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Problem with burning sage for clearing energy.

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  • Problem with burning sage for clearing energy.

    So I burnt a two inch long bundle of sage. It made me feel sick at first and then I got used to it but my third eye was burning the whole time and still is. It permeated the house and now my landlady's son is feeling sick and his eyes are burning.

    So...xD I stopped burning it but it is still around but it my third eye chakra still burns...and yeah help!

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    The cartels have found a new business in cheap sage. :P

    No sorry, I have no experience with sage.
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      if you have allergies, respiratory problems, general toxicity then even sage is going to bother you, incense too. probably everyone ought to be careful about breathing extra stuff in anymore.

      better to do it outdoors anyway.
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        2 inches!!!! OMG that is a lot of smoke. May I suggest that you use some specially charged and cleared quartz crystals ( rinse crystals in blessed water with sea salt and then leave the crystals in the light of the full moon to charge and clear regularly.) Or just leave a dish of sea salt in the rooms where you need clearing. ( you can bless the salt yourself for sacred purposes.)

        Traditionally I will leave windows open after a sage smudge to release the smoke and or any negative energy I have cleared.

        Perhaps make some holy water or holy oil to use for your cleansing work.
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