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    I've always been a highly sensitive person, I'm allergic to everything, along with being necropathic and zoopathic. I've worked with several highly sensitive dogs, cats, reptiles, donkeys, and many many horses.

    In July, I was adopted by an abused mare. She is a 17.2hh (5'8" at the withers) Tennessee Walker mare who is drop dead gorgeous. Until the day she hit the ground at my farm, she had never once been in a pasture or even paddock, born in a stall and raised in a stall. She couldn't speak "horse" but could, to those who listened, speak in another more universal language. Harper has, in her 6 years, seen much more than any horse should ever see in 30 years, and has done it all with grace I have seen in very few of any species. If you do want to learn more about soring (what was done to her), just google "Tennessee walker soring" and please adopt one of these horses!

    The first time we met was amazing. I was standing at one end of the barn, petting the nose of a particularly large gelding, when I heard/felt someone say "turn around!" several times. When I did, I saw nothing, so I turned my attention back to the gelding. Again, I heard someone yelling at me to look at them, to turn around. This time, I did see something. In a sea of black noses (every horse in the barn was black) I saw a pink one poking out from in between the bars. The rest is history.

    Since then, I've learned some of the challenges of being a HSP (highly sensitive person) living with a HSH (highly sensitive horse). Firstly, there is the outward appearance of a strange connection. I have a hard time explaining to people why she doesn't react negatively to me while she does to others if put in a situation where she remembers her abuse. I can be on one side of the pasture, then simply think about her and she will run over to me, and it's the same with her and me. Riding her is something I almost can't describe.

    Then there are the emotional issues. She is so incredibly easy to hurt emotionally. If I get on to another horse for doing something, or tell a dog not to eat my turkey sandwich, or if someone who is in a bad mood gets near her, or if she even has an inkling that someone might be hurt or in trouble, she gets very nervous and thinks she has done something wrong. She is also allergic to cats, and the smallest bit of sugar has her bouncing off the walls.

    On top of all of this, people are for some strange reason jealous of us. I constantly get comments like "I wish I had a horse that liked me that much" or "Did you train her to do that?" but mostly people go look for a horse of similar bloodlines. I'm in the deep South, just about an hour north of Atlanta, so saying that she's a HSH wouldn't go over well.

    Harper is the first HS I've ever had on a consistent basis. I'm 17, about to turn 18, and I live in a very conservative family, so it is great to have someone around like me.

    Does anyone else have a similar experience with a HS who is not human? Any Indigo horse people out there? Any recommended books on the subject? Already read the Tao of Equus!

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    I thought all animals were kind of like that. If I relax I can hear them, understand them. Every Spring I get lots of HST or highly sensitive toads. Really.

    I can get a better connection if I lower my vibration. I try to create a feeling of deep calm.

    I enjoyed your post.
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      Do you find that female animals communicate a bit more than the males? Do they sound like a child’s whisper when you hear them speak to you? I think I might know something of what you mean. ; however, I don't really see a lot of horses.


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        I've always been in tune with animals of all kinds. I've worked with horses since i was 12. At that age I was working with riding school horses & ponies, I was very ignorant but very insightful too, I learned quickly how to 'talk horse' with some of them, I always liked best the ones who kicked & bit and hated people - I had a point to prove to them, that humans aren't all bad and that they're loved, and it worked every time - I just had to have patience & work out what they needed.
        About 5 years ago I did the UK Monty Roberts courses, they are brilliant and I learned so much more about horse behaviour, that's not to say it's easy cos some horses will respond immediately and some take a hell of a lot of working around to learn how they communicate.
        They teach us so much, physically & spiritually, they teach us not only about them and their work, but also about ourselves - they mirror and they're very adept at it!
        For anyone who thinks horses are stupid - you couldn't be more wrong!
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