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Finally a place that makes sense!

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  • Finally a place that makes sense!

    I have always tried to figure out how to describe my personality, but everywhere I looked just led to disappointment until now. After researching Indigo for the first time I couldnt believe that I was never previously introduced to the perfect description of everything I am in life. It gave me chills to real the qualities of an Indigo child, and I have started my journey a few years ago, and I never knew it. But now that I do, I'm glad to have you all as new friends, because as we all know its hard to find trully great friends, and I have a good feeling I just met the best way to do it successfully!

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    Hi Tim, welcome to IS

    I'm glad to have you as my new friend too, you know its hard to find trully great friends..
    but you have a very good feeling if you know that i'm great!


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      Hi timsommers123, welcome to IS
      ~Aspire to beauty, light, peace and love, whoever you are, wherever you be.
      ~Ground yourself. Then, reach up to Perfection, and place yourself there.
      ~These are the keys to happiness. Choose them. Choose them constantly.
      ~You are worthy of Perfection and Peace. Purity comes to those who seek it.