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hearing music during meditation?

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  • hearing music during meditation?

    I've only been meditating for 3 weeks now, although I have limited the time I do due to an uncomfortable experience.
    one afternoon while meditating, I heard the most beautiful music, nothing you can compare to anything here on earth, the instruments were so much of 'out of this world', and the notes were undiscovered. I could not identify which genre this would be in but it was spectacular and absolutely beautiful. Anyway, when I came out of my meditation and back to 'here and now', I could still hear it faintly around me. But it was not coming from a surrounding source such as next doors stereo or tv, it was as if it were coming from within my head. the music drifted out and ended within 10 seconds. But not only that, the next morning after I woke up, I was walking down my hallway towards the kitchen, and I sort of passed by a very deep voice that made the sounds of a deep, low, exhale. I laughed to myself because it was like what most unexperienced people would expect to hear about ghosts like on the movies and stuff. But then I got worried that I may have opened an audience to hear thing from another dimension, but the deep exhale made me think it was coming from a negative force. Any thoughts? Would be very helpful.

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    i think if you where afraid or uncomfortable it could have been something negative, if it made you feel good then it must be something good.I dont think this sounds negative at all. I wish i could hear that music. : )
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      Yes that's what I thought. I very much enjoyed hearing the music it was beautiful, but the voice made me cautious. I simply acknowledged it and went about my day and wasn't bothered after that. what experiences have you had? If you don't mind me asking


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        Trust your gut.

        Hearing what you did, without thinking about it at all or having preconceived notions, did it make you uneasy or scared?

        If you didn't get scared until you actually thought about it, then chances are there's nothing to worry about.

        Meditating could possibly have made you more receptive to energies, but I've never heard of meditating making an opening for some negative entity.


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          and now a word from our sponser . . . . .

          In our _IS_ psi-ability list 42 members experience
          being "Clair-Audient". We hear unseen, unknown
          voices and or music. I like the music so much I
          envision a large Galactic radio, with on-off and
          a volume control-like dial. The "tuning dial" is
          very large, so I can fine tune to my favorite
          nap-time stations. Start the dial at -12.00000 hz
          and go up to +1200000hz.

          I think this one frequency -12.00150 hz could
          be a very, very large being. I hear one deep
          tone with a slight oscillation, that slowly rises
          and falls in pitch and volume, like a string base.
          Then in contrast, Piccolo's, Flutes and Oboe's,
          dance and flutter in and out and around those
          deep tones in random occasional recognizable harmonies.
          I vision a resting tree and butterflies.
          Nice . . . . .
          We are born Empaths and Telepaths, experienced in
          receiving energy from many different frequencies. As
          we get older we shield from the empathic, and telepathic
          frequency overload. But those are only about 30 +- or
          40 stations. It is not unusual for us to be able to receive
          Be in harmony,
          be in beauty.
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          Be in Harmony, Walk in Beauty. . .
          This is a navajo journey-way blessing it was given to me
          by a navajo healer-shaman, pappa john,


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            wow thank you, a very good explanation.