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Meditation visions and their meanings

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  • Meditation visions and their meanings

    I'm new to meditation, relatively, so I need a bit of help deciphering a few things. I recently picked up a moldavite pendant in time to for the 8:8:10 lions gate and started the gateway off with a sage smudge of everything. Normally I try to meditate and either I can't turn my brain off, or I fall asleep. Nothing ever really happened. Last night I was trying to sleep and I had a pulsing ringing in my right ear, it sounded pleasant and wasn't intrusive so I just let it be. Then I saw (which what I am guessing is my third eye) a spindle of golden thread winding itself up and then I saw a flowering lotus which gave off a beautiful colorful golden/rainbow aura as it unfolded. I also saw a random eye which didn't seems all that remarkable, I just noticed it. Also the very top of my head was pulsing all day which hasn't ever happened to me.

    Does anyone have any clues as to what the golden thread/spindle and lotus mean? Or the tingling/pulsing on the top of my head?
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