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    Loving yourself has to occur before you can allow anyone else to Love you in return.
    Sometimes I just want to spread my wings and soar....anyone else want to come with me?

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    I cannot watching this particular movie, but i have seen this one movie on the american president FJK and then it was quite interesting; i really interested in how the policy he ran was dreamed up first when he was childhood boy 8 yrs old and not understanding why life was "the way it was" and had a vision from very early on to make a difference; and he followed his unique path and then he well we know what is his eventually happened died, but see was he a catalyst for bigger much life changing events for us all? i think so yes, like w/o JFK what is world like today? without hitler nazi, what is world like today? without Napolean? without Stalin, what is world like today? my personality, i don't get the idea of wanting material and power and it does not excite me to have more than i need, this bc maybe my particular upbringing and bit like when maybe i overweight when growing up hurt self esteem but hindsight i look back and this experience all everything it is like the blessing that is in disguise bc back then you do not appreciate until you can see results of hard work and fruits of labor as it is said