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  • Unstable changes

    Hello all,

    I've been having some very strange developments.

    As some may recall, a few years ago a dragon spirit (for lack of a better term), bonded onto my right arm, with the head on the back of my had. at first it covered the forearm, then grew to cover the whole arm, and now wraps up to my shoulder.

    Now thanks to this being I was able to focus and amplify my energy much better.

    Recently, I went though some metabolic changes (loss of weight and appetite but not energy for about 18 months, then the opposite for about 6 months, and now it's coming back again).

    Now I've always had temper issues. My energy is volatile and tends to burn up when I upset. but lately I've has more and more trouble controling my mood and I've noticed that my dragon doens't just react to energy anymore. It's reacting directly to the anger, like it was coming alive because of it.

    I don't know if it's just a reaction or not but I'm a little concerned, so any insight from you guys would help.

    Also my energy has been changing. I used to have blue and red energy (blue for protection, red when taken from anger) which I merged into a purple aura. then it became gold (from the dragon). Now it's a mix of black and gold. (black base, then intensified to gold). Also I can't charge my energy anymore (I used to build it up and spread it in my body). I can still channel it easily outside my body, but I can't feel it inside of me.

    Any thoughts?

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    the dragon is the aspect of the power to create and destroy. how ever through testing i have found that for me specifically it was the power to destroy my body (screw up my muscles....every joint in my body would pop creak and hurt and so on getting dizzy twitches slurred speech and such....also euphoria) or recreate my body( make it stronger faster boost reflexes boost my psychic abilities and such)

    you gotta learn to work with it. you can perceive kundilni as alien and sentiant or as an extension of your self.
    so it would explain why you think a spirit bonded with you.

    but indeed the spirit is you. a part you never knew you had.
    does this help? you can easily research kundlini. it took me 14 years to get past my "kundilini syndrome " and be in unity with the energy but it has boosted my vital force unimaginably.

    going by what you are speaking about now. you might be working on balancing the female aspect of kundilni. this energy is more magnetic than electric and is more subtle how ever it is actually better used for healing and protection than male energy which is better used for broadcasting your will.

    lastly look at your post count. 333 in numerology symbolizes a perfect balance. i do think you are balancing internal energies at this moment.Join Date
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    remember though. you will is balanced externally by fate via grace.
    you cannot harm any one unless they break the golden rule.
    you cannot harm any spirit unless they attack you.

    *my views are mine and mine alone. they are not certain and may not pertain to you. i speak them only for the sake of sharing my point of veiw in order for you to maybe be helped in your time of questioning. thank you.
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      Well I do have a natural afinity for healing (depsite my sincerest efforts). Of course taking and giving energy is kind of a necessity for me (I'm a vampire, but I take from large groups to not drain any one person).

      I've considered learning kundalini but I'd need a teacher in person (I've never really been able to learn from books).

      Also the dragon on my arm DID attach while I was working on energy (at a "haunted" house, fun times.) but It has been seen and sensed by others (a chi-Qong master for one, and another Vampire).


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        good lord. you sound like me. trust me you need no teacher. use that dragon on your arm.
        personally after releasing kundlini i noticed that when i conjure energy in both magnetic forms and electric forms they become things. so like in my minds eye i would be seeing maybe 3-4 oroboros twirling, dancing around me.

        in reality when i open my eyes. i only see golden orbs flash every once in a while.
        they used to be blue orbs or red orbs like you. i also used to be a psi vamp like you till i discovered that for me (maybe not you) i only drained ambient energies naturally released by ppl. i can drain all i want off cuz its just extra that would go into the ground any way you know? that helped me out a lot cuz i realized i was not hurting any one by getting the energy i need to fix the kundilni syndrome.

        well i mean its mostly fixed now. it might go back to hurting if the male/female balance goes out of whack.
        any way in my opinoin theres nothing wrong with you. your probably so used to your boosted energy now that you cannot feel a difference anymore cuz your body has become desensitized. training in flowing the energy non stop through your body to a point where you feel euphoria will do that to you.

        i bet you if you lock the energy back up into its place of rest for a day and practice again the next day you will feel the subtle changes in your energy as you move it around again.

        its like jumping into a hot tub you know?
        hot cold hot your just like hmmm.....well i expect the change so i already am prepared i dont even notice that much of a differance cuz im adapting so fast.

        or maybe when you try to transmute the now symbiotic energy you possess its gradual and balance and you dont feel any jerks or changes. like driving a 5 speed smoothly from experiance.

        a lot of times when you learn to transmute your own energy (mental to vital, vital to mental vamps do it naturally) its like transitioning from an autoamtic transmission car to a stick shift. your probably right where you need to be right now.
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          That's very interesting, I never thought about it. It would explain why even though I can't feel it in my own body I can still channel it. But I've never been able to turn it off. My energy radiates all the time. I heat rooms like that.

          According to the Qi-Qong master, my chakras are out of sync. unfortunately I corrupt crystals so they don't have much effect on me and nothing works for very long. But yeah the whole dragon being something I manifested would explain why people sense a dragon when they read me.