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  • The Indigo Revolution

    I don't know how many of you have ever seen any of Rysa's work on Youtube but it is fantastic and quite extensive.
    I hope you all get something from it.
    I wrote this as an intro to this video.

    Children of Light, your time has come...
    the 'Fifth Night' of the Galactic Cycle is upon us All.
    The Revolution is fought from within not from without,
    use your Gifts to Enlighten the world,
    in your Heart lies your True Power,
    All are Protected when connected to True Source,
    the One Primal Source of Light and Love.
    We are All One Energy,
    we are all Gods & Goddesses.
    The Wayshowers are here to guide you into Self-Empowerment and to help you Trust Eternity.

    Fifth Night of Indigo Revolution - Goldring 62

    In the Fifth Night of the galactic underworld comes the Indigo Revolution. Darkness in grandeur; power corrupted; evil lives on sacred Terra. Imminent and approaching eclipse after eclipse breakthroughs continue with the in breath and acceptance. Loss of dignity, of race, self and sex the patriarchal dominance ends within this last out breath of the planetary underworld. Nations, religions and races are unified under ethics mandated by the Galactic calling bringing to the knees all who have fought against the current. Forgive not the angels that have fallen from their way as they have not asked to be given the truth of the lighted pathway.
    Love + Grace + Forgiveness = Peace

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    Releasing Wisdom
    I seal the Process of Free Will
    With the Spectral tone of Liberation
    I am guided by my own power doubled

    Renegade Member of Family of Light.
    Systems Buster.
    Available for altering systems of consciousness within the free-will universe.
    On call.

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