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Are Orbs Real??? Part 1

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  • Are Orbs Real??? Part 1

    Orbs have opened my heart in many many ways. Here is some info I want to share.

    First page is a nice article on Orbs, which I enjoyed.

    Next one is just the source that I got all of the following info from.

    The Outer Magnetosphere surrounds the 'conscious energy'
    The Central Matrix Plasma is an energy of consciousness that exists , while in three dimensional space, within a 'bubble'. . Within the substructure of the Matrix of energy lies everything needed for seeing, hearing, speech, memory, etc.
    The output of electrical energy of this 'consciousness' is found in 'millivolts' which is difficult for Tri-Field Meters to detect. The sub-sections of the energy are very thin, but can be detected and recorded by the recording techniques available today.
    The Energy in the Central Matrix is in it's natural state - 'Zero Point ' where time does not exist and can travel in and out of our third dimension.

    The magnetosphere is multi-purpose and is also used as a sensor for navigation ,communication and a means of protection for the Central Matrix or Consciousness.

    Near the perimeter of the orb there is a 'rim of sorts'. This is 'Electromagnetic Field Displacement'.
    The Electromagnetic Field Displacement or "Event Horzion" is a null gap area that creates a void caused by the energy of the "Orb". This 'gap' area 'pushes' or 'displaces' the three dimensional reality, therefore creating a 'noted wake' as it moves through space. This wake is the 'Outer Field Effect'.

    The Outer Field Effect is positioned on the 'outside' of the "Displacement Void".
    There is no direct 'physical' contact from the 'orb entity' through the Electromagnetic Field Displacement - but the entity can and does make 'indirect' contact (and communication) through a form of 'kinetic energy'.
    While in motion, the orb creates a 'Wake in the Ether' and can also change it shape via the direction of its path. it will travel from object to object via 'Electromagnetism' .
    High Electromagnetic distortions create 'Temporal Event Horizons' (ie. black holes, vortexes) which allows the orb to pass through with no difficulty. The Temporal Event Horizon acts as a buffer helping to keep the orb in a state of constant energy and stability while slipping just outside of time and space

    Orbs Basic Truths:
    1) They are real, interdimensional vehicles. Known to the Egyptians as 'sun boats' and referred to in the Bible as 'merkabah'. This is not an exaggerated claim. Many people believe that this is part of what God made when he created us. It is where we go and how we get around after this life. The phenomenon known as an out-of-body experience involves this aspect of our spiritual makeup. Another little-known aspect of our own existence.

    2) Orbs, real ones, can be sensed or heard. The 'sound' they make is a super-high tone, chiefly heard inside of the head. Inside or past the ear, beyond normal hearing. A good time to look for one is when you sense this phenomena near you. Looks like a barely-visible ball of energy floating near you. Among those who are familiar with real orb contact are accounts of the orb speaking telepathically to them.

    3) True orbs have different appearances, and more than one type exists. The first type, the human spirit or ghost type are usually seen at about eye-level to about ceiling height, and are often filmed in graveyards and "haunted" locations. The human spirit type may appear larger than some of the other types of orbs.

    4) Another type of orb is used in conjunction with electromagnetic vehicles (formerly known as UFOs). They serve to assist and shield the beings inside the craft, as well as being used as a means of propulsion. They primarily are seen high up in the sky, higher than the human spirit orbs, although they are, on occaision also seen at eye-level. This is believed to be due to their higher dimensional level of existence. These are the fully visible orbs seen in photos and video we will share, which are capable of invisibility, and extremely high speed flight.

    5) Yet another type of orb is known. It is considered to be a spiritual aspect of the ET visitors, much like the human spirit orbs are an aspect of us. They often have a more detailed and complex appearance which can at times contain figures and or faces. To the eye, it resembles a face or figure, sometimes inside an orb, sometimes not. This is a type of orb that is rarely photographed, but photos of them do exist.
    Brought to you by

    "High Electromagnetic distortions create 'Temporal Event Horizons' (ie. black holes, vortexes) which allows the orb to pass through with no difficulty. The Temporal Event Horizon acts as a buffer helping to keep the orb in a state of constant energy and stability while slipping just outside of time and space."

    Depending on the size of what is coming through from the higher dimension into our third dimension will be the size of distortion in the plasma (ether) field. I will try to describe to you as I see this plasma field (space) and matter within:

    Space is a fluid ..Hence a field of plasma..Hence a 'plasma field'. . Its motion or state of being is 'Guided by Matter' . Thus an orb or space craft or other type of matter going through it would affect its field. Think of a boat propelling itself through water - the faster and larger the boat - the more distortion of the water it is going through .

