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Static Shock After Meditation

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  • Static Shock After Meditation

    I've notice after a good meditation petting the animals or touching a person, tend to give them a small static shock. Why is that? What causes the static shock It also seems to linger more with my brother |:

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    Don't know, but i always feel static shocks. That's why i always close the car door with my foot lol!


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      You can stop the Static Shock by Grounding yourself
      several times a day. All water faucets are grounded
      by law. Turn the cold water on and hold on to the spigot
      for a minute or two. That is all it takes.
      Be in harmony,
      be in beauty.
      Be in Harmony, Walk in Beauty. . .
      This is a navajo journey-way blessing it was given to me
      by a navajo healer-shaman, pappa john,



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