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  • Crop circles

    What do you all think or feel about them?

    I believe these phenomenons are happening more and more within the last 30 years because of the specific dates that are pointing us towards our evolution.

    Since the earth is like our physical bodies, it contains chakras like our bodies too. The heart center of the earth is located in Salisbury plains by Stonehendge. That symbolically represents how the earth is expressing itself through sacred geometrical patterns with wheat and barley grass. So above so below. We are just caught in the middle and need to pay attention to why things happen for a reason.

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    I think it's a form of sacred geometry and that each pattern is a different set of blue prints which shows the functionality of something in reality. It's one of those things that you intuitively understand and might apply structure to, if you are able to.

    I don't think it's brought to us by aliens or angels or anything. I think it's a manifestation from focused energy and it serves to remind us that what we know is just a tiny piece of reality.

    It also reminds us to question what we know.