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Natural Spring Pictures- Portal to another dimension

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  • Natural Spring Pictures- Portal to another dimension

    A month ago I posted the story below about a natural srping I went to and my experience with beings from another dimension. Here is the pictures I took while I was there the second time after the different dimensional experience. Let me know what you all think is in both of them. I need fresh eyes...

    Here was my earlier post.....

    Energy Power Spots and portals
    Any knowledge or relation to my story , I would live to hear!! xoxo

    I went to Crystal River Florida (one of the ley lines, most powerful places energy wise), there is a spring within the river called three sisters springs. I went with my twin flame there. Upon entering the spring we noticed four pillars blocking the entrance. Only kayaks and swimmers were allowed through.We entered in our kayak. If you want to see a picture of the springs I believe it is on my profile. Anyways it is an enchanted forest with crystal clear blue water. The trees shaped and grown into a canopy, there is no way out or public access besides the front with the pillars. There is absolutley no way a boat can fit inbetween those pillars, not even a small one. We noticed when we entered that there was a boat with four people on it. At the time I did not realize there was no other way out of the spring. These people seemed light in nature (less dense), spoke a language that I did not recognize. They had a pillar of light shining down through them and did not appear to be really there. My friend tried to get there attention to ask them what time it was and they looked right through us never acknowledging us. After about 5 minutes we noticed they were gone, vanished.

    Over the past few months, I went back again and asked a resident local about the boat being in there and how it could fit inbetween the pillars. At that time I already researched the spring and found out it had only the one entrance with the pillars, I just wanted to confim with her. The lady said, absolutley no boat can fit through those pillars, the size to fit four people as I described to her.

    I went two times there. Both times, me and the person I was with felt elevated on our way back and for hours after leaving. Things felt euphoric and nice! loved it. I was definitley flying high in the 5th. Both times the sky lite up from the earth to the heavens and I have pictures to prove it. I have never seen a sky like that before.

    After much talk with my twin flame, she and I agreed last week that this is a portal of some kind and that the people we saw were in another dimension. In their dimension things looked different to them and they did not see us. Whatever the case, it was a very powerufl experience.

    Since that talk, I have read in two different places, information on the ley lines (spiritual , sacred sites). In this book I read today it talks about "power places have often been revealed to you by the unexpected appearance of illuminated beings". Simulatenously, I read up in a twin flame couple that discovered Pittsurbug as a sacred site and a portal as well. Strikingly their story is very simliar to mine and I think we opened up this portal. These portals are suppose to gain access to the tree of life. Twin flames are the ones who open these portals by acknolwedging they are there and going there.

    Did anyone experience similar ?
    Love and Light - Amy

    "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that" (Gandhi).

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    What do you see in the first picture?

    I only see a bright light in the second....