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Why we must change our way of measuring time.

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  • Why we must change our way of measuring time.

    'Leap seconds' occur when scientists 'add' extra to keep time on Earth in line with solar day and night
    GPS systems at risk of failure due to 'fake' seconds

    Risk of stock market crashes

    Scientists at International Bureau of Weights and Measures call for time standard to be abolished

    Read more:
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    gaia is about to tumble down the rabbit heading for the tea party myself. thanks for sharing xxx
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      I wonder if this has anything to do with what seems to be a seasonal rotation? Here in Colorado, (we have a rep for VERY mixed weather) it can snow in June... that's actually normal. But it seems like winter starts around the middle of january and goes til may, and september- november seem to be the hottest months; almost as if the seasons were.. pushed backward?
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        I do not like this weather. At all. I am the last one to complain about the weather under normal circumstances, but this seems unwholesome to me.
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          Absolute and true mathematical TIME flows equably to nothing external.
          sr. I. Newton
          The entity we call TIME can't be compared to anything physical.
          Western science is absolutely ignorant when it comes to understanding TIME
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            yeah make it summer all the time


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              I'll give my own perspective of time...and im going to show it under the light of animals, cycles, and physical locations. Have you noticed that with different groups of friends, we feel different around them, we have different conversations with them. Well when I part ways with a friend for the evening, Its sorta like turning a light off in my own personal universal life stream, but only for a portion of "time", then when i reconnect with them, when i see them its like turning on the light switch. and for good friends who you know quite well, its almost like a mental connection and thoughts frequencies are quite similar, with certian friends, its almost like we can tell just by the frequencies what the other is thinking, and even though we've been quite for some time, we can just say something out of randomness and the other will kinda know where they were getting it from...I have a meditation place in the woods, and when I go there very little other than the ground has changed. so In a bigger picture its almost like I never left. ok this explaniation so far isnt working the way i'd like it to...hmmm. Ok its almost like having multiple spheres of light, and we are a dot that travels to these spheres, and each sphere represents a place or person or action, and we as humans travel from sphere to sphere, and each time we enter these spheres, (we could also look at these spheres as relationships with others or with ourselves) and every point in our lives we visit these spheres we add life or energy to them, or we add TIME to it...i dunno does anyone else get what I'm trying to say?


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                shifting towards Russia.

                Hi All
                There are factors for the crazy weather.
                One of which is the Axes of the Earth is shifting,
                causing the Earth to change its "tilt" toward the sun.
                Each earthquake causes it to shift-tilt more.
                So far the shift is toward Russia.

                Each Axes-tilt-change causes more Quakes as the earth
                tries to maintain it's balance as a spinning, turning object.

                When the earth's tilt-changes-shifts, it affects the
                temperature and the flow patterns of the Air and
                Ocean Water that makes up our weather,
                among other things.

                No one knows when this Axes-tilt-shifting is going to stop.

                Be in harmony,
                be in beauty.
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                  It's all horrible measures of time measuring and management.

                  not to mention, does anyone else feel our days our shorter and time is going faster these days?

                  I personally feel age =/= relate to age at all anymore. Perhaps in the future, this will be a good thing.


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                    The earths magnetic north pole is slowly heading towards Russia if thats what you mean dont know about the axis changing much though. As for earthquakes even the very big ones barely affect time or the axis the earth is slowing down by a millionth of a second every day or in the event of a big earthquake a hundred thousandth of a second not really a big impact time wise. Time is different from each persons perspective I think it can be agreed that a blink of an eye or the click of the fingers or counting one elephant out loud during a thunderstorm is a second. The weather is no worse now than in the past even if it might seem like it is and with all the news I agree it does feel like the weather is getting worse.
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                      These day I seem to see no peace the real world is so grim. I feel as if I'm going insane. I'm very quite but when in a circle I feel so out of place. I feel as if my prospective as a child is spiraling in to that of a grown persons. My elders have so much love with in them but I seem to reject it because I'm scared of losing them. I just wish I was never born. I'm thinking about suicide, who am I kidding I've thought about it for a few years. There is no other way out. You know some one told me this week happiness is pain and death. Well were living pain and death, I mean really shut up and listen. The screams at night, the silent wimpiers. Can you hear them??? I can and it's getting to me. I really feel insane. I have no one to talk to. My fathers over dosed last year. My mothers suffering from a rare kidney decease! Is This really life or hell. Look In a mirror that is no angle I see a fucking demon. Then some times there are a few special people a few who are so.... I can't explain. I cant say I am but I know almost every one who reads these well say they are because, I know I know your lost. Even if you don't think you are you are. Just one more thing when it comes down to it no one cares on one listens they just forget and play with your life. Haha hah hahah *I'm joking


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                        There are changes going on in the planet, big ones, for one the solar storms and radiation. And physicists learned long ago that during 2012 and some odd months/years the magnetosphere is incredibly thing, which means we have "less protection" than usual.

                        Things are changing. People can say its the same, and this happens all the time. Yes, perhaps in a cyclic fashion, but things are changing- as they have many times in earth before.


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                          I've noticed, changes in how time works, a little in the visuals, sometimes I'll wave into and out of hmm, 'new eyesight',
                          Sounds, in my head (the high pitched tone a bunch of us have mentioned), WEATHER has certainly become different, behavior and sounds. I have heard a few times in the last few months, 'thunder' like i have never heard t before in my life, like something rolling through the skys.
                          oh, and ps Einstein had stated, that basically things appear to slow down as you reach the point of light.
                          Nothing new, but here:

                          ermmm, it's interesting to me to see changes happening, it didn't operate this way before.
                          I'm just hoping we keep up with the changes, we're still clinging like real effin hard to old patterns,
                          i don't even think it's comfort anymore....don't know what it is.
                          anyhoo, if people just ate it, and made the new choices we'de be running along our way real quick.
                          that's not a knock, it's a knock at the door. :} smootch


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                            Time is the mechanism we apply to measuring motion at all scales. Time doesn't exist and isn't a dimension. If nothing moved there would be no telling time. In relation to the OP's statement I think it would help if we worked to a 360 day orbit rather than 360 and then some...


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                              While I respect the beliefs of people
                              I think the error that we see with Time is that we do not understand it as it is - Time is a fluid, living thing
                              we see the effect of time passing, and we utilize this effect to measure and determine
                              because we believe we can understand something as vast and complex as Time by it's effect on things that we perceive
                              this is folly, in my opinion

                              for, if it is true that Time functions as a constant
                              then why is it that particles at the quantum level...the very to adhere to the "laws" of Newtonian physics
                              it is simply seen that they behave in a variety of fashions that are anything but text book
                              until they are measured and observed - at which point they begin to act in accordance with perceived "laws"
                              this tells me that we, as the vehicle of perception, interact with living Time in such a way
                              that we can influence and change how it's effects function - at the micro and the macro

                              just my thoughts, anyway
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