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Feeling a magnetic pull type energy toward someone...

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  • Feeling a magnetic pull type energy toward someone...

    I'm confused about feelings I am having toward someone. He's a mutual friend, one which I haven't met yet, and whenever I see him I feel this magnetic force like pull towards him. It makes me feel insane, seeing as how I have no way to meet him (he lives about 800 miles away from here and I don't want to be a weirdo by adding him online) but I keep getting tied to him in weird ways. When I first saw him, I wasn't exactly attracted to the guy but then one night I started feeling this pull toward him and it hasn't stopped since. It's so strong now, too, and I'm starting to wonder if it has meaning. If it does, could one of you give me advice? Could he possibly be a soulmate of some sort (platonic or romantic)? Help!

    Edit; One other thing - whenever I see him this pull makes me feel like I miss him. Like I know him already and miss him incredibly bad when I see him. It's a very strange feeling and not like I have felt before. And sometimes, I even feel saddened by this feeling after awhile.
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    If any of you can help, share experiences, and/or give advice it's GREATLY welcomed!


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      Other than the whole, chemistry of the mind kind of thing, have you considered that this guy might be a sign post to your true destination and not the actual end of your journey?
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        sign post yes. Also, you do remember him. He's a part of you that is also here on this earth. He's not the one, but he could be a one ^.^ Feeling like this guarantee at least an interesting relationship. The best tactic is no expectations and joy. What this means is go ahead an let yourself say hi. Something deep down in you wants to. But don't try to make it into something. Just let it be and enjoy it.
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          Agreed. With all above. If we're drawn to someone, chances are there's a reason. Explore it. Don't worry about the social expectations or rules.

          All of these people that we meet are soul mates. Every one. So talk to him.


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            I will definitely talk to him and not expect anything. I don't know how to go about it but I guess I'll know when to speak up when the time is right. If anyone else has any helpful advice for me please tell me! I would love to hear it. And thanks, everyone.


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              Also, Indigo Dog, I think you could be right. Not the big stop at the end of the road but someone to be with along the way. We'll see!


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                Anyone else?



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