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  • Indigo body marks

    Has anyone got any natural marks on their body? They can be anything that show a divine hand has played a part in making.

    I personally have 3 moles/beauty spots forming an isosceles triangle over my heart chakra, the apex point is exactly in the middle of my chest, and is a median between the start and end of my breast. I had a dream that there were thousands of people with the same mark.

    Just curious to see if anyone else has something.
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    I have those same beauty marks forming a triangle..except they're on my face. I've heard that it means good luck lol.
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        is it easy for you guys to post any photo of your marks?

        thanks in advance


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          . .
          heres mine . . . ha ha ha ;-)


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            [QUOTE=pellet;21907]Has anyone got any natural marks on their body? They can be anything that show a divine hand has played a part in making.

            I personally have 3 moles/beauty spots forming an isosceles triangle

            That's amazing!!!!! I have the exact same thing on my left wrist!!! I always thought an entity put it there but hadn't really thought about it till now.


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              I have the same three marks,on my left face cheek...i attached a piccie. also i have five small moles on my upper left arm that form the same shape as the five brightest stars of the pleiadian star system,does anyone else have marks like those?
              blasphemy...blas for you


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                that's pretty interesting!
                i dont have those exact markings
                (the 3 moles/marks in the form of a triangle)
                at least not that i can see.
                perhaps on my back side.
                i joke. i kid.

                BUT i do have a triangular marking on my body
                it's on my left index finger (palm side)
                it's a medium-ish brown color
                and the triangle is upside down lol

                i have many moles/markings
                somehow, since i was young
                i was always interested in them
                i found myself looking at them
                and counting them
                and seeing if they connected into any odd shapes.
                but the mark on my finger always interested me the most
                because it was different from the others.
                it wasnt black like the others
                it wasnt the same shape like the others
                it wasnt the same size as the others

                so uhh...hooray for triangles? lol


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                  yup...hooray for triangles!....ummmm
                  blasphemy...blas for you


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                    I have noticed when I look into the sky at the stars, almost all of them form the same triangle that's on my arm. I used to believe that I was abducted and this was a marking of theirs or something. Now I know it might have been like that, but not like the abduction stories you here about with aliens, because if you think about it.....spirits are aliens so, that kinda makes it a broad generalization!


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                      I am new here and am just checking things out! I counted (while sitting here) four triangles on my arms alone. Is there more to it than just being in the shape of a triangle? Thanks!!!


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                        I have a triangle on my right arm. And my left one. I have a massive triangle spanning my whole face; one mole on my eyebrow, one just below and to the right of my lips, and I have one on my left cheek.

                        Although, it has to be said, I haven't ever thought about it like that before.

                        I just thought I was exceptionally...mole-y...
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                          Hiya all, 1st time on here. I'm a newbie! My son and I have lots of triangles (moles/freckles)! As I once read 'freckles are angel kisses' - love that thought. Look fwd to posting more in future! X


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                            Well, I do have alot of freckles/moles. But the main marking that I have is a birthmark that is a perfectly formed circle.?? Any ideas on that one?


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                              huh now that i look at mine body i see a galaxies not only a triangles, and i have
                              6 purple-red coloured that are new formed ones five on chests and one on left shoulder

                              they are very dangerous "big" - can get cancer if u rip it of in some way, tricky stuff
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