    According to Charles Vind , "A particle (matter) with positive gravity would have a spin rotating inward pulling in fluid and an a particle with negative gravity would have a spin pushing out fluid or an outward spin. The faster the rate of motion or rotation (frequency) would thus determine the gravity and therefore the mass of the particle. So all elementary particles of matter would essentially be FLUID in MOTION around a CLOSED CIRCULAR PATH. All forms of matter could also be seen essentially
    as specific PATTERNS of MOTION in the great SEA of FLUID that constitutes the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE."

    This fluid is a life force to matter. It feeds matter with energy and this energy is 'electromagnetic' ..thus it falls under 'electromagnetism'

    Visual Evidence analysis on the Magnetosphere Displacement of Entity while in Motion
    by Michael Lynch Ph.D.

    Field Research Division
    4-01-2003 copyright

    The overview of the item of evidence is the the motion of the energy plasma of the Entity or, Orb while in motion.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    The Primary Theory of the Magnetosphere rubbing the atomosphere is now not quite as accurate as it was before. Now, with digital technology we can see that there is a self evident Displacement Layer that is pushing the atmosphere out of the way while in motion.

    Para-Vision has taken over 500 digital photos with a Canon Power Shot S30 type camera, in all locations and under every condition. When Entities were photographed and the "Entity Echos" were removed and just the "real Entity " was present, Para-vision then set out to analyze each "REAL" Entity.

    This is our findings

    Photo of Classic Shaped ORB

    The rim of the Magnetosphere, shows something of a void or Displacement.

    Showing no major direct contact with the three dimensional medium that it appears in.

    This photo belongs to
    In this Digital Photo is one of the best examples of an Entity caught in a slow motion or nearly standing still. The Photo has be enhanced and embossed to show what we are trying to look at.

    If you notice the outer edge of the Magnetosphere you will see a dark orange band to the upper-right of the sphere and a lighter orange band to the lower -left of the sphere.

    By "Embossing" the photo there is a special change that occurs and takes place the "Out-Side Edge" is curving down into the plain of the photo, not equal to the back ground.

    The "Downward Curving" looks like a valley all the way around the Magnetosphere of the Orb wall.
    The Magnetosphere then looks like it is on a plateau raising above the rest of the back ground.

    This is a clear indication of a Temporal Event Horzion, but this can not be! Only soild Objects can create a Temporal Event Horzion.

    In science The "ONLY" object that can create a "TEMPORAL DISPLACEMENT IN THREE DIMENSIONAL SPACE" are: Any objects that contain a high enough "MASS" or "GRAVITY" to cause this effect.

    Blackholes, the Sun, and other highly dense materials. (Note: Special theory of Event Horizon)
    the Earth could in its own way could have a gravity event horizon if its very own. Which is does.

    It is plausible, now to assume that the Classical Model of the "ORB" can now be changed.

    1. There is now a visual means to see and clearly understand the "EVENT HORZION" that is caused by a very well developed Electromagnetic Field.

    2.The Electormagnetic Field creates a "Displacement in a three dimensional medium".

    3. The Electromagnetic Field Displacement or "Event Horzion" is a null gap area that creats a void caused by the energy of the "Orb".

    4. It is this null gap void area that "PUSHES" or "DISPLACES" the three dimensional reality, and therefore creates a "NOTED WAKE" as it moves through space. This noted wake is the Outer Field Effect.

    5. The Outer Field Effect is now positioned on the "OUTSIDE" of the "Displacement Void".

    6. There is "NO" direct contact of the energy of the Orb to the dimension that we are in, unless there is a factor change of modualtion and frequency of energy in the Magnetosphere of the Orb.

    In conclusion, the at this time, by the digital visual evidence of Orbs in motion, there may not be any direct physical contact from an Entity to a Three Dimensional Enviroment, but a form of Electromagnetic Field Displacement which would appear and react as Kinetic Energy on our dimension.

    Then, if we apply this new "Displacement Theory" then the Orb structure is creating a dense electromagnetic bubble in which has an outer shell of a temporal event horzion wich does not make any physical contact with a three dimensionl reality.

    The term "Displacement" is the moving away of a physical medium with out touching it. If you can understand this new displacement theory then it will come to reason that we may have been looking at the problem without all of the new evidence.

