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Frequencies, BrainWaves and MindControl

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  • Frequencies, BrainWaves and MindControl

    Everything is energy/frequency. Some frequencies are healing, and, some, definitely, are not......

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    I only found one other web result about this supposed mind control.
    And It says the damaging tone is -2.3666HZ, not sure you could hear that.
    I usually post high frequency stuff.
    But Il be sure to watch out for stuff mixed with low frequency.
    So nothing below like 2hz..right??lol
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      Somehow I ended up posting the same thing twice when I tried to
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        Now think about the reasons why power lines where chosen to have those specific voltages and not others. The reason for the "standard" in music frequencies, and the standards also for digital frequencies (TV etc), and the "standards" for radio, etc.

        This world is inunediated in toxic/harmful frequencies. The intelligence communities know about 20 times more than mainstream science does about the brain, its electromagnetic nature, electricmagnetic waves, microwaves, and how to use them in a weaponized format.


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          ... So actually the binaural beats i was using from youtube for sleeping at nights are not good or not reliable? :-(
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            theres plenty of pure tones out there.And you can actually make them yourself if you wanted to.
            I use the Tibetan signing bowls off of you tube a lot too.
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              I like the crystal bowls over the tibetan metal bowls.

              Ive been using binaural beats and isochronic tones lately, i believe they work to some degree. My view of health is that little things add up to a healthier whole so if there is some small gain from using them, why not?

              I see many on u tube, targeting many different body parts and systems, spirituality, mind and emotions. I even tried the PTSD binaural beat, worked for me, maybe not for everyone though. I believe what works for one may be toxic to another, same as medications, go with what works for you.

              Here's one i find powerful, Though i have a different take on the intent of it, i can still use it to my benign-efit in root chakra meditation


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                For comparison sake, crystal bowl choir


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                  This crown chakra set i found effective too


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                    What I like about the metal or crystal-glass,
                    is that each bowl sings in harmonic +-tones.
                    Not a pure tone like electronics can do.
                    I really respond to the resonances.

                    A fun project is to use a sound plate over a speaker,
                    with granules on the plate. As the bowls sing, different
                    changing/living patterns are formed through the frequency
                    vibrations. Awesome it is.
                    in harmony,
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                      Many of these binaural beats are an hour long, especially the meditative ones, it takes a chunk out of my day to turn everything off and focus on only the tones. Im going to try using a mp3 player while i do other things. Im not sure if this affects how they work or not.

                      I also question if using these tones is cheating. It can take a good deal of work to become aware of ones own chakra tones, then to be able to manipulate them naturally. Could it be potentially unbalancing to take advantage of the effects without having the fundamental abilities developed first? Sometimes there is a reason we learn one thing thoroughly before another. We used to call this putting the cart before the horse.

                      It seems the trend is to take us as far away from our natural natures to begin with. I am wondering that these isochronic tones and binaural beats are a hope for us if we can learn to use them effectively. Is it possible we could counteract the electromagnetic frequencies being used against our natures? Could isochronic tones be used musically to increase the health and clear thinking of people?


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                        A lot of countries- like the USA- employ 60Mhz, and Europe +, use 50Mhz. Are you referring amplitudes or frequencies- l don't see any corrolation? Which is the wrong one, or worse one? Why have different ones?
                        Do you have experience of tinnitus?

                        Which intelligence community? About 20 times what? What mainstream science exactly do you refer to?
                        Microwaves were invented by a British scientist who sold his work cheap, many years ago.
                        As the entirety of energy is waves, and we are made of it, how can they be harmful in any natural form? We have been around for a while.
                        l think music is are harmonic transmission in sound through a medium- usually air or water, less so the ground; and digital is an overlay on a frequency, for TV or radio reception. What about WiFi waves? Mobile phones? Things you stick next to your brain that make waves?
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                          Binurial beats are fine


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                            I meditate daily with high frequencies since that's what seems to work for me, like high pitched bells,beats, or music, is that bad and what effect will it have or symptoms?


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                              Focusing on a circle and dot
                              on paper will do the same thing but quicker.

                              Put a large (pia) circle on a piece of heavy weight paper
                              put a "dot in it's center. Hold the paper at arms length.
                              Slowly move the paper toward your eyes.
                              About 4" from your face a portal will open for
                              your intention to activate.
                              Say or think return to come back.

                              Practice this technique (pia) with a painting or book.
                              once inside you can touch-activate the intentions
                              that the Artist or Author will have placed there.

                              In harmony,
                              This is the technique I used in my Art classes of 18 and workshops of 100.
                              Everyone was RVing within minuets. Of course I was there helping
                              with a telepathic example. . . . . ;-)
                              In harmony,
                              Be in Harmony, Walk in Beauty. . .
                              This is a navajo journey-way blessing it was given to me
                              by a navajo healer-shaman, pappa john,