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How can you tell if your a starseed, and how do you activate your DNA?

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  • How can you tell if your a starseed, and how do you activate your DNA?

    Im like completly clueless, i think im indigo, then i think im octarine, then starseed, what is it, does it even matter anyways

    i just need help figuring out where i belong, i know im one of them, and i believe i been getting messages, but then im indenial that its happening, then you see how i realize it, and accept it for what it is, i can't deny, even if i wanted to, they'll consume me more until i see the truth, i just believe that im in a hurry before something happens, the ones that have tried to contact me kinda gave me a break, so are still there they let me know but arn't working as hard as they were hen i was getting the signals and flashes in my side eye view anymore.
    keeping a strong mind and a soft heart

    just always remember, that GOD never gives us to much we couldnt handle.

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    Good day

    There is a whole section on starseeds. Go check it out.
    There is nothing that says you cannot be both a starseed and an indigo.

    Indigo - octarine - crystal is just sorta a progression path.
    If you are on that line, you will have parts of all three.

    You seem to want someone to tell you, "You are this, therefore, you are supposed
    to be doing X,Y,Z." Well, sorry, there is no telling you what to do.
    Indigo and starseed are just handy containers for talking about certain aspects of self.
    Explore them and see what pieces fit you and allow you to understand yourself more.

    As you understand yourself more, you will understand what you decided to do this lifetime.

    Be well



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      what do you call yourself if you relate to everything?
      I am gone


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        Dear Indi,

        The fact that you're searching indicates activation at some level, and when we question, we start attracting the answers. Starseed is a collective term that includes any of a group of souls here to assist the in the evolutionary changes happening, not only for humankind, but the planet herself. We have many origins on planets other than Earth. All Indigos are starseed, but not all starseed are Indigos. Most, but not all, Indigos came in a wave that began on August Harmonic Convergence in 1987. There were probably prototypes that came in before that, but that is the general timing. James Twyman seems to be in the forefront of understanding and teaching about Indigos, check out some of his books.

        There is a map to your energy held in your natal astrological chart, which show the harmonics you chose for this life. Those harmonics not only impel you to your Natural State, but they are also lines of communication for your "star family" to monitor you. The feeling of urgency is part of the program to help you find your mission, which is also revealed in your chart. It's called Galactic Astrology, and it focuses on navigation for Star People.

        I wrote an article on these Star Markings, and I'll paste it here for you.

        "Imagine that the Universe is filled with sounds, or vibratory frequencies, like all the notes on a piano being played simultaneously. Or all the radio stations being heard at the same time. All of these notes, or stations, have their own harmonics that correspond only to them. A perfect demonstration of harmonics that you can hear for yourself - next time you're near an acoustic piano (real, not digital) pick any note - Middle C for example. If you're not familiar with the piano, look for the group of two black notes near the middle of the keyboard, and C is the white note just to the left. Look for the next higher C. Play each one to hear the difference. Now, slowly push the higher one down without letting it make a sound and hold it down. Strike the lower C firmly and will be able to hear the higher C even though you never played it. This is called sympathetic vibration, and is a basic example of how harmonic frequencies resonate together.

        Like the strings in the piano, the DNA of Star Seed, Lightworkers and Indigos has been tuned by design, from bloodline, genetic engineering and most importantly, the deliberate time of birth. The planets' positions in our solar system all have a specific note, or frequency, at the time we draw our first breath at birth, when the silica crystals in our blood are imprinted with that note for life. This birth frequency establishes a person as a receiving station for contact when needed. Even if the person is unaware of the contact, or hasn't been activated yet, the "wiring" is always there. Everyone's natal chart is imprinted at birth, but Star Seed, Lightworkers and Indigos all have one or more of seven different recurring frequencies. When a resonant frequency is struck, like the note on the piano, only those with corresponding harmonics will vibrate. Those seven frequencies are reflected in the natal astrological chart as planetary degrees.