    Oil and Water

    One Example of this may as simple as Oil and Water. Oil and Water are of two different compositions but they are both liquids. To different liquids that do not mix at all. No matter what you do the Water and the Oil will remain in their original state.

    If we can use this simple example and apply it to what we are looking at, it will make some sense.

    If the Medium of our three dimensional state of matter is the Water and the Energy of the Orb is like the Oil then the Oil is "Displacing" the water. The Oil does not mix under normal means, and the Oil will pass through the water with out getting wet.

    The way that I would like to look at the visual evidence, is by understanding that the Oil never Gets Wet no matter how long it is in the water. The Orb is setting in the void of temporal space and time and is a constant state of energy, never directly enteracting with the enviroment.

    If the Oil moves fast enough through the water, it would create a wake in the water, and change its shape via the direction of its path. Remember that there is no direct contact to the water therefore physical matter would have very little effect on the Orb s motion. The Orb will fuction from object to object via Electromagnetic Density, this would be the only thing that would enterfear with the path of the energy of the Orb.
    Higher Electromagnetic distrotions would create their own temporal event horzion then the Orb would have more trouble passing through it or would avoid it totally.
    The Human body has its own electromagnetic field that works very well for containment as well protection.

    This Temporal Event Horzion is the buffer that keeps the Orb in a state of constant energy sliping just out side of time and space.
    This would explain EVPs or the voice of the person remaining the same, long after their dead. The voice as well as their thoughts remain the same in a constant temporal displacement which reflect their state of existance when they died.
    __________________________________________________ _______________________


    The motion and energy is more like wind blowing the sails of a boat.

    {Example: A sail boat uses the wind to move from place to place, the force on the sails creates kinetic energy on the surface of the water which is called drag.

    To an observer the boat is moving.....the observer does not see that the wind is blowing the boat in a forward direction, causing it to drag on the water.}

    The water in this example is the medium of the wake, the boat is creating the displacement, and the wind is the factor of force or motion.

    If a person sees objects move because a Ghost has moved it, or was the object moved because the Ghost displaced it. The result is the same, but the way it is done is technically different.

    A Diagram of the Earths Magnetosphere is a pure example of the Outer electromagnetic Displacement field of the Earth seen by the Solar Winds.

    This example is the same and the Outer Field Effect of and Orb Enity while in flight in an electron field.

    In the Atmosphere of the Earth there are free electrtons which are everywhere. The Magnetosphere Displacment is seen as the Ob moves through the rich electron based air.
    This can be seen in a visual Nano Meter Range of 720 n, which is in the Infra red bandwidth. Also seen in the UV bandwidth with a black light.

    The Etheric World - Orbs Part Two
    (check out this page for more details and pictures)

    It is not often that experimental physical confirmation is found for subtle esoteric-occult concepts, but Dennis Milner and Edward Smart, working with high voltage (Kirlian type) photography, not only detected "auras" of objects, but also, much more interestingly, the four Steiner ethers. These are described as follows:

    1.) Warmth Either - Pure Spirit - Spherical Shape - Most Subtle - easiest to photograph

    2.) Life Either - Immediately preceeds Matter - Individualising, Plannar, Square or Cubic Forming - Hardest to photograph. It is Two stages removed from Light Either thus the hardest to photograph.
    3.) Light - Raying out luminosity - intermediate position to photograph

    4.) Chemical -Drawing inwards, circular, disc-forming - intermediate position to photograph


    Etheric reality is the region of the 'nature spirits' or elementals'

    The elemental spirits as dynamic forces intimately connected with biological forces and the rhythms of nature; and especially with the growth of plants. (Rudolph Steiner)
    According to the claims by the Findhorn Community, the nature spirits are considered directly responsible for plant growth.

    "The elementals or nature spirits .use the energy channelled to them by the devas [angelic beings; the archetypes of species] to build up an etheric body or etheric counter-part for each plant, according to its archetypal pattern.... " , according to R. Ogilvy Crombie, one of the four founding figures of the Findhorn community:

    Etheric Principle:
    According to Rudoph Steiner and the Theosophist, when we move beyond physical reality, we come to a formative existence which is neither physical nor psychic, but rather something in between; the principle of Life, or the "etheric" principle.
    It is this formative reality which constitutes the locus of growth and life in the physical world

    To be continued...
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    Orbs part 2


    By Beth Fowler, guest contributor. [November 5, 2005]
    [] . Why the influx of orb photos -- and what are orbs? Most orbs are caught on digital cameras. This is the most popular way to take pictures -- almost every household owns one -- so this would explain the increase in the number of orb photos.

