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Can HAARP Manipulate Time?

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  • Can HAARP Manipulate Time?

    Aside from its usual malignant uses re weather control, causing earthquakes, etc. can this diabolical device alter time, space, gravity...?

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    I'm actually not in shock by this. I have a feeling that HAARP can do a lot more than most people think. If it's good or bad, I don't know, but I think we'll all soon find out.


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      There are many military applications for this type of technology. Many of which are classifiable, in itself.
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        I think its weather only, but who knows? Reason for is that the Soviets also had multiple HAARP systems which some facilities are abandoned now. If HAARP would manipulate time, I doubt the Soviets would just leave them to abandon, even with no financial backing after the collapse. But, who knows? I think there are seperate projects for that, because supposedly the Soviets were building a time machine (that even back then information got leaked, which was a rarity), but I wouldn't be surprised if HAARP can manipulate physics and matter.

        Just writing in general events of which I know about:

        Confirmed HAARP use:
        -Russia during 60th anniversary of Victory day (may 9th, 2005)

        Unconfirmed HAARP uses:
        -Russia on Hurricane Katrina
        -US from Alaskan HAARP base to thwart off Phobus-Grunt (Dec, 2011)

        But god, so many secret technologies during the cold war, its amazing. Many technological prjects were lost or abandoned after the end of the cold war


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          He's got evil eyes


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            The focusing of Energy is what we do to!

            hi all HAARP is still experimenting and learning what is theory
            and what they can do. So far they have only focused on
            heating up molecular structures of specific areas of the
            Earth: In the earth, oceans and atmosphere.
            They are
            being more timid now after the energies they started in
            motion, went out of control very quickly. Seems like they
            can start energy in motion, but can not stop it from growing
            until it self-destructs.

            Very similar to our pyro-kinetic psi-ability.
            But we are smart enough to keep our
            molecular influence very small and controllable.
            To do Pyro, focus on a small [match head size] area
            of (pia) molecules and perceive, picture them spinning
            much faster than the matter around them. The friction will
            cause the slower particles to heat up to their ignition point.
            That,basically is what HAARP does.

            The other things you mentioned are "Not within their scope of inquiry." ;-)
            Altering time, and space and influencing the structure of matter
            are still in different University labs, trying to determine what the
            basics are. But they are making headway. The different "Colliders"
            are working on the influencing matter mechanically.

            What is fun to me that many of our members can do
            those energy manipulations now. . . . ;-) ;-)

            Several smaller University labs are working to
            utilize the mental energies to develop the
            controlling of matter. They are getting there.
            With a bit more mental training, they will. . . . . . .
            Be in Harmony,
            be in beauty.
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