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Introducing myself, hi!

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  • Introducing myself, hi!

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Faye, a 20-year old medical student from Holland. Google brought me up here when I finally took the time to explore the web on good discussions about new age and stuff. I've been busy with this since i was maybe 10 years old or something.. Never took the effort to find other younger people, besides my mum and her friends, to discuss these subjects with. One way to find out this is the good place..!

    Health care is changing drastically these years. Therefore I want to be part of the change by being an open-minded doctor in a few years. Can someone share his/her ideas about this change?


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    Hey Faye,

    i'm a brand new newbie also. Great to have your energy in this group. Great to have a new doctor in the making who may be able to really work from a spiritually Aware perspective to bring real healing to your patients. Good Luck and Welcome.


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      Hi Faye, welcome to IS I can't answer your question but there is lots of good information here and lots of topics where you can ask questions and read what others think. 2012 is a big year, lots of people are beginning to explore their personal spirituality
      ~Aspire to beauty, light, peace and love, whoever you are, wherever you be.
      ~Ground yourself. Then, reach up to Perfection, and place yourself there.
      ~These are the keys to happiness. Choose them. Choose them constantly.
      ~You are worthy of Perfection and Peace. Purity comes to those who seek it.


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        Hi Faye, glad to see you here!
        I love the fact that you're becoming a doctor and that you're exploring the spiritual side of things to further your studies
        I hope you find all your answers here!
        Best of luck to you!
        Don't you forget about me.


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          Hi Faye, welcome!!!

          I'd been with many doctors for all my life, but i only love 1 of them.
          I adore him a lot!!!
          He's a crazy doctor, he's a heavy smoker and always crack silly jokes.
          But he's very sincere and has the real love and light!!
          He's never really into money, he loves to help people.
          He always listen to his patients, never get mad when there's a smart patient arguing him and challenge his ability as a doctor.
          He's 24/7 available for the free consultation by phone or emails.
          And he always wants to learn and improve his knowledge from the patients, he never ashamed to admit that he doesn't know what kind of sorcery is happen to his patient, if he doesn't know then he tells that he doesn't know and he'll learn again.
          When he writes prescription of meds and the patient questioning about the meds, he will describe everything clearly and sometimes he will edit the prescription because the patient not really need it.

          He's more than a doctor but patient's best friend.
          I hope there will be more doctors like him and the patients will be happily ever after.