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Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat will Change Our Lives

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  • Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat will Change Our Lives

    "Future Flesh" is squatting on your plate. Are you nervous? Stab it with a fork. Sniff it. Bite! Chew, swallow. Congratulations! Relax and ruminate now because you’re digesting a muscular invention that will massively impact the planet.

    In-Vitro Meat — aka tank steak, sci fi sausage, petri pork, beaker bacon, Frankenburger, vat-grown veal, laboratory lamb, synthetic shmeat, trans-ham, factory filet, test tube tuna, cultured chicken, or any other moniker that can seduce the shopper’s stomach — will appear in 3-10 years as a cheaper, healthier, "greener" protein that’s easily manufactured in a metropolis. Its entree will be enormous; not just food-huge like curry rippling through London in the 1970′s or colonized tomatoes teaming up with pasta in early 1800′s Italy. No. Bigger. In-Vitro Meat will be socially transformative, like automobiles, cinema, vaccines.

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    :-) well thats really good news. Specially for the animals and environment :-)
    - You are what you do; not what you think you are-


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      Who are the companies and institutions behind the science, and the making of them?

      I'll tell you something "revolutionary" that I saw, they are now "printing" organs with the use of cells and technology that can graph the cellular structure of organs, and then "re-print them" lined with cells (and a type of organic-synthetic composite). Guess who are the main funders? The Rockefellers. Not a step in the wrong direction, but I am seeing synthetic organs, synthetic food (meat) and soon, synthetic "trees" supposedly to save the environment.

      I do not like the direction- unfortunately.


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        well after rockefeller it doesn't necessarily mean a lot, they are founding pretty much anything, between jp morgan and a few others, they finance pretty much anything that can be interesting in the future, it doesn't mean they direct the whole research

        synthetic meat like that, it can be argued they are not a real living being, i'm not sure i like the whole idea a lot either all together, but after all also plants can be seen as just sort of labs to transform minerals and sun light into a sort of molecule, and i saw also they can sort of create cells with artifical dna to make them produce proteines like that, crazy lol


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          As long as there is regulation as to what they put into it and thorough tests.

          Personally, you are what you eat. You eat synthetic, your cells will be using that to re-create themselves. Not a fan of that approach. Of course this in itself is cool, its the "culmination" of all these different "synthetic" solutions that bother me. Especially know that there exists technologies that can help people regenerate their own cells in slow, trickling effects. It's a step in the right direction if there is regulation.

          You combine all the synthetic this, synthetic that, with bio-robotics which is soon becoming a reality, the FDA JUST legalized microchips to be used in their products, and also the Verichip. A new "obamacare" bill that is trying to be passed also allows the use of foreign like agents to possibly be inserted into people in the future.

          Sorry to be a skeptic. I'm just hoping more scientists step in to ensure this whole process is theirs- and not those who simply want to make money.


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            in a way it known that synthetic things are not so good for health in many way, but this is not even truly a synthetic thing, because it is not made by a chemical reaction, but by a real living cell, so it create exactly the good biologic molecule, it is different from synthetic


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              Right, but my concern is how they make it and if they will put anything else into the mix that may have adverse effects in the long run.

              I am waiting and watching For now. good idea.


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                Originally posted by AmentiHall View Post
                I'm just hoping more scientists step in to ensure this whole process is theirs- and not those who simply want to make money.
                normally, the goal of the research and patent owning, and the whole thing is wrote before monney guys step in, so it depend how the thing is organised and who will own the patents, but anyway we'll probably see some horror done with those stuff one day or another lol


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                  i wonder when they will be able to create dna strand with nano technology =)