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    Reports of Incarnated Angels date back at least to the time of Apostle Paul, who wrote to the Hebrews, "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing, some have unwittingly entertained angels." My books Angel Visions and Angel Visions II include stories of people who have encountered humans who are Incarnated Angels.

    Some angels briefly take on human form to prevent tragedy. and then vanish without a trace before the humans involved have a chance to say thank you. Yet there are other Incarnated Angels who elect to live their entire lives in a human body-and they're probably among the dearest lightworkers imaginable.

    I'm often asked about Reincarnated Angels. The term Incarnated is more accurate, though, than Reincarnated. An angel may have lived more then one life in human form, but if their most recent realms were angelic, the telltale characteristics belie their true spiritual origins.

    Many challenges, especially fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and gynecological problems. Louise L. Hay, the author of Heal Your Body (Hay House), says that female health issues stem from "denial of the self and rejecting femininity," and that fibroid tumors and cysts come from "nursing ah hurt from a partner, and a blow to the feminine ego."

    These symptoms could apply equally well to male and female Incarnated Angel, who look past the surface when they meet people and see their talents, Divinity, and potential. Incarnated Angels share these characteristics with Angels in the spirit world, who only focus upon inner beauty and urge humans to polish their natural talents in order to make the world a better place.

    Incarnated Angels often have friends and lovers who mask their potential with addictions. The Incarnated Angel takes on these relationships, as an "assignment," trying to help the person overcome their self-doubts and focus upon their strengths and talents. Unfortunately, this often leads to frustrating relationships for both parties. The Incarnated Angel feels thwarted by trying to heal and fix their partner. And the partner wonders, "Why are you trying to change me?" Many Incarnated Angels fantasize that if they did enough for their partner, or gave their partner enough love, that person would finally heal.

    My experience with clients who suffer gynecological problems and prostate issues is that they also suffer from the "women and men who love too much" syndrome. There's really no such thing as giving too much love. However, when a person gives love and then resents the fact that it's not appreciated or reciprocated, the stuffed anger can manifest in physical symptoms.

    Many Incarnated Angels have histories of abusive relationships, so if they hold on to toxic emotions related to this abuse, their bodies naturally protest.

    Incarnated Angels Tend To:

    • Have sweet, heart shaped faces;
    • "look" like angels (whether male or female);
    • have Cupid-bow lips and large doe-like eyes that radiate innocence and love;
    • have overeating or weight issues;
    • be a fixed astrological sun sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius;
    • Be professional helpers, such as teachers, flight attendants, nurses, and counselors;
    • Lighten or highlight their hair (no matter what their genetic race is);
    • Have difficulty saying no and feel guilty when others help them; Love Angels and have collections of Angel statues, books, jewelry, etc.;
    • Have extra guardian angels;
    • Seem to glow, with a huge aura around them;
    • Fall in love with someone's potential and try to coach that person to greatness;
    • Have co-dependent relationships with addicts and alcoholics and Stay in relationships much longer than the average person would.

    Energy, Weight and Food

    A propensity toward chronic fatigue syndrome also provides other clues about the nature of Incarnated Angels. All of the Earth Angel realms are extremely sensitive to energy. Yet, Incarnated Angels may be especially vulnerable to toxic energies and energy drains because of their "women and men who love too much" predilection. The Incarnated Angel is much more people oriented and more likely to work in a large corporation, compared to other types of Earth Angels.

    Incarnated Angels need to practice energy shielding and clearing techniques, as described in the next section. Otherwise, it's like going out in to a blizzard with out a jacket. An Incarnated Angel named Kelly says that practice helped her enormously.

    Whenever a particular co-worker would walk by or stop to talk to me, I would feel absolutely drained. I could swear that he was snatching my energy. Soon afterward, I read about some people having 'hooks' in their energy field, where their own energy reaches out and takes your own energy from you. After observing that this was occurring, I used the exercises in the book to protect my energy. Shortly thereafter, this man stopped coming around me."

    Taking good care of their energy also helps Incarnated Angels avoid using food to boost their vitality. Many Incarnated Angels are compulsive overeaters, and it's very common for Incarnated Angels to carry extra weight on their bodies. Yasmin, an Incarnated Angel, says, "Being a chocoholic provides me with daily, exquisite reminders of heave, and it's very hard for me to go without chocolate as a result." Food provides a way for Incarnated Angels to ground themselves when they feel spaced out, and it's also an outlet for Stress, especially crunchy, salty foods such as potato chips and popcorn.

    It seems that the reason so many Incarnated Angels are overweight is not due to overeating, but because they're energetically shielding themselves with fat. They have difficulty losing weight, even with stringent dieting or exercise . This is especially true among Incarnated Angels who are message therapists, or who otherwise engaged in healing touch. They absorb their clients' toxic emotions, and their bodies blow up like sponges absorbing water.

    With their voluptuous bodies, exquisitely beautiful faces, and large hairdos, female Incarnated Angels look like plus size beauty queens, They're often told, "You have such a pretty face. If only you'd lose weight, you'd be gorgeous!" Actresses Delta Burke and Elizabeth Taylor are examples of Incarnated Angels with these physical characteristics.

    Male Incarnated Angels are burly teddy-bear types, such as actor John Goodman; or those with sweet and boyish faces, such as actor John Dye (Andrew on the TV program Touched By An Angel).

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    Its a good way of looking at friends who have 'addictions' as assignments.. I am pulled towards certain types of people as a result.

    One of my best friends, I tried to help, but until he can admit he is a drug addict I can do little but refuse to approve and the pain of watching someone destroy themselves. He is an assignment.. and frustrating..but I have to save my own energy..


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      Originally posted by froebellian View Post
      Its a good way of looking at friends who have 'addictions' as assignments.. I am pulled towards certain types of people as a result.

      One of my best friends, I tried to help, but until he can admit he is a drug addict I can do little but refuse to approve and the pain of watching someone destroy themselves. He is an assignment.. and frustrating..but I have to save my own energy..
      ----------->it must break your heart to see your friend like that, and not being able to do anything, I know exactly how you feel


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        Yes, he has learnt and listened..I will support him but only if he really wants the help..


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          And the revelations keep unfolding.
          I was channelled by a higher conscious, tells me I'm an incarnated angel.
          Then this post pops up not too long after.
          Shits going down in realm number 9: angelic realm.
          Don't know what exactly but an event is occurring.
          Brings a lot of us demigods together.
          I've come to peace with my inner demons
          We're on the same side now