    * Myth or Facts?

    Some skeptics have their theories about orbs:
    1. Orbs are just pixel distortions in the electronics of cameras. This could be true -- if almost every picture taken with a camera contains orbs. In that case, get the camera fixed or buy a new one.
    2. Other skeptics suggest that orbs could be reflections off of dust particles that are floating in a room, or off of a moth or some other insect flying around. 3. Others say orbs are just someone shining a flashlight into the camera.

    1. But why would one only photograph orbs on occasion, and only in one location? Can a camera take distorted pictures randomly? Possibly. But in one investigation, the orbs mainly appeared in one room. The only other room the orbs appeared in -- and only once -- was in a nearly adjacent room. But we took pictures throughout the house on every visit -- and only that one room had orb activity. And with pixel distortions in digital cameras, you cannot see through the 'orbs,' nor can you see actual faces in them.
    2. If orbs were caused by dust particles floating about a room, the photo should be nearly white with the reflection coming off of all the dust particles. So why are there only one, or a few, orbs in some photos?
    As for the insect theory, after taking the photo you'd see the insect buzzing around. And if you photograph an insect and the light does happen to reflect off it -- it wouldn't be a perfect orb and wouldn't have the layers of some orbs. Plus, I think most people are smart enough to know an insect when they see one. 3. Yes, some people try to fake photos with a flashlight or candle. But with a flashlight, the glare on the camera is intense and looks fake. And with a candle, you see the flame's glow in the center -- and any software program can enlarge the photo to reveal that it's a fake. As for using software to fake photos -- unless you are a master of fakery, even an amateur can take that photo and use their own program to learn where the photo has been doctored.
    * VIDEOS
    But how does one explain orbs caught on video? I can see the insect theory working here. But as I said, most people can distinguish between an insect and something unusual. I had an orb fly right up to me -- saw it through the screen on the camera! -- and when I looked up, no insect.
    As for dust, again, there'd be so many particles reflecting light that all you'd see is a sea of white.
    And if orbs were caused by a pixel distortion on the video camera - then all shots taken with that camera would have the same problem.
    And unless you're a master at filmmaking and fakery -- an amateur can usually discern a fake orb video within an hour.
    I believe the orbs we've caught on video are something more. They don't float, but rather 'dance' around. And when we talk to them, these orbs float to the person speaking (or concentrating). A rock doesn't approach you when you speak to it, nor does it have any reaction, neither does steel or the like.
    Only things with a conscious or life energy seem to have a reaction when communication is involved.

    * Guides & Angels

    A world-famous psychic that I respect -- and believe me, I can count the ones I do on one hand! -- believes that orbs are "guides" or "guardian angels." After seeing an orb hover over my 14-year-old niece one night, then seeing it disappear behind her, I think that is not only a lovely thought -- but possibly true!
    In the same house, a woman sat down and concentrated as a photo was taken. A huge orb appeared beside her head, and I had a vision of the woman's grandfather. So could orbs be spirits or visitations -- messages from deceased loved ones? Absolutely possible.
    The notion of orbs as deceased loves ones is compatible with the angel/guide theory. Most people believe that their deceased loved ones return to check up on them when needed.

    * Aliens?

    Another theory states that orbs are aliens.
    Not that I don't believe there are other life forms in the universe and that we might be monitored -- but why would there be so many 'aliens' in one house? Especially in a house full of ordinary people, with no significant political power?

    * Orbs Are Conscious

    In conclusion, I believed that orbs are some type of "consciousness." What kind -- guides, angels, dearly departed -- no one knows. One house I've investigated has a room with orbs, plasma, and apparitions. My theory is that there might possibly be a portal on that piece of land. The theory of departed loved ones watching over the house's residents cannot be disputed either.
    Others believe there's more than one dimension in our world. Anywhere from five to an infinity. And in these other dimensions, other consciousness 'live' and on occasion enter ours and communicate -- or stumble in by accident. They've always been here, but it's only now that so many people have had the technology to capture them. Maybe they're trying to tell us something -- about ourselves, about the world around us, about our future as a planet.
    As technology advances and becomes less expensive, what other amazing paranormal activity will we discover?
    Copyright 2005 by Beth Fowler.
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      NDE and Orbs Part 3

