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What was your awakening like?

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  • What was your awakening like?

    Hi all,
    just wondering what was your awakening moment like?
    Was it a short or long process? what happened?

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    My awakening was very enlightening and magical. Energy started flowing into my consciousness from beyond myself. I started to see different knowledges and higher awareness. Some of the awakened knowledge was paradoxical and taxed my reasoning, which was Earthly. Being a kundalini awakening energy poured into my spine and flowed through my body. I started to understand great secrets of multiple dimensions, and multiple paradigms. i started assimilating knowledges of many paths, through channeling. One of the realisations first passed to me was that everything is connected, and always has been, giving me the way to channel information without word, book, or external action. My eyes started seeing energy flowing in things, and started to see actual spirits passing here and there. The more information i learned the more I saw and connected to. It was if the mere idea of something magical would soon bring this magic into my arena, along with the understanding and knowledge needed to work it. Awakening was pretty amazing for me, and yet it was also very taxing as my confounded old belief systems would crash or be altered with contradictory understanding. At times the energy flow seemed to much for me to handle as i lay squirming on the ground, but that was mainly due to the kundalini aspect. The process of awakening was short starting and long lasting. Basically all it takes to awaken to any aspect of magic and ability is one single profound realisation. The thing is that after the initial realisation, many more began to flow, like a chain reaction. The dawning time of awakened knowledge.


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      there is not one person on this site Awake. you might get stories of a fantasy but no one here has awakened.

      great question though.


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        what is awakening?
        how do you know if you are awake?
        there is no cut and dry about it.

        if you ask me we are all still searching


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          the buddah was awake i dont think we are quiet there yet.

          jesus was awake.

          the devil

          mother threasa


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            so.... to awaken.... you have to fall asleep, or even die?
            complete cycle of life maybe?

            .... am i digging to deep?


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              Hello Crystal,

              The awakening process is different for everyone I believe. Each goes through their own process and challenges depending on what's needed for the development of each individual. Some people are going to disbelieve certain aspects of human acknowledgement of the divine and that's fine.
              It's the ego fighting the truth that it's knowledge of the universe is limited in breath and scope by what it can see or hear.
              Besides during the process of awakening the ego dies little by little anyway. It's just scrambling for survival in some form. So "denial" of anything mystical or out of this world becomes it mantra. The Awakening aspect is a new and challenging prospect for us as human's becoming more of what we are. More caring, loving, empathic, wise, and more human.
              People have a hard time actually knowing themselves and some never get around to it at all, because it's such a unbelievably daunting task.
              The saying "Know Thyself" is a pretty important description of what we're all trying to do.

              For me I'm still in a awakening phase of sorts betwixt and between. I'm only in my 20's and I have a whole lifetime to learn about myself and to wake up to the knowledge that represents. (hopefully...) It's a pretty fascinating journey, but it's kinda terrifying to.
              My awakening began in high school or maybe slightly before. (After my NDE experience) I started to hear odd things around me like music, voices, sounds, and movements of all sorts. My restful nights soon came to an end as I slowly, but surely found out that sleep was the last thing I wanted to do.
              I developed insomnia, began seeing spirits and felt figures watching me.
              Physically I felt fine, but in a way I wasn't. My body felt like a lightening rod, my aura would fluctuate, my eyes changed colors, I felt overshadowed at times or at least a darker part of me would awaken. I would wake up not quite myself, but some hidden version of me that was far more heavier, mischievous, and potent. My head would pound something awful and get tight. Seriously I was visited almost every night by apparitions or spirits of some sort.
              I can still vividly remember seeing/hearing giggling children crawling around in my room at night and they were quick. I thought it was my cousins, but later when I thought about it I knew it wasn't them. They definitely weren't those kids...spirits or something would jump on my bed and shake the whole damn thing before crawling up to lay beside me. I awoke to being paralyzed only for a phantom lady to be whispering in my ear and stroking my hair. Sometimes I had to take several small naps to compensate for the energy I didn't have. Other times I felt really one Halloween on a nice full moon night I felt freaking high just from breathing the air. Everything was sweet and my body tingled w/ unleashed energy. I just felt really capricious, manic, and so light. I swear I didn't walk I literally ran or skipped everywhere that night it was crazy.
              I ended up punching some guy just randomly, because of his demeanor towards a girl I knew and I felt like it. It was just a really bizarre night....anyway to compensate I ended up getting sick exactly two Halloweens in a row. ;p

              The night time visitations left me a wreck. I've never experienced so much spiritual activity at one time in my life. They left me half the time scared and wanting to just leave. I'd lay there just scared to turn off any lights and sleep, because I knew they were waiting. The Fae were really visiting me during my teen years. I had to deal on my own. So I just learned how to be quiet and control my responses. Don't breath too hard, no fast movements, fake sleep, and etc...when my bed was used as a trampoline I'd just grip the sheets and tried not to have a panic attack.

