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Skin rash. Lasting more than a month so far.

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  • Skin rash. Lasting more than a month so far.

    I am pretty prone to skin rashes and viruses, so when I notice one lasts more than a month going on two months. I know my skin isn't alright..
    This is on my hip. So I just thought it was my jeans but I have worn them for three years with no problem before.

    Here's a picture:

    Sorry for the not so great pic. I didn't want to describe it as I couldn't really describe it without making it sound super bad. The spots are dry and have bumps. If I rub them it hurts, lotion/aloe vera/ vitamin E cream only help temporarily. It's a slightly darker than my own skin with a tan tinge to it when it is not red from irritation. Why haven't I gone to the doctor? My current insurance situation is up in the air. Help, please.

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    You could be reacting to something external (like a weird soap or skin cream or something).

    But if not, skin issues are almost always toxin or liver related. When your body can't do anything else with a toxin it gives up and pushes it out through your skin. So something you're eating, drinking or smoking.

    The other possibility is some kind of auto-immune reaction like Celiacs or Chrohn's or Lupus or (fill in the blank, medical science doesn't really understand auto-immune, there are endless varieties). If so it's still probably getting triggered by something you're consuming. The hard part is figuring out what :-)


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      Nothing I know topically that is different.
      Drinking and smoking, I don't do.

      Hm...I have been craving a lot of vegetables and water. Maybe the sudden weather change from cold to hot here? Maybe a heat rash, but don't those go away rather quickly? I have had them before. Usually go away in a week.

      Food, it could be the Costco soy milk. Nothing else I can think of.

      Auto-immune? Last time I had a really bad rash on my arms and body it was a virus which they vaguely referred to as Traveler's disease.

      Almost every time I have had a rash it has been a parasite, insect or virus. The only allergic reaction I have is to copper and nickel. Or impure metals.


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        Food, it could be the Costco soy milk
        Could easily be that. When you process soy that much you get free glutamate (like MSG) which is a neurotoxin. I've read it can cause skin reactions. Plus there's the phyto-estrogens in soy which are all wrong, and whatever else they add to it to make it taste good.


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          o.O Wow. I was drinking Kikoman's which I prefer and never have had a problem with but we haven't been to the asian grocers in awhile. I saw glutamate and was like omg no! my aunt can't drink this has gluten in it! Then saw it was different.

          Ugh...and we have a whole case of it left to drink. >.<

          I'll stop drinking it for awhile and see what happens.


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            Gluten and free glutamates are different, people are sensitive to both though. Yeah I'd definitely stop drinking it and see what happens.


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              I'm glad to hear you are stopping soy milk. Soy is absolutely toxic to your body... I'm not saying this is even the direct cause of your rash but it definitely isn't helping anything.

              Weren't you on antidepressants at one point? Maybe that wasn't you, forgive me if I have you mixed up with someone else. But if you have taken them, just an FYI, an antidepressant caused my body to go into toxic mode and triggered a rash which covered my entire body and stayed there for a year... just a thought.


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                (sigh) check this thread, at least posts #1 and 22 to see if it is candida-related:
                !soil first! every garden is an experiment no experiment is a failure
                ------------------------------------** eat lots of salad! **-----------------------------------


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                  I was on them. But that was 2 months ago. I love soy milk and grew up on it with regular milk. I really don't think it is soy milk in general.

                  Thanks rabana. Seems like more proof of drug companies creating illness for profit.


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                    they say candida overgrowth started to appear along with the industrial revolution so all the great institutions and the gullible public are involved.
                    !soil first! every garden is an experiment no experiment is a failure
                    ------------------------------------** eat lots of salad! **-----------------------------------