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An Island That Doesn't Exist

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  • An Island That Doesn't Exist

    Well we say sometimes maps are not wrong, well in this case Island Sandy isn't there!

    "A South Pacific island, shown on marine charts and world maps as well as on Google Earth and Google Maps, does not exist, Australian scientists say."
    Water which is too pure has no fish -- Ts'ai Ken T'an

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    I love the same show

    time travel is a little complex

    Check this dorkiness I can speak what you mightn't I cant make new words that you speaken't

    Play DOO alot BUT :d PLAY DOO is a game where YOU CAN'T say what you want to say and I am an expert

    Indeed it's a very nice island it has at least ONE polar bear besides that, it is a paradise


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      Sandy storm new york ( Haarp)
      Barack obama president second mendat
      the french island near New Caledonia sandy disapear (Haarp?)
      the Cia close this unit Climate


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        soo....... did Island Sandy astro-travel as a hurricane Sandy??
        Dum Spiro Spero Meliora
        .... but why hope for better when you can settle for best!


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          I dont no i know just the Coincidence and i know the american have base in australia with Australian army for the Echelon Pine Gap


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            Or perhaps the show Lost = yet another example of "hidden in plain sight".
            *Insert Clever Comment Here*


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              yes Lost serie and i writte again is just speculation of my part
              or maybe the island is just a UFO or the remanant of Lemurie crat by vortex lol


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                Hi all
                There are many made up reasons for the
                coming and going of small islands. Galactic
                Gravity Waves being one. Deep water quakes
                being another.
                The olde charts blamed it on poor navigating.
                Even with today's accuracy some islands seem
                to move two or three miles and back again.
                Be in harmony,
                walk in beauty
                Baron, et.all
                The USA and Russia [i understand] have shut down.
                [Talked to a guy who was laid off.]
                Their data action result was to random. The USA's
                HAARP was/is in Alaska.

                Most of the bases the USA is building around the world
                now, are small ones, maybe 30 personnel. These "Lilly Pads"
                are drone bases. The Australian base is the supply depot for
                the pads which are setup as minimal, expendable mini bases,
                placed in the Pacific area. The plan is to cover the earth with
                "Pads" spaced by the Drone range with a bit of overlap.
                This "deployment" will be over the USA too. . . ;-)
                Be in Harmony, Walk in Beauty. . .
                This is a navajo journey-way blessing it was given to me
                by a navajo healer-shaman, pappa john,


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                  I know just this island a existed it should find it in French territorial water
                  Or my country a never charted this island........ american or anglo saxon intox?


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                    Im leaning to Mothership, or evacuation pod, if I needed to hide a huge ship on earth I would put it in the ocean if I could, and disguising the top as an island makes sense. Which makes me wonder WHO left and why?


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                      That's a pretty sobering thought Corizon... right here on the cusp of 12-21-12.
                      *Insert Clever Comment Here*



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