      The NDE and Orbs
      Kevin Williams' research conclusions

      Many near-death accounts describe encounters with orbs. An "orb" is defined in the dictionary as: "a sphere, a spherical body, a globe." NDE orbs are often spherical representations of souls. They have been described in many various ways.
      The following is a list of descriptions of the orbs described in near-death accounts profiled on this website:
      Red and yellow; beach-ball sized of lavender-purple light; tiny balls of light, glowing with light and color and bouncing like bubbles in a glass of carbonated water; five balls of light with different hues such as shades of rose petals, bluish hue, pinkish, and deeper shades of red and orange; millions of them joining with creatures on planets like bees flitting from flower to flower; a shimmering, luminescent, crystal globe; millions of spheres of light flying about and entering and leaving a great being-ness at the center; a giant sphere of light which Jesus and angels transformed into; a globe of infinite dimensions whose center is full of light, the purest of God's creations; and a bright, warm, loving orb of understanding.

      The Soul as an Orb
      In the outstanding book by Robert Grant about mystical experiences, near-death experiences, and the Edgar Cayce material, Universe of Worlds, he documents the testimony of a woman named Jan Manette who had a very interesting mystical experience concerning the September 11th terrorist attack.
      Jan was two weeks into her new job as a Pentagon consultant and was late for work on that fateful morning of September 11th. For some strange reason she didn't hear her alarm clock go off which made her late and in a panic. She was under stress because of her new job and on top of that now she was late which made her even more stressed. Being late for anything is her biggest pet peeve and she always prides herself as being a person who is always punctual. But being late that morning also made her very perplexed because she always hears the alarm go off and usually woke up before it went off.
      As she was fighting the Washington DC traffic, she became relieved when she finally saw the Pentagon building. But she immediately became afraid when she saw something hovering over the building that also brought her a feeling of dread over her. She saw what looked like a huge, black, oval mass or cloudlike thing on top of the Pentagon building. She knew that it wasn't a cloud or smoke because of its shape. It was oval, symmetrical and perfectly still and looking at it made her feel awful because, more than anything, it appeared to be evil. Stranger still, above this black oval mass was a brilliant oval white mass which made the whole thing look a little like the Chinese yin-yang symbol. What Jan saw before the plane crashed into the Pentagon was "the most powerful, unexplainable thing I've ever seen."
      Within a minute of seeing this evil black mass over the Pentagon, she saw the plane that was filled with innocent people and being flown by some terrorists heading straight for the Pentagon. She said that it was like seeing something totally incomprehensible. Before the plane crashed, she felt as if everything went into slow motion, literally, as though she was watching a movie in slow motion. The plane was still some distance from the Pentagon when all at once she saw these round sphere-like orbs of light rising up out of the plane. Dozens of them came out of the plane, and then it seemed as if hundreds of them rose out of the roof of the Pentagon. Everything was in slow motion except those round lights. Then they zoomed upward in a sort of spiral motion - all of them together - upward through that awful blackness and then they disappeared into the whiteness.
      In a flash of instantaneous knowing, she was divinely reassured that those orbs of light were the souls of those who were about to die in the terrorist crash. She said she knew that their souls were removed from their bodies before the actual crash into the Pentagon.
      Jan talked with other witnesses to the terrorist attack and no one seems to have seen what she witnessed. Nevertheless, Jan believes there was a spiritual reason for her having this experience. Had she not slept in that morning she would probably be dead. That day was the beginning of her spiritual life. Although she was glad she wasn't killed, dealing with the profound survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress of witnessing the plane crash, sent her into bouts of depression. Yet the thing that brought her peace about it was seeing the souls of the victims leave for heaven before the plane crashed. She believes that despite the fact that God is unable to stop the terrible things that people do to each others, God is present at the darkest times of traumatic situations. She now knows that God takes care of the souls involved behind the scenes.
      Perhaps Jan survived and witnessed what she did so that this message might be told - although we grieve over the loss of our loved ones who died like this, we can be assured that God provides a safe passage for their souls before the horror. Although what she witnessed didn't take the horror away, it awakened her to a new understanding that, to the soul, death does not exist. She had seen it with her own eyes.

      [Webmaster's note: In my opinion, the black oval shape Jan saw the orbs fly through is most likely the tunnel seen during near-death experiences. Seeing souls as orbs of light during a NDE has been documented many times.]

      The NDE/UFO/Orb Connection
      Orbs can also be found in the UFO and UFO/NDE phenomena. The following are some of accounts involving this phenomenon.