        Using the natal astrological chart, we have a map of the planetary moment of your birth. As you will read in "The Discovery of Star Markings", there are certain frequencies that always manifest in certain ways. For example, people who are healers of some kind, whether they practice the healing arts or not, will have the exact same degree of some planet in the natal chart. Which planet and house it's in shows how the ability manifests. If you have the Mark of the Healer in your chart and have nothing to do with healing on any level, then you are not living in your Natural State. It's like a person born with perfect pitch who was never encouraged musically."
        End of article

        Indi, I hope this helps you...let me know!
        One Love,


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          Indi don't worry about labels.

          There IS a very real spiritual alchemy, with techniques and everything to activate your dna. I will not tell you these or show you where to look because it is personal preference, and in my opinion, you must stumble upon it on your own. It is part of the journey of self-discovery.

          I have explained this in other threads but I will do it here, for you as well DNA is as multi-dimensional as we are, each strand corresponds to a "wave" or "level" of consciousness we are capable of encompassing. When more portions of your dna begins to activate and encompass more reality, your physical body will literally begin to change, and energetically you will experience drastic changes. You will see "more" things as well, seeing other realities altogether might sometimes occur- which is why this path can be very hard. Psychic abilities? Astral abilities? This goes beyond that, although those things will become...very normal to you haha.

          The human body originally was designed to encompass 12 levels of conscious awareness, with 12 DNA strands. When you think of DNA being multi-dimensional, that is exactly what it is, 3dimensionally 12 strands would not appear, because those strands exist at different vibrations of being, different portions of yourself stationed within higher dimensional frequency. When people say we have 95 percent junk dna, or we only use a small portion of our mental capabilities, this is part of the reason why.

          Some of this disconnection does have to do with both benevolent and so called regressive beings in our long earth history which seems to be hidden and manipulated (for obvious reasons).

          DNA activation is really just "remembering" the multi-dimensional self that you really are. It is the "bringing to the surface" the parts of you, you forgot when you incarnated into earth. Humans have been haunted by this "Veil" or this amnesia for thousands upon thousands of years. At some point, you will begin to remember other lives, or rather connect to the other "incarnate you's" existing simultaneously as you are, although in different time vectors. All "moments" are simultaneous from the view of higher dimensional is only because we are in this low density that we experience time linearly.

          Starseeds, indigos, and most of the new "souls" coming in all have this DNA awakening already encoded into their soul-contracts and bodies. Each body is chosen according to the hidden genetics that have been passed down through the actions of light beings, avatars, and priests of light throughout the ages to bring forth the "ascension" mission or rather, the "re-alignment" mission from which earth had fallen off the path long ago.
          We, this mission, was seeded LONG ago. This has happened at every alignment, the battle of polarity, of the hidden beings that have long sought this place as their own, and those who wish to free us. Earth is a very important planet for many reasons, but that is a topic for a different conversation.

          Quite literally, souls like us come straight from the cosmos. In a precise set of mathematical, scalar, and spiritual alignment. The "star markings" she mentions are like maps or patterns in our manifestation. Sooner or later, you might realize you have a very specific contract here (or mission) and that we were meant to hold the "line." Our mission is mostly to spread the frequency, and work on the grid as much as possible before, during, and after the alignment. Just by existing WE are holding, and creating what is known as Kristiac 12 dimensional frequency...which is what most "avatars" of the ancient past incarnating onto earth also accomplished. This being the "living" light people talk of, this is what it is. Our original form, is far beyond our ability to comprehend and fathom at this moment...but let's just say, we were once incredibly divine beings. And the whole purpose of human seeding here (on earth) is to "realign" and fulfull our original heritage and potential, which many times , through dimensions and various dramas, became fragmented and mutated.

          The process of dna awakening is the process of you merging with your higher self again. There are many methods from which to do this. To become fully "conscious" and this kind of opportunity, because of the distorted nature of earths grids and shields, is only available during alignment Actually no, it is always available, but not at the accelerated rate that is presented to us now.