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    Hey everybody

    My name is Jeff, I am 29, going through some major transitions in life and am looking for a community of like people to connect with. I am an indigo, and it is only recently that I have really come to fully realize it. I am looking forward to engaging in conversation with the people in this community.

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    Hello, have fun here!
    " All the problems of the world can be solved with a garden." Geoff Lawton


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      Hi Jeff, welcome!!
      I wonder why you chose Nobones as your ID?

      You can add my YM if you need someone to talk


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        Hi Nobones, welcome to IS
        ~Aspire to beauty, light, peace and love, whoever you are, wherever you be.
        ~Ground yourself. Then, reach up to Perfection, and place yourself there.
        ~These are the keys to happiness. Choose them. Choose them constantly.
        ~You are worthy of Perfection and Peace. Purity comes to those who seek it.


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          You are most welcome here, there are many here from every kind of path. Feel free to ask questions and make friends.
          Nice to meet you!
          Everything and anything, we are all one in this universe. Be love, be peace, be free.


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            Hi, Jeff nice to meet you, I'm Chel

            I will fight for what is right. <3 <3
            We do not forgive, we do not forget, Expect us.!.
            This world is for ALL of us we wouldn't be here if we weren't sent.



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