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ITC Downey Method Water Reflection Images - Session #1

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  • ITC Downey Method Water Reflection Images - Session #1

    These images were captured using Margaret Downey's ITC Water Reflection Method. I used a basic cereal bowl filled with water. I also used varying degrees of light, and various light sources. These images were recorded with my iPod Nano (any device with video-recording capabilities will work). My sessions are always 1-3 minutes long.

    This was my very first time experimenting with this ITC method, and I got some amazing results. This video showcases some of the best images I captured from session #1.

    You can watch Margaret Downey's video on her ITC Water Reflection Method by clicking the link below:

    It's very informative, and also showcases some of the images she's captured using this ITC method.

    My YouTube paranormal channel link is below in case anybody wants to subscribe to me:

    Video is © 2010 Team Spirit-Connection. All rights reserved worldwide.

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    This image was a dead giveaway. It's most definitely a message from my grandpa Jack (who passed away in 2004 of brain cancer). My grandparents lived out on a river in the middle of the woods. There's lots of wildlife out there. Everything from moose to eagles to cranes to wolves to bobcats to raccoons. The most abundant, though, is the deer.

    My grandpa used to love the deer. They'd always be in their yard eating the birdseed throughout the winter. And they were so tame that they'd come up and eat right out of our hands. My grandparents would have as many as 50 deer in the yard at once. It was quite the sight.

    But yeah, the minute I got this image I knew it was from him. This was from my first session, and it was the first animal I captured. It's very clear, too. You can see ears, a deer-like body, and a deer-like nose.

    That's how close the deer would get. They'd walk right up to the sliding glass door and beg for food. We'd always toss bread out to them. Anyways, just thought I'd point this specific image out from this session.
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      You are getting me more and more eager to give this a try but I don't know how to go about getting the still frames on my camera... I will have to see if I can figure this out.

      I think it's wonderful that you had this connection with grandpa. Some might feel that you are only seeing what you want to see but I imagine upon seeing that still an energy accompanied it that felt like your grandpas energy signature?

      What I like most about this experiment is that it is a way to communicate with "energy" spirits that goes beyond our currently accepted ways of communication as with things like ouiji board, saences? (spelling sorry...). These things are helping us to expand our minds in terms of universal communication.

      Have you seen any of the experiments with reverse speech Jer? I am fascinated with that as well in how it is used in a theraputic sense. So many examples seem to show a communication with the subconscious or the higher self...


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        I recorded those sessions with my iPod Nano and then reviewed the video frame-by-frame using QuickTime Player. If I ran across a frame that contained something interesting, I took a screenshot of the frame and cropped it in the Paint program. I then circled the anomaly and saved the image. It's a pretty tiresome process, actually. Those sessions were 3 minutes long a piece. (There's around 10 frames a second to analyze)

        There's a common term in the paranormal community called "matrixing". Which (they say) is your eyes playing tricks on you. For example - seeing a face form in the clouds in the sky when you look at them. Some people say events like that cannot be deemed "paranormal" in nature. This, in my opinion, is a closed-minded idea. Nobody is really qualified to say that those events aren't paranormal. We don't know exactly what capabilities our loved ones have on the Other Side. It's been confirmed that they can come across in ITC images. They can portray themselves to the point of mathematical perfection, as seen in the example below of a French girl who came across to her family. She portrayed herself on tinfoil:

        There have been many ITC images that perfectly portray people. Some ITC images have been analyzed by means of photographic analysis for accuracy as well, and have been seamlessly matched to actual photographs. Such as the tinfoil image of Bénédicte in the article I linked to above.

        When I saw the deer in that session, I instantly knew it was a message from my grandpa. There was no doubt in my mind at all. That was the first session I ever had, and the clearest image I got in the session. That's exactly how he would have chosen to portray himself. Those deer meant the world to him.

        All of the methods I use to communicate with the Other Side (Ouija Boards, EVP, ITC, etc.) have intelligent energy. Energy that has been manipulated by some unseen force. When I work with the Ouija Board, for example, I can feel the magnetic force moving the planchette. I can also feel the energy in the room change, and a foggy cloud starts to form in the air in the room. Not only that, but I get information out of the board that clearly doesn't come from my subconscious or imagination. I recently had an entire conversation with my grandpa on the Ouija Board. He told me stories about him and my grandma that I've never heard before. I still have to visit her and validate all the info he gave me.

        When I'm experimenting with EVP, the voices literally come out of thin air. They answer my questions, they resemble people I've lost, they sound like people I've lost, they mention names of people I've lost. And hundreds of other people have experienced the same phenomena. Here's a couple YouTube videos about The Big Circle (a group of people on the Other Side who communicate with the living). This group is a part of a larger group I'm a part of called "Association TransCommunication" (formerly the AAEVP). This group was featured in the bonus material section of the movie "White Noise" (starring Michael Keaton, was released in 2005).

        And here's the White Noise movie trailer:

        Yeah, I have looked into reverse speech. Haven't experimented with it much yet, but I find it highly interesting. Here's an infamous Obama reverse speech example where his "Yes we can" bullshit is reversed into "Thank you Satan":

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