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Signs of an Indigo Child?

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  • Signs of an Indigo Child?

    My girlfriend has a 4 yr old. The past 18 months there have been some interesting patterns in behavior that have linked to the suggestion of an indigo child status. One incident where she walks up to a stranger passing the front porch of her house on the sidewalk, and mentions "why did your cat die?" which had a lot of relevance because that persons cat died 3 days prior. There are other instances, but something new is a miss.

    The past 3 months she's been coughing a lot. and more severe, she has been reacting to fevers 102 and up to 105 where she's been taken to the emergency room. The doctors find no trace of what's wrong with her. The fever usually lasts about 48 hrs and simmers down. However, sometimes the fevers return within a 2-5 week period of time.. generally speaking, almost a fever a month.

    The last episode was last night. she walked into her mother's room and woke her up at 5am. "Mom.. . why is someone standing behind you?" .... ... There was no one there. hours later she continued to say things "no no not the little people not the little people"

    I know they say fevers at high temperatures in any normal child can trigger hallucinations.. but I was curious if she has pre-requisites of an indigo child, would those hallucinations be amplified or perhaps a body language that leans towards premonition?

    I read an article about a mother who has a child and he had a horrific fever, and was about to take him to the hospital, but on the way out about 6 houses down, they noticed the neighbors house was on fire. by the time firemen were there, his fever died down....

    I realize that instances don't all match, it's relative, but wondering if those who have indigo children that ran frequent fevers noticed any supernatural behaviors.

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    If I were in your shoes, I would pray with my girlfriend to extend a shield of spiritual protection over the child. A blessing as it were. I would pray that nothing negative can harm or interfere with the child. Super sensitive kids just see spirits we miss and they get frustrated when we don't see the stuff that they do.

    Mom has the spiritual authority to protect her child and once she has set the boundaries you should notice a visible relaxation of attitude with the little girl.

    As for the fever I'm sensing that she nay be reacting to certain foods, like an allergy. Keep a food and snack diary and pay attention to when she gets a fevered reaction. It could be as simple as a dairy allergy to chocolate ice cream or as weird as a reaction to mangoes.

    Make sure that her bed isn't near any strong electromagnetic fields, like junction boxes outside her bedroom wall, an overloaded electrical socket or electric lines outside. Try moving her bed to a wall that doesn't have any outlets or electrical devices near it.

    I hope she feels better soon. Good luck.
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