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A channeling of John Lennon through a good friend.

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  • A channeling of John Lennon through a good friend.

    Hi, A trustworthy and great friend of mine frequently connects with beings from higher conscious levels. He is genuine. This stuff cannot be made up - believe me.. I have learnt incredible amounts from his stuff. Anyway I was wanting to hear form anyone who finds the below information making sense to them. I know it is a time where people are finding one another and have a part to play in earths future.

    Message from John Lennon
    Transmitted through Jerry Brown
    November 1, 2007

    John: Thank you for bringing me into your audience, this is a real treat. Is there something I can bring to your light from this side that will enhance your life?

    JB: I really don't know why I was told to call you in at this time but I'm very pleased we made this connection and we will see what becomes of it. Do you know if you have a message for us or not that you can share?

    John: Well, I am a great admirer of Mother Earth and I was interested in dedicating my life to her preservation. So, the reason I decided to exit my physical form from her life force is so I could work on a higher level with her. I don't know if you know or not but she is multidimensional. She is able to contain life forms at many levels, this is why there are so many deities that are able to survive in and on her presence. I hear you didn't have much interest in our music until just recently when you listened to the words. I'm very excited that you were able to take this time so you would be interested in allowing me into your presence.

    JB: Thank you very much for coming in. I am looking forward to what your purpose is at this time in using divine intervention to come in and work with us. My first question is, you must have had some goal in mind, at least something to share with us to enhance our understanding of what the process of what the planet is going through.

    John: Because I have been a recent inhabitant of this planet and understand how the powers to be control a good part of its process of life experiences, I would be a good candidate to help direct this new timeline you are entering into. Looking at the overall information you have been receiving there has been a lot of talk about allowing everything to be in perfection and this is true and is the key point to evolving into a more stable life condition. By understanding the correct connection with spirit and physical, allows a much larger picture of the real process that is taking place.

    As many of you know right now your physical bodies are changing at a rapid pace and many strange feelings will be experienced that were previously ignored as every day discomforts. In most cases when you go through these changes, it doesn't have to be uncomfortable but because of your programming, you end up resisting these feelings and in turn the change can be quite uncomfortable. There is a very interesting view from our side watching everything line up and fall into place as the thought process changes with individuals that are becoming aware of this new combination. It looks like more and more of you are becoming in synchronicity with the great Mother, this is why I am so enchanted with this process because I could when I was in physical form feel this tremendous connection with her.

    What is happening now with some of you that are feeling this very high and stimulating euphoric experience is the connection with a higher frequency that Mother Earth is excreting. By attaching yourself to this elaborate frequency, this allows you to see the new fundamental condition she is introducing to you. Once you do connect with Mother, many different processes open up for you to be aware of. This is why the group I was singing with was able to come up with such a powerful music sound and the great lyrics, because of our connection with the Earth. Anything you are involved with while you are in your physical state will enhance many times if you are connected with Mother Earth. So, basically I have come in at this time, at several different points, to introduce you to start learning to process through the great Mother.

    JB: I notice in myself a lot of discomfort throughout my body, it seems to come and go but it keeps me constantly aware that something is going on. Also a lot of weakness and shortage of breath. Is this the process of the body changing over to this new energetic line and becoming more connected with Mother Earth?

    John: Most of it yes, what you were told about the cells is quite accurate. They are in the process of aligning up with Mother Earth and basically they do go into an energetic field separate from your body and basically go through a retraining system different as from where you reside now. This allows you to continue in your physical body with only the minimum amount of cells to keep you functioning. Once you have retrained these new and more advanced cells, you will be able to experience life with much more clarity, everything you feel, see and touch will become much more enhanced. If you pay attention, many of you right now have a much lower pain tolerance and the reason for this is the cells are retraining to have little or no feeling of pain or discomfort when being physically hit or struck. What you are doing is aligning with the Mother. If you are going to live on her or within her, you must be in alignment with her.