      The near-death account of Brian Krebs involving orbs and extraterrestial aliens:
      My memories of it were of seeing my body below me. I remember seeing a bright, warm, loving orbabove me ... I was there with this orb of glowing love and understanding. It didn't seem foreign to me. It was not frightening. It was totally assuring and there was no feeling of anything but my awe and the love and knowledge and wisdom that this orb projected. In size, it would be not like looking at the sun, but looking at the earth when you are on it. It was immense and total, and its power was love ... I then went to twelve beings of greater knowledge. They were in front of me and stood in a row. They were not human. They had no feelings of anything like judgment or authority, but seemed strong in themselves. They seemed taller than me and they wore silver white robes. They had white skin, large heads and large eyes. I do not remember them having mouths. Above them was a spirit. It was like a star as we see one from earth, but in size it appeared the same size as the heads of the beings. (Brian Krebs)

      The NDE/UFO experience of Betty Andreasson:
      Three more elders stepped into the circle, and they all began chanting "Oh." Three more beams of light appeared, forming a perfect hexagram. A larger circleof light formed around the heads of the elders. Then this light-ring moved upwards, shrank to the same size as the ring in the center, and floated down and interconnected with it, forming a revolving sphericalobject which finally condensed into a beach ball-sized orbof lavender-purple light. This was then taken and placed in a four-pronged stand which had obviously been designed specifically to hold such spheres.

      The term elders is Betty's name for these beings. When on an earlier occasion she had asked them who they were, they had answered that they are "the ambassadors of Oh, masters of rings, cycles, and orbs." Now, after witnessing the creation of this magical orb, Betty asked an elder: 'Who is Oh?' He replied that Oh is "the internal, external, eternal presence."

      The next thing that happened, to Betty's extreme startlement, was that the elders induced an out-of-body experience in her. This is similar to what happened in her experience at age 13, before she entered the great door and saw the "One." Now, on the mother-ship, as soon as she emerged in her subtle body, one of the elders handed her the orbof purple light, and another led her through a portal made of rippling waves of energy.

      On the other side of the portal, Betty and the elder seemed to be on earth, in a woods at night. Some hobos were sleeping on the ground. One of them awakened and approached the two visitors; he glowed with light. The elder wore little rings of light on his fingers. He allowed the hobo to take some of them, and they turned into a single tiny ballof light, which the man kept. Meanwhile, the larger orbin Betty's hands changed color momentarily, evidently in resonance with the transaction. Every once in awhile, Betty's attention was drawn into the ball: "Oh," she said, "it's just so beautiful! Something in it keeps on moving ...

      Now the elder touched Betty's shoulder. There was a little explosion of white light, and then they were in a different place: a hospital room, where a very old man lay in a bed, with a nurse keeping vigil beside him. And there was more: two small entities which seemed to be made of darkness where tugging at the man, as if trying to pull his soul out of his body - this was Betty's impression. But there was also present a light-being; this was a type of entity Betty had encountered before in her experiences - it had no visible human features, but appeared as a bodily form made of white light. This being was also tugging at the dying man; it was clearly a battle for his soul between these opposing entities. The elder resolved the conflict: he threw two tiny balls of light at the black entities, and they flew away.

      The elder and Betty next transported to a woods again, where a small saucer and two of the grays awaited them. They went on board, and evidently flew up into the sky. Betty asked where they were going now, and the elder replied that they were going to see the One.

      Betty had to give the purple orbto one of the grays; she was very reluctant and sorrowful to give it up. The craft came to a stop, and they emerged into a place filled with bright light. Above them was the great door, which was the source of the light. The elder touched one of the grays on the shoulder and spoke to him, and he came along with the elder and Betty as they walked toward the light. Their walk turned into a run, as they moved swiftly into the pure radiance. Betty was overwhelmed with the ecstasy of the One, which she re-experienced on the hypnotist's couch, and the several people in attendance were all profoundly moved by the visible effects of her transformation.

      Betty, the elder, and the gray all turned into light-beings as they went into the One. Each was a different hue: the elder's light-body was pure white, the gray alien's was light blue, and Betty's was golden.

      Betty said: "Oh, there is such love ... Oh, there is such peace ... I'm just engulfed in light and blending into that light. Oh! ... Oh, this is everything, everything, everything ... I cannot explain the wonder and beauty and love and peace."

