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Rainbow instead of an aura? / Rainbow aura

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  • Rainbow instead of an aura? / Rainbow aura

    Namaste, friends! Does anyone of you know what an rainbow aura means? Or, well, a rainbow instead an aura. :P L to the O to the V to the E!

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    it means you're a Crystal.
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      Hmm, you say so? I am not very sure, because i thought i was an Indigo, and i think i also am a Starseed, but i have a rainbow aura all the time i see it.


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        Auras are not a static color. The are constantly changing with mood and feelings and thoughts. The idea that "indigo" comes from the aura color is a misunderstanding of the fact the the woman who coined the term, did so from her synesthesia, not her ability to see auras.
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          I've been reading up on rainbow/crystal/octarine colored auras lately because I too have a rainbow aura.

          Funny thing is that I think pretty much everyone experiences the colors of the rainbow in their aura, at varying points of their life. However, to always have all colors emanating from your aura is believed to be the aura of a healer, a reiki person, an energy worker....

          Some have said it's a balance among your chakras so that they are all firing openly, cleanly at once....sometimes I think people who are also very adaptable, with ever-changing emotional states also exhibit many colors. It would make sense that someone who was incredibly empathic and somewhat "sponge" like to their environment would pick up on multiple colors too.

          I have just been typing "rainbow aura" "rainbow aura meaning" and multi-colored aura into google and getting some interesting results. Hope that helps!!
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            Thank you very much Astara, indeed it helped me, but i am still searching for information... i am pretty good at Reiki, i mean, i don't need my hands to do it, i just cumulate energy in a part of my body and it works... it's great, really helps Thank you again Astara and love!


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              Here's a thread I made of it.

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                I had a full rainbow aura once, I didn't see it but I could feel it... my cousin and best friend said that it was coming out of me and consuming the entire room, as if it wasn't even an aura but some sort of rainbow energy that was consuming everything, they said it made them feel powerful while I felt like a god....

                I've had a clear aura once, again I felt like a god and everyone around me could see it weather they tried to or not, they all said it was radiating pure power and it was terrifying to look at me


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                  Babies have lovely rainbow auras, unless their parents are really messed up and fighting. I have seen a couple of rainbow auras on adults. I think if you are really close to divine energy most of the time and your energy is clear and not damaged you get that pretty rainbow effect.
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                    You can make your aura whatever you want it to be. In the beginning when you aren't aware of this, you have it setup a certain way to help you on your path. Others may interpret your aura differently since we all have our own methods of interpretation.

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                      Indigo's evolving into Crystal aura

                      [QUOTE=Jacon;652131]Namaste, friends! Does anyone of you know what an rainbow aura means? Or, well, a rainbow instead an aura. :P L to the O to the V to the E![/QUOTE

                      Recently I read in "The Crystal Children" book by Doreen Virtue that Indigo people are evolving into Crystal aura people. I feel like this may be true. A few years ago I had a dream that I was approached by a spirit who grabbed me, embraced me and it felt like breathed into me the colors of the rainbow one color at a time. It felt like bliss. I was very ill at the time and thought it was a healing, but it could be that I was detoxing and then evolved in a dream. I will never forget the dream and feel so blessed to have experienced it. After the dream, I soon recovered from my illness. It was the week of the great tsunami, March of 2010.

                      The above mentioned book is very good at describing the Crystal aura.


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                        I've heard of having a rainbow aura before. I believe it means strong connection to the divine and/or a reiki healer.
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                          It depends on what part of your aura your talking about if your talking about your life color then It means your a rainbowchild. And if your talking about you're aura in general it's just the part of the aura that consist of colors corresponding to your emotions or colors from people your around