything that is not 100% kind and loving, avoid it.
      ~Aspire to beauty, light, peace and love, whoever you are, wherever you be.
      ~Ground yourself. Then, reach up to Perfection, and place yourself there.
      ~These are the keys to happiness. Choose them. Choose them constantly.
      ~You are worthy of Perfection and Peace. Purity comes to those who seek it.


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        Thank for your opinion, dear friend sovauthority.

        But, in addition there is something I want to talk to you.

        You are desinformated, you don’t want to believe in something so you make your way to the first explanation to discard it.

        If you see yourself as a starseed, you should unless question before discard any information, been a starseed is to be a child of the star, not only philosophical, it means we came from the stars, what means other planets or worlds for some reason.

        And about truth, we are for all means human now, and we don’t have many ways to know for sure what true and what is not, but what I’ve learned is that the truth resonates with our hearth, and as the friend is the next comment sad, it sounds kind and loving.

        I rope it helps you to open your hearth and your mind to our awesome reality,
        All kinds of blessing, Sergio
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          Its not that I discard the information, I just deeply put it in my head and make a mental note. Its just that there are other things galactically involved that are more professionally made or government released (even if it is false information) instead of some childish made website for the galactic federation of light and really badly photoshoped pictures. I don't consider myself a starseed, though I have been told by buddhists monks that I'm an Indigo (and felt it as well before), and there is information out there that says Indigos are alien incarnated souls. Again, fun to think about, but not too extreme levels that will mess up your thinking. Who's to say its not done for marketing purposes or just some people spreading false info. Don't get me wrong, I am a deep thinker, and I do believe there are high technological beings out there, just not these specific ones that that were mentioned and that choose random people to spread messages on blogs. I'm just more of a realist that analyzes all information around me then come to my own conclusion. Meaning for example trying to solve the secrets of the universe, I would do it through physics and mathematics rather than spiritually, because its more realistic (even though it can break all realisms).

          Research these things and you'll see the differences between evidence on galactic "visitors"
          - Project Serpo (Alien-American exchange program conducted in the 1950s)
          - Kapustin Yar (Soviet "Area 51" with an alleged battle between Soviet Mig Fighter planes and UFOs)
          - Buzz Aldrin and Niel Armstrong (First astronauts on moon) who made claims that aliens are out there (along with other American and Soviet Astronauts/Cosmonauts)
          - Alien Moon Base (even sounds more realistic that Galactic Federation of Light due to alleged claims from high officials and supposed photographic 'evidence')
          - Nazi UFO Projects
          - Project Blue Book and Majestic 12.

          These are real claims and supposed evidence of our UFO and Galactic situations, instead of some made up Star Trek / Star Wars type of stuff with no proof or even supposed evidence whatsoever. Still, its fun to think about it .