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Aquarian women procrate starseeds

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  • Aquarian women procrate starseeds

    All indigo children who I know have mother aquarian. Aquarian is known as spiritual, very cosmic sign. What do you think?

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    im aquarian, and have a hybrid human/tall white zeta child. So i assume a cosmic spirit would choose any vessel my hybrid body would/could make? Interesting notion


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      My mother and I are quite psychic with each other. I receive her messages once or twice a week. She is Aquarian and I was born on the Autumnal equinox. Our matrilineal line goes Virgo, Aquarius, Virgo, Aquarius, Virgo, Aquarius back several generations. My first born son has the same birthday as my mom. I don't know if your observation is true but I like it so I thought I'd add my personal anecdote.


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        Hi i am Robert. Yeah by any of human standards we're a hybrid as most of us don't belong here on Earth. As for me this is only my 2nd time i volunteered to be here. My first time was roughly 15.000 years ago in late Atlantean time, as a Priest of the Temple of the Sun and exposing the DS [darkside] from corrupting society and their institutions. We came here to change and transform the planet and humanity and we will.

        Yours Truly,


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          i was born under aquarius but my mother is Capricorn, and just found out my father is an aries (had to look it up, lol).


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            My mother is a Cancer and I'm a double Aquarius.


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              I am a Starseed. My Mother was/is a Taurus. I am Pisces cusp born with Aquarius. My Chinese Astrologcal birth sign is "wood ox" which relates back to my Mother being a Taurus.

              I think it's time for Indigos/starseeds to stop spreading the genes around among the non-Indigos and begin to breed AND raise children together.

              Why? Because I look at my own upbringing...I went through books like other people go through potato chips. My parents did their best to keep me supplied with reading material but....

              In the 7th grade my math class got a new math book...I looked thru it...Dolciani, Modern Math--
              "Wow...this book is self teaching!" I went thru the whole book in ten days. I gave myself the final comprehensive test at the end of the book, got a 94%, "Close enough!"
              But I had to sit there bored for the rest of the school year while the class slogged thru the book. After a whole school year the class only got thru 2/3 of the book--I got thru the whole book in ten days.
              Imagine what the children and grandchildren of Indigo/Starseeds pairings will be like--how far they could advance the conditions of life on this planet.


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                Hi Irichard, I know, we and who follow us are the lightbearers toward humanity and within a few generations we're able to push humanity upwards on the scale. But it will not happens as the New Age Cultus tell us according to the Ending of the Mayan Calendar as they're off in the date anyway. But there is a lot DS = Darkside / Darkforces opposing us [i know them, as i was born into a high freemasonic upperclass background and since age of 3months till 26 i survived MK-Ultra Monarch Programming by means of SRA = Satanic Ritual Abuse] as they want to keep humanity in bondage and they will not give up. Soo dont expect it will be easy what we're here suppose to do. Google this Former White Hat Opposite, and you see whats happening behind the scene of this world.

                For now take care and keep up the good work,

                Remember: A Day Not Laughed, Is A Day Not Lived,

                Yours Truly,
                Rob xx.


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                  Thanks for sharing honestly, and bravely. I know a bit about SRA--even on this site people would shift into denial--it's too much to deal with--tried contacting law enforcement re. SRA in Fla.- No use---they can't handle it--either they go into denial and dismiss you as nuts or they believe you and run away trembling. All of prophetic writings talk about their impending destruction.

                  have a great day, bright and beautiful and know that goodness and kindness will survive while "they" go extinct.


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                    indigolecturer27 and irichard, I fully agree, SRA is really scary stuff. irichard, it is no surprise to me that the law enforcement can't handle it. I guess they know pretty well that SRA is often tied in with black projects.
                    Mitakuye Oyasin -- we are all related


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                      Hi Iriuchard.

                      My memories are horrific, and i did walk away from them for 15 years. I live abroad outside of the US now. I live within the UK, and since i moved to sw Wls, thats over 14 months i haven't been able to surpress my memories of what happened and have now to deal with it. Also my Alters/personalities switching in and out more easier aswell, whats tiring to say the least. But i will heal in the end. I know it, but my experience did made me stronger and more determined to help humanity.

                      Yes Zaik, they know very well its connected to CIA and other agencies involvement. Bcos me for speaking out and naming names in the past like G.W. B... and D.C.... and other names i now on the list of HLS and Fema, who operate in hand -in-glove anyway. But i was born in a generational freemasonic family from bothside who were on or near the grandmaster levels since they left the UK in 1620. Aswell my stepfathers family whose name i now using came from holland up till about 1780, and they too were generational high freemasons too.

                      If you or anyone like more info on the SRA and the MK-Ultra Monarch Programming I [Robert] underwent here below is my aol address: indigolecturer27 dot com. As soon you write a email, i send you back in 2 parts emails the extensive files. when you know them, you so good knows more than most psychiatrist/psychologist and or therapist, unless they have the same materials.

                      The two files comprises over 1900 pages when i compiled them as part of my own research. For now take care.

                      Remember: A Day Not laughed, Is A day Not Lived,

                      Your Truly,


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                        My mom is and Aries and dad a Taurus, I am a Capricorn with Aquarius Rising

                        Didn't fit in at all with my conservative, republican family. They too got me involved in mind control stuff, my memories are partially returned, enough to know that sexual abuse is tied in with it.

                        I also remember a past life tied in with the cabal/illuminati, so I think I was dealing with some karma too. But I agree that "Their" time is up, and that Mother Earth is shifting to a higher frequency and they won't be able to stay in such a high/loving vibration.


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                          Hi Sitaji, welcome to this great group on IS.

                          If you like to contact me personally i am on aol and skype. I am deeply sorry for what they did too you. I had a few flashbacks over the last couple of hours, too horiffic what they let us doo. I was than between 1 and 3. But if you need someone that is willing to listen, you can reach me thru skype. You're not alone in this, just remember that. My abuse under their hands took place over a span of 26 yrs. From 3months old till over 25yrs of age. Till one of my main programmer Dr. Green died in 1989.

                          Maybe till soon.

                          Remember: A Day Not Laughed, Is A Day Not Lived.

                          Yours Truly,
                          Rob xx


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                            Hey Indielecturer!

                            This is the theme song of the street ministry that I started back in Fla.

                            (PS Beer for horses is a real thing--it helps an exhausted horse break into a sweat, cool down, and get some refined grain into him to keep going )



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                              Hi Irichard, thnx for the advice. altho i dont drink and i did noticed i can drink without getting drunk. Must be becos of my DID. But no thnx as i have been working in bristol, uk for 3yrs over 20 a 30 hrs a week as volunteer with homeless, alcoholic and drug users. It did made me realize how lucky i am with having an strong survival instinct and will/personality, as ppl got off their rockers for much less i found out. but enough for now take care all.

                              Remember: A Day Not laughed, Is A Day Not Lived.

                              Yours Truly,