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yatahey, its navajo in saying hello

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  • yatahey, its navajo in saying hello

    hello and yatahey to each of you. my name is jeremy and i am 33 years old and a cook and i play the harmonica. and i am learning how to sing music. i am also a natural tracker and fisher. i have marched for world peace. in the great peace march. i have a simple dream. it is called love. i am navajo,acjachamen people indigenous to southern orange county of ca. .and german,english,and french canadian. .my bloodline is half native american and all the other ones. i dont know much about the french canadians. but i will learn. it is the same with the english. and for the german some had left germany and gave up there lands as they were great land berans. called the vanconans who where merried to the hollanders. they fled napolian. they also felt it was wrong to be land berans. when they took a member of the strousses with them. to the united states. were they all became farmers. one merried a japanees girl. another went into the wilderness and was never herd from again. as for the strouss family member. well yohan strouss jr the godfather of the wals is cusin or uncle somewhere in the blood line. the native america, navajo side had been taken from arizona and transported to southern california in the late 1800s my grandmother had been put into a special school that brain washed her to hate her culture. it is called americanization. my great grandmother was acused of being a nazi sympathist, and a spy. for having a navajo tattoo on her hip. she had to go to court and explain that her tattoo was navajo. and that what it meens. my grandfathers tribe had never left. his family had been living in the same place in southern ca. scense the begining. he told me that we are born from the ocean. and that the acjachamen nation never needed to leave becouse the ocean had allways taken care of them. my grandfather had given me the name bullfrog and. and as a man, peace walker sydeyhart has given me the name every one think, speak, feel, peace, love. peace walker sydney hart were ever you are, i love you. love, flower

    everyone please tell me how nature takes care of you and what good stories you have about love.
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    wapela,it is thank you in lakota

    love, i can directly relate to the song you quoted in the end of your message. and where is the place in your picture have you ever been there.and what do you think is the most loving lesson you have ever lived or saw lived. or the kindest and loving some one has ever done for you. or why you would favor a gift of tree bark over a gift of dimonds. please indulge me in how the little things in life make you feel so good.and what does lavella meen. peace and love ,jeremy the flower.
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      did you know that the stirr sticks for coffee cups used in the united states anually can make a statue of liberty 20 times bigger than the one in newyork. so and that is just stirr sticks. trees are many loving things to us. and to me the trees have pertected me and nurtured my young mind as a child and for ever. i cant work as a carpenter or in a saw mill becouse they mean so much to me, living.i know the world is now changing in the name of love i see sings every where.that love is rising over the world bringing peace on earth. but for now what does every one think of how the human race has been with our mother earth? and what answeres do you have when you think of what can be done to help each other? the source about the stir sticks are from the green book. if you are in so. cal. check out native foods at the camp in costa mesa, ca. i am from nature and native foods at the camp in costa mesa may be the way of the future .corporations who are the gluttens of history will soon colapse under there own weight,all slaves will be liberated and life as the world is now will be a memory that will fade into peace as love consumes all of us . peace and love to each and every one of you. jeremy the flower


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