      And then came a heartbroken cry as Betty realized that she would have to leave this beatific state of Oneness: "Oh, I'm going to have to go back. I have to go back for others so that they too will see, will understand and know ..." And Betty, the elder, and the gray emerged back out of the light, turning back into their normal forms in the process.

      The elder gave three of the tiny balls of light to Betty; then she was escorted into the saucer and taken home by the grays. She found her physical body sitting up on the side of her bed next to her sleeping husband, and re-entered it. The experience had ended. (Betty Andreasson)

      In the late 1990's, several crop circle enthusiasts and cereologists (those who study crop circles) captured on videotape the creation of crop circles as described in the above text. What they had observed and recorded showed two balls of light, each approximately the size of a grapefruit, appearing above a field of crops, usually at night, moving very rapidly in circular patterns, causing the crops to lay over and forming complete designs in the course of 6 - 12 seconds. Then, these balls of light quickly vanished in the sky. This has been recorded repeatedly. Some of the video footage has been lab-tested in the US and UK, verified as authentic and unmolested, and can be viewed on video copies available commercially. (Phillip Mitchell)

      According to the website Crop Circles 2002, UFO orbs are described this way:
      Orbs are electromagnetic energy fields - circular as most things move in circles/cycles - in our 3D EM reality. There is a growing interest in orbs and aliens - in some cases the same entity! ... Orbs can be entities - such as spirits or ghosts or other extraterrestrial life forms - reduced to electromagnetic frequencies. There are electromagnetic orbs created by the grid itself. They are seen when authentic crop circles are formed, usually accompanied by tones, as all things in our EM (electromagnetic) reality are created by sound, light, and color - and the grid - EM energies - from crop circles.
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        Part 4
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          Orbs part five...

          Physical Characteristics and Personality
          In addition to glowing balls, Orbs can appear in a rainbow of colors. Barely physical, their bodies can be described as bubbles of energy. Scientists, who have researched Orbs, believe their body is made of dense groupings of charged particles called plasma. This could mean that Orbs are the simplest sentient beings in the Universe.
          In regards to polarity, Light/Dark, they appear to be polarized to the Light. Orbs feel and express “Light” feelings of love, happiness, bliss, and joy, etc. Their bodies are so fragile and sensitive that they are incapable of processing “Dark” feelings of pain and anger. Just witnessing a conflict can hurt them. Not being able to fully experience “Dark” feelings they are quite innocent in nature. Orbs are like children who never grow up. This, of course, is evident in their bubbly outgoing demeanor and child-like naiveté. They are very playful, inquisitive, and love to explore.
          Societal Characteristics
          Through a form of research that I call, “timeline work”, in which I use my psychic abilities to tap into alternate timelines, I discovered that like other societies that have polarized to the Light, Orbs live in collectives. A collective society functions as a unified consciousness. The minds and emotions of each member are linked so that everyone can experience what the others are thinking and feeling. This connection creates a peaceful and harmonious society but at the expense of free will and individuality.
          The Orb belief system states each member of the collective exists to serve others not only in their own species but in the galactic community at large. Serving others is an important form of soul growth.

          Fields of Expertise
          One of the ways that Orbs serve their galactic neighbors is by using their capability for interdimensional travel to act as windows into other dimensions. In essence, they provide a telescopic view into another world. For example when we see Orbs in photographs, many times they are there acting as a window for someone in another dimension. In this capacity Orbs are like historians, recording events as they play out.
          Due to their preference for living in groups, when serving within civilian populations, Orbs adapt well to family life. They can be employed as companions to single or aging people, or playmates to small children. In some cases, they are the childcare provider, giving the parents remote visual access to their child via their ability to be in two places at once. Imagine yourself as parent and on your desk at work sits an Orb. When you look at it much like peering into a crystal ball or TV, you can see a real time picture of your child at play.
          Orb’s abilities are also used within religious or spiritual groups wherein they act similar to crystal balls, allowing individuals to see past or future timelines.
          There are societies in existence that worship Orbs as gods because of the vast amounts of wisdom they possess from their service within many different cultures on many different worlds.
          Orbs as Starseeds
          Like many other galactic races, Orbs have sent members of their society to represent them as starseeds on Earth. These souls have agreed to incarnate as humans on Earth to aid this planet and themselves. Below are the characteristics that I’ve found to indicate an Orb starseed.
          • Highly sensitive and psychic.
          • A common health issue is severe allergies.
          • Described as sweet, cute, naïve, and/or child-like.
          • Tend to be very well-mannered and obedient.
          • Tend to be very private, quiet, shy and introverted.
          • Are great observers and are very creative individuals.
          • Are passionate about learning.
          • Learn by observing others and repeating what they are trying to learn.
          • Strive for perfection.
          • Tend to be followers rather than leaders.
          • Can seem ungrounded or detached.
          • React to situations passively and let others take advantage of them.
          • Tend to ignore or run away from pain.
          • Find social situations challenging.
          What Orb Starseeds are Here to Give

