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    You hear about this and also that movie is puzzling called the Fourth Kind. This sounds stupid but what the heck....How do they pick their victims out that they abduct? Do they just see a house and then say...going to abduct them? Is there a reason why they abduct certain people? YOu hear that they abduct children and put them back and then follow them into adult hood even though they move ect and then they start abducting their children when they have them.


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    abductees are chosen out genetic lineage. Because humanity itself is a composite of many "alien" genetic types. The ET's abduct often

    1) people of their own soul nature, aka starseeds

    2) people of the genetic descendents of the original races (the greys for example)

    3) both of the above.

    This is why GENERATIONS are abducted through out their lives, and so is their families. They are tracked from generation to generation. Its actually quite complicated from what I know.


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      Thank you! Just kind of weird. The one that seen the craft and the lights in the backyard, is the same kid when he was little that said, mommy..this spaceman came thru the ceiling! I said, he has an imagination at that age, like parents do and said, you were dreaming. My youngest son is deathly afraid of anything that has to do with listening nor watching anything about aliens. I told's just a movie for godsakes! If you were abducted, you would think you would know. Many bring it out with what has happened to them. They remembered. Just facinating. I was thinking of going to this town not far from here that Boeing, military etc. have been to see the lights in the sky. Some movie stars have also come there to see. It's a place that doesn't disappoint. YOu wanna see, you will.


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        You wouldn't know. I recommend you go back and read some of the old threads I used to post in.

        Most of the time, the memory isn't remembered until you are older- if not EVER.


        Mostly, et's (as the government can too) can "erase" memories (not completely though) , but also, the way you are able to be turned into a light body, and moved through walls/ceilings is because of elevating the frequency of the entire body. This moves into higher dimension, and allows one to pass through time and space (by creating a field, or vortex). This again, has to do with genetics. Only certain gene types have the capacity to make this frequency transition and it can only be done for a limited amount of time. Higher vibration also means future (because of the acceleration of particle movement), so when the body comes back into this often forgets everything, as it technically has "not" happened yet at the conscious level. It takes a long time, sometimes shorter sometimes longer, for the "memory" of the event to catch up to the persons actual life.

        ALSO another reason why they target certain types.


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          Thanks again. I will look up your older threads to see. I should find it on this one right? You just hear about people remembering about it and thought everyone should. thanks for explaining it. I just have this uneasy feeling about it. My medical is weird. They said, cancer, then go back before they do anything for another appointment, it's gone. Then another place of pre-cancer, then it's gone when going back like it never was there? Then my heart and going thru all those test of something wrong, then gone after doing the heart cath when all the other tests showed something was wrong? Just different. I said, I have stupid doctors or something to put me thru all of that! Glad it's gone but dang..they scared me. Not to mention some red pin marks on your skin sometimes in various places? You are wondering...where did that come from? I will go back and re-read some of your older posts for sure in the morning! Thank you so much!


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            I would recommend you read some books or things on the subject too.Your symptoms are not at all uncommon for abductees, but I don't want to say that you are because it's impossible to know for sure unless you go to a hypnotist and do a regression.

            Also another way to put this into context, is when you have a REALLY huge important spiritual dream..but you forget it all! It's the same reason, it happens in a more spiritual part of yourself (dimension) and when you come back to physicality it often doesn't "transition" well back into it.

            A way to overcome this is lots of meditating, lots of energy work, and lots of effort to lucid dream and/or write down everything consistently.