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  • Lucid dreaming

    I'm sure there are lucid dreamers here. Has anyone ever heard of this thing that supposedly happens where the more you become aware of the fact that you're dreaming, your subconscious stops you from it? or "attacks" if you will. My fiancé is a lucid dreamer and has been since he can remember and says he has caught this "attack" before. What are some ways for him to get past it?

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    I havent really heard much about this but it is something I have thought about myself... i may have even posed the question on here before. Its like, if you know that you are dreaming, does it somehow interfere with the subconscious symbolism that would normally present itself in dreams? I've also noticed that sometimes when I become lucid, eventually the scenery starts to 'fade away', because I consciously realize that its just a dream. I'm sure this can be overcome but I'm still working on it. Interesting things to think about.


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      Oh and I meant faught. Not caught.... Autocorrect


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        I don't quite understand what you're asking. Do you mean that when you become aware that you're dreaming, you're more prone to waking up? This is certainly true. I think my insomnia helps me in this regard. I can go long periods without sleep, and when I finally crash, I'm so exhausted a nuke could detonate and not budge me. Or are you talking about an actual physical attack by some sort of entity? If that's where you're going, then I have experienced that as well. Or at least, one "tried" to (unsuccessfully).
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          i think i know what he means when he is starting to go into or out of luciddreaming he can feel a negative force comming, if u feel it wake up for a while i dont know what else to do but i have been trapped in an unconcious body but tottaly aware of everything around but i cant move or scream, it can be terrifying! just tell him to focus on that feeling and if it's there get up.


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            This is my first post and I have only just started to read up on this so please do feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the "attack" is one's physical consciousness. Usually, for me at least, it happens when you're in a lucid dream and you notice something is slightly or dramatically "-off" (a few examples- light switch not working, digital clocks flashing and/or not matching the sun etc) your physical conscious tries to rationalize that then catches itself, hence forcing the person to wake up. I did see someone mentioned in an another post, all you need to do is turn around and ask someone if it's a dream. Not sure how it goes from there...