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A Poem for the Indigo Pisces

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  • A Poem for the Indigo Pisces

    It is raining outside as I peer out the window and see a garden in this warm Spring of ours. I have nothing to do and always working on my spirit and I feel like writing and dedicating this to the indigo Pisces woman out there...just saying that you are cool.

    To the Indigo Pisces Princess

    Nature’s form takes many molds, wild water like a storm is hard to hold.

    The pyramids of Egypt to sunken Atlantis unveils a lost sea scroll story of old

    Grandfathers told, wrecked ships caught sight the beautiful mermaid lady

    From the source that binds life, boasts a proud navy and gently holds babies

    The world was formed by fire, then water quenched flame.

    Water blasting through a canyon’s veins, as tears when we cry in pain

    This evening as it comes down as rain, as we sip with our lips drinking

    Let me tell you the tall tale of how it was once tamed.

    My dear Indigo Pisces you are a water-borne being blessed by nature’s divine design.

    How Heavens chimes played sublime, in making your delicate water sign.

    A chorus sang whimsical lyrics, while waves whirled flesh around ethereal spirit

    Springwater modeled Pisces like Aphrodite, made by the same clay by the Almighty.

    Your spirit is one of charity and the actions of your heart serve many.

    A hundred thousand clad infantry, turned from war to their ministry

    Against any suffering, a humanitarian saving us from destruction and decay,

    So much compassion and intuition that can even unravel the mysteries of Pompeii

    A kindred lover thousands of miles away hopes maybe one day

    Like Joan of Arc, graced with an understanding of the emotional heart

    You are very creative and masterful in painting and art

    My dear how your family greets you with wonderful cheer

    Being so receptive to new ideas and always creating a welcoming atmosphere.

    Cupid’s arrow shot me and now he’s whispering in my ear, “she is true have no fear,”

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    that was really pretty
    im a pisces myself
    For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
    -Audrey Hepburn


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      very are very good with words my friend...i love writing it is so liberating and true


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        I find writing very liberating as well Tear of the Wolf. Thanks for all your compliments. I tend to be a visionary and receive information through little pieces of my imagination writing makes me fee apart of some sort of process with another. I also want to write a poem for Starseeds soon so you can check it out in their threads. Anywayz I'm also from Boulder which is a weird synchronicity.
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          Awesome poem

          In my hands I hold a candle whose flame is small to see,
          And if I give but one light to you my life is filled for me.
          But...In your hands you hold a torch for many eyes to see,
          So hold it high that they may light their candlewicks from thee... موم γλυφή !

          - By Faye


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            Thank you for writing to "A Piscean woman." I fall in this category and it's so nice to be acknowledged every once in a while from another Indigo, since we're certainly a special breed (dealing with the emotions of an Indigo as WELL as the emotions of a water sign... oh joy!). Your water imagery is wonderful. "A chorus sang whimsical lyrics, while waves whirled flesh around ethereal spirit" is my favorite line. Keep writing poetry. Shanti.
            out t herebe yond the WALLb rea ki ng bottles in theHALL


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              This is breathtaking. It creates a stunning picture in one's eye.
              Proverbs 3:5 Trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.


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                awsome job im a pisces to
                u should write a book of poems


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                  Here is a poem for Starseeds sorry it's been a long while. Thank you for reading.

                  I’ve dreamt the Earth received like gravity, of you landing here somehow somewhere, crazy as it sounds I did not care.

                  As a child spending nights looking at your fuzzy hazed twilight blinking yonder forgetting tomorrow I just wondered,

                  So much distance would make our love grow stronger.

                  A homing beacon sent, the space time curvature bent, and twined a jazzy tune blazing past galaxies you zoomed.

                  Lightspeed traveler thorough the ages, haloed whisperer to the old sages

                  In superflight your Smallville plight tries to keep your starseed secret sacred

                  It’s no mystery, you streaked across time and space to make this serendipity

                  Ancient civilizations near the Nile know the node charted missed your place.

                  Forgetting to connect constellation dots to a starry beautiful face.

                  From distant cosmos this world could not wait for your resonating faith.

                  Now your here with me showering me like a meteorite

                  No words spoken we take sight, you still sparkle like mad in the night

                  Like a comet trail going on for miles the wind softly blows your hair so wild

                  I’m fainting inside from all this bliss, buzzed paralyzed from your electrifying kiss

                  Love me high take me low starbright hold me right never say goodbye

                  For I breathed many lives but only feel alive when I see your bright eyes

                  Without you I can’t breathe your my one and only starseed I need.

                  Please ease upon that nova storm lets be together until we are old and worn.

                  Strolling wrinkled hand in hand in some future park

                  Generations can come and go but your still my heart’s noah’s arc.

                  You are never lost but found just shipwrecked down in this town.

                  You’re here to learn to laugh; not frown my lady you look so gorgeous in that evening gown.

                  Lets just dance now and forget that we are physically bound.

                  For time has always stopped still when you are around.


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                    May you shine in glory and warm praise heroine of the heart for many days to come.


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                      Piscean man