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    Hey everyone!

    I have been feeling really gross lately - polluted I guess. I generally eat rather healthily (especially compared to the average american!), but I wanting to do a detox. I can't fast completely right now, since it is end of semester and I need my strength and metal capacities for finals! I'm wondering if anyone knows of any foods that might help flush out toxins? I have a TCM tea that I've started drinking too, but looking for any foods that I can eat that will help. Plenty of water for sure!!!


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    The cheapest and most effective way to cleanse the body that I've ever found *and I've done just about everything I've ever heard of* is juice fasting.

    But a high raw diet, that is grain free, dairy free, free of most if not all GMO/inorganic stuff, that's the way to go. If you remove all grains and base your diet around leafy greens and living foods and salads, you will get HUGE results pretty much right away.

    I've been grain free (including rice) since the beginning of 2011 and it's totally awesome! I haven't been sick since.

    You should read the cleansing and naturopathy thread. I'll go find the link for you.


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      Organic celery. Anything green and organic.
      If you have a juicer, juice everything green together.

      Complexion tea/bloodcleansing tea: buy these herbs, blend together, make a pot of it at the start of the day (pour boiling water over the herbs and let soak for 5 mins, then remove the herbs)
      burdock, nettle leaf, red clover, dandelion leaf, calendula flowers

      Drink 3 cups a day.
      First few days: a few small blemishes may appear on the skin. that's the gunk coming to the surface as the blood purifies. Keep drinking this tea each day; the blemishes will go away after a day or two and will never return!
      After drinking this tea daily for a while, your eyes begin to shine and sparkle. That's a sign of good health

      Drinking that tea is possibly the easiest way to detox without doing anything else It makes your skin look great. You look like a new person
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        Here is the thread! Read all of this and you'll likely know anything you want to know. Good luck!