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Could Someone Give Me An Aura Reading

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  • Could Someone Give Me An Aura Reading

    Hello users of Indigo Society,

    My name is Brónagh. I am new to IS and I would like to inquire into an aura reading. If anyone could give me an answer it would be very much appreciated. I have seen 3 people about my aura in person and have ome back with zilch. Hopefully there will be some people here who can help. If a picture is needed please just let me know and I could possibly email/tweet it to you

    Any replies with answers/advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully I can make some friends here too


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    Hi spartanAngel1309, welcome to IS

    Maybe you could copy this reading request and post it in a new thread in the Readings section (Readings section is a sub-section of Dreams & Divination). That way it will get people's attention.
    Also, people who request an aura reading usually post a photo of head and shoulders against a white background, with some space around the body so that the aura can be seen.
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      Thank you very much