          Being very playful and inquisitive individuals, Orb Starseeds are here to show others how to remain open to the magic of life which keeps our creative juices alive. They teach us to observe life, as a child does, examining and playing with everything possible, remaining open to the miracles of life.
          Additionally, Orb Starseeds are here to help us understand the Universe in a new way. They are here to teach us about the oneness of life. Although individual aspects of life appear separate from each other, Orb Starseeds see all life existing as a unified whole. They live each day in respect and with empathy for all living things, as ones actions can influence the life of another in unknowable ways.

          What Orb Starseeds are Here to Gain
          The Orb Starseed’s goal is to learn to embrace individuality and the full range of “Dark” feelings that come with it, a trait they have not yet developed. This means that they need to learn how to make their own choices rather than follow the pack. To do so they must embrace the idea that having thoughts, beliefs, and desires that are outside of the norm or status quo are okay.
          Further, they must learn to establish healthy boundaries or limits on how much they give and serve others. In other words, they must become healthily selfish. Coming from a belief that states that their worth depends on how and to what extent they serves others; this is not an easy change to make.
          Additionally, understanding the value in pain is particularly difficult for them. The Orb body is nowhere near capable of withstanding the amount of pain that a human body can! Without boundaries, one does not feel safe. Instead of setting the boundaries to make it safe to feel and express emotions, these individuals may find any number of ways to ignore them and escape pain. Their daily activities, such as studying, playing music and even eating, become modes of escape rather than a source of enjoyment.
          Living in such a way can leave one feeling very depleted and unhappy with their life. They may manifest any number of emotional or physical challenges that aid them in learning to set boundaries. The most common emotional issues for Orb starseeds are in the social realm. In facing fears and the possibility of pain they distance themselves from others and become reclusive rather than playful individuals. Without boundaries, they can end up in codependent relationships in which actions are taken to please others rather than ones self. In such relationships they try to rescue others from their pain or let others take advantage of them. While taking care of others, as Orbs are programmed to do, they deny their own needs.
          When their fear of feeling pain and “Dark” feelings becomes the predominant focus in their lives, they will manifest this need through developing severe allergic reactions to others and to their environment in general. Many Orbs experience multiple allergies to foods, chemicals, dust, and even people! Allergies are the subconscious’s way of saying that it feels unsafe with its life choices. By setting personal boundaries an Orb starseed can learn to have self-love, joy, and compassion in ways they never had before.
          In closing, I hope I have furthered your understanding of Orbs and their starseeds. You may even discover that you or your child is an Orb starseed. Having a better understanding of our galactic neighbors will help us to prepare for citizenship in the galactic community.

          Peace starts with each person.
          Do random acts of kindness today!


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            Now what do you think? How do you feel about ORBS???
            Peace starts with each person.
            Do random acts of kindness today!


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              i like them

              Every gift of God makes the soul ready to receive a new gift, greater than itself.

              Meister Eckhart


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                i feel very lovely energy from orbs
                Every gift of God makes the soul ready to receive a new gift, greater than itself.

                Meister Eckhart


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                  What do you think they are?
                  Peace starts with each person.
                  Do random acts of kindness today!


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                    thoughts, feelings

                    extensions of yourself or others. wonderful reminders
                    Every gift of God makes the soul ready to receive a new gift, greater than itself.

                    Meister Eckhart


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                      gods fingertips-thats how i see orbs


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                        Peace starts with each person.
                        Do random acts of kindness today!


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                          Thank you for all of the wonderful info on orbs, MagdaleneGraceMae, I think orbs are gorgeous, ethereal reminders of a higher power of good at work!
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                            Originally posted by indigolightly View Post
                            Thank you for all of the wonderful info on orbs, MagdaleneGraceMae, I think orbs are gorgeous, ethereal reminders of a higher power of good at work!
                            The crystal skulls.........................................


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                              they are either real......or i have been seeing
                              whatever the case, i LOVE my "imagination"........