              My skills sort of went into overdrive too. Telepathy kicked in and it was hell literally. Voices and thoughts just buzzed in my head like bees.
              So I had to learn shielding and deflection in some way. Clairaudience let me hear swords clashing and singing from where I was never really sure.
              My name was called constantly. I was really electrical always shocking people and blowing bulbs. Slight poltergeist activity and I started to experience visions and dreams more frequently. I'd close my eyes and I could literally as if through some distance fog see what people were doing. I'd see lights sometimes. Sensitivity shot through the roof and I didn't/don't like extremely negative environments or noises. So I became more solitary. My temp went from hot to cold constantly changing. I experienced past life visions that were incredibly real and in depth...most against my will, but whatever.

              Even now if I pray deeply enough I can feel a tug at my unconscious or higher self as if unfurling. Astral travel was something I use to be good at...not so much now. Sometimes I wake up remembering words or phrases in my dreams. Or I'd see figures that play act in some sense like they're all in on some riddle that I haven't grasped yet. It'd make me feel better if I could say that these figures in my dreams or visions were figments of imagination, but they look a lil too intelligent to be unreal. One makes a constant appearance and lulls me into a kinda trance like state.
              Sometimes he speaks, but mostly he doesn't. Facial expression express enough...when he's pissed he'll send me through the metaphysical ringer.
              You've ever pissed off Fae not thing I've noted is that these spirits don't speak english necessary.
              I've woken up to hearing a female speaking/singing/chanting to me in a language I can't place, but I find myself trying to repeat it in my sleep.
              There was knowledge passed on during these phases, but most of it is hidden in my subconscious. I do remember being shown the planet and ley lines by my guide. It was pretty cool...though during most of it I felt like I was cursed or something.

              Anyway these are some of my experiences. Whatever you may or may not go through it depends...I pray your experiences are far more kinder.
              "It's only just a crush, it'll go away
              It's just like all the others it'll go away
              Or maybe this is danger and you just don't know
              You pray it all away but it continues to grow"


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                ....saying stuff alike this gotten me locked up in psych ward ones.....

                acceptance is awakening, maybe, right?


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                  Awake is just Dreaming sleeping Sleepers...


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                    Originally posted by sean mac aoide View Post
                    there is not one person on this site Awake. you might get stories of a fantasy but no one here has awakened.

                    great question though.
                    Wow, it is a pleasure to meet someone so awakened that he knows all here. BTW I don't believe we have met! It's easy to tell if someone has awakened knowledge, it is in their words and actions.

                    Like attracts like, and seek and though shall find. Ask and it shall be given. At the right time in your life all it takes is the right seed.


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                        we should not judge others expereinces when we dont know for sure, well you can know if you meditate on your indigo crystal or energy.
                        ALEXANDER MARINKOVIC


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                          Originally posted by somnium View Post
                          Wow, it is a pleasure to meet someone so awakened that he knows all here. BTW I don't believe we have met! It's easy to tell if someone has awakened knowledge, it is in their words and actions.

                          Like attracts like, and seek and though shall find. Ask and it shall be given. At the right time in your life all it takes is the right seed.

                          will ya cop on gosson, im far from awake but im wise enough to know there is not one person here awake.


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                            Awake, pffft, I'd rather be dreaming, at least I'm not asleep.


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                              Awakening is the realization that YOU are not the human form, but the consciousness in which all things are experienced. The person who you think you are is just one of the countless perspectives through which the real you is experiencing itself (myself) simultaneously.

                              Its kind of difficult to find this truth thru words, mental concepts and reasoning. Our mental concepts after all, are what create the illusion of division.

                              When you identify with the real you, rather than the individual through which you are expressing, you automatically come into alignment with the higher forces of the universe, love, compassion, abundance, wisdom, eternal life.

                              I consider myself to be "awakened" in this sense. I can't recall any single moment when this happened, it is indeed a process, with higher and higher levels of consciousness, and I don't think there is any end to it.

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