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Hellu.. :)

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  • Hellu.. :)

    I'm Sentient..
    Hahaha.. o.O

    I love the Universe..
    It is so strange..
    Human consciousness is fascinating..

    Umm.. I am pretty sure I am an empath..
    and it is more annoying than I can describe right now.. -_-;;

    I can't see auras, but I can feel them, and when negativity starts growing, it starts screwing with me...

    I wanna know what color my aura is..
    Why do auras have to have a fixed color?
    Or is it that one color is predominant..?

    I'd love to have someone tell me.. ;P

    Okay, so I CAN sort of see auras when I try to..
    but seeing the edges doesn't count in my opinion. :P

    I guess I should also admit I have no idea if I am an indigo child, but I identify with the word lightworker, so yeah..
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    Helluw Sentient Light, welcome to IS

    i'm definitely not an indigo child, i'm 18++
    my real name means light, but i'm not a worker.


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      Hi Sentient Light, welcome to IS There are lots of people here who don't call themselves Indigo. I really don't think it matters. It's just a label. Everyone here is very nice and there's lots of interesting stuff to read and comment on.

      I think our aura colour changes all the time, and can be affected by things that happen to us. There will be others here who know a lot more about auras than do I

      Nice to meet you
      ~Aspire to beauty, light, peace and love, whoever you are, wherever you be.
      ~Ground yourself. Then, reach up to Perfection, and place yourself there.
      ~These are the keys to happiness. Choose them. Choose them constantly.
      ~You are worthy of Perfection and Peace. Purity comes to those who seek it.



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