    JB: Is there a specific reason you separated from your physical body the way you did?

    John: If I would have died a natural death, there wouldn't be nearly as much disruption as the way I did it right out in front of the world. And because of this method that was used to perform this exchange, I am able at this time to be more effective in the process I am bringing in for your clarity.

    Another process I would like you to pay attention to is the process that you call guidance. What you are experiencing is going to a higher picture that aligns with yourself and Mother Earth and gives you the capability of making a decision and seeing everything in its true form. So it isn't guidance, it is seeing in clarity. No one is really telling you what to do, you are just making a decision with a much broader scope.

    JB: Thank you for this information, it's all very interesting. Now my next question is, you had me spend the last few days studying as much as I could on the Sumerians and the Egyptians. Have I acquired enough information so we can continue on?

    John: Absolutely, the reason I have had you do this is you are in the process of re-entering these powers back into your life stream of mentality. Levitation is the first processes that you will be reentering into, this will happen as soon as the hundredth monkey process takes place and you are not too far from this in this time zone. What has slowed you from developing this process is everything in the third dimension has to be explained with a third dimensional concept. Like moving 50 ton rocks 20 miles and stacking them 50 feet in the air by using thousands of people and rolling them on logs and using leverage. You don't have to be much of an engineer to see this is not possible. But when people are stuck in a very small dimensional viewpoint and they never look outside that for other possibilities, no matter how intelligent they are or how high their IQ, they will never pass the point of where they have been taught, which is controlled by belief systems.

    JB: Do we reincarnate with our friends throughout different time zones and continue projects we have worked on in the past, because we have a very strong feeling that I have worked with many of the people that I am working with now.

    John: This is a big affirmative. Many of the friends you work with now, as Egyptians with the Sumerians have conjugated together to continue your work through in the changing of Mother Earth. For example; you have a friend whose name in the Egyptian times was Bajillic from the House of Rezorich. You and her work closely together in two different projects, one was laying out the gradient lines for construction projects and the other was communicating with new arrivals from different galaxies. Do you see a correlation between then and now? These times were quite exciting and fun because of the huge change in the human race, just like you are in the process of entering into at this time. The difference is now you are entering into a dimensional transference and back then it was a tremendous mental transference into knowledge that man had never experienced for thousands of years. That's why what our planet is gearing up for now, which is another tremendous change and that is why all of you are beginning to connect back together from this time period.

    JB: I am very impressed, this is wonderful information. I have two more questions. One is, how you were tied in with us in the Egyptian times and the other one is what is our next step at this time so we can continue our advancement?

    John: The group that is being assembled together now is the same group that the Sumerians introduced all this technology to back when the Egyptians were working with all this new technology. I'm sure you understand by now that the astrological fields and levitation were introduced to the Egyptians and then at some point was taken away because of the powers to be were losing control. Now, finally the time has come where these powers cannot interrupt our reassembling together and allowing this technology to continue. This is why we are reassembling and the combined connection between us will re-establish this documented force which will change the entire process on how we live. I had no special technique when I was working with you, I just happen to be in a position now where I can give you this information, so you can continue this path through the trials and tribulations of the coming events. You are going to hear a lot of fear-based information in the months to come, just work together and ignore all this. All it is, is a lot of misqualified information because it will not affect you as long as you are tied together with the crystal energy.

    JB: Throughout the last few years I have received many documents, a number of them talked about different groups that we would be working together at different times, is this part of any of these groups that we are working with you?

    John: Not really, you have come in from different life forms to connect with this Egyptian exchange that is going on now, and some of you have come in as groups but it really has no connection with the Sumerians intervention from the Egyptian era.

    JB: Would you like to have us email this document to Yoko?

    John: YES.

    JB: Oh! Not much interaction with that, is there anything else we need to know before I end this document?

