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Is Religion Ruining Our Health?

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  • Is Religion Ruining Our Health?

    Tara Stiles: Is Religion Ruining Our Health?
    In America, black people are thugs, Mexicans are drug lords, & Muslims are terrorists. White people are just "misunderstood." -via Twitter

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    I have found that religion can get in the way of health, but so can government, our friends and etc. Anything that gets in the way, is a problem. But not all religions, friends and family get in the way, they can help.

    Government, think of the stress they cause or allow to happen, think of the garbage they call food, to be sold.

    Think of the crap and stress friends and family can put on you, if you are not strong enough or insightful enough to see what they are up to.

    Most in Society like conformity, and if you deviate from the the norm, they try to pull you back, or make you conform.

    We have to allow ourselves to find who we are, and gravitate to where we feel comfortable.