    John: I want to ask Yoko if she remembers the marble topped desk with the corner broken. This will be interesting to see her reaction. Also, I am very grateful to her on all the projects that are very productive that she is involved in. I will let this document go for now and get this information out. I will return soon with more because we have quite an undertaking that we are involved in.

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    Wow, is this legit? I definitely want to learn to connect to Mother Earth now, so I can write songs as good as John's!


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      can i be the 1st to say - next christmas we should get "imagine"
      to number 1

      i have had a lot of "interesting" experiences myself...
      could you ask your friend if talking to ppl on the other side
      is just like talking to alive ppl via telepathy?

      i have had both happen to me and they were very
      simelar (but unmistakable!)
      "There is a dream inside a dream I'm wide awake The more I sleep You'll understand when I'm dead" - the reflecting god/Marilyn Manson


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        when john died

        have posted this several times:

        i'm from the beatle generation. i was 13 when i first saw them on the jack paar show, then a few months later on ed sullivan.

        that night (dec. 1980), i was visiting with friends when a shooting scene passed thru some far and separate dimension of my mind. about 10 minutes later my friend's mom came in and said, "john lennon's been shot."

        that happened early in the week and as the days passed i was a silent, distant witness to his transition, from great confusion, to understanding what had happened, to accepting the return to spirit. i watched as he slowly revealed himself--- as a great spirit. i had a very holy experience and was kind of astounded by neighbors who were feeling rage and vengeance. (an indigo trait, right? to be off on some other plane.)

        on the next sunday afternoon there was a televised memorial in central park, nyc. i flopped out on the couch to meditate during it and found myself floating above the crowd in a bubble. there were many others up there with me, all benevolent types. there was a lot of anger in the crowd and we all floated around soothing and smoothing.

        that was my experience. years later i heard that someone was channeling john lennon and was not surprised.
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          two channels

          Hi all,
          Channeling has never been one of my stronger abilities.
          A friend in town asked me if I would ask this question.
          I couldn't help him with an answer.

          Has anyone had the experience where two different channeled personalies
          channeled by two different people, discovered that they [the channeled beings] were friends in the past and knew each other well??

          Be in harmony,
          walk in beauty
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          Be in Harmony, Walk in Beauty. . .
          This is a navajo journey-way blessing it was given to me
          by a navajo healer-shaman, pappa john,


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            I'm always warry of supposed channelings....but this one does read well, no "higher than thou" or "holier than thou" wording, and the message, wether legit from John (or rataher - "The Soul Formerly Known as John") is an excellent one, and if it changes things for the better, in the end, isn't that what's most important?

            “What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if,when you awoke,you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?”
            ― Samuel Taylor Coleridge



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              I heard his voice speaking the words which are attributed to him here as I was reading the channelled message.


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                Originally posted by metalrabbit View Post
                I heard his voice speaking the words which are attributed to him here as I was reading the channelled message.
                not sure if its just a mental projection but ME TOO!!!! I HEARD HIS BRITISH ACCENT!!!!
                "i'm a free bitch baby.." Lady Gaga sigpic


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                  I'm also kinda blah about channelings (at least, who the channelings claim to be from)... but this one had a real "feel" to to it. I'm not sure whether it IS John Lennon or just some sort of wisdom from source coming through as him in order to reach more people... but I felt the information here to be true.


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                    I know a person with the exact same nose as him, an artist as well


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                      Story Telling, Arts & Music, Channelling

                      I don't know how I feel about the content of the channelling. I would have asked him if had created any new music and would have liked to have heard some. I've never gotten into a lot of trendy new age doctrines. I'm more of a story teller and sometimes I think the story telling, mythos, and the channelling overlap.
                      I've always felt that the Beatles wrote 4th chakrah music and left the last story about John at a mythology:
                      John Lennon lives with a woman named Mary, who has a garden, and there is a great spiritual bond between them.


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                        do you know what exactly he means by living closer to earth?


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                          Me as well! I've always felt very connected with him and the amazing things he has brought into this world. Reading this has been incredibly moving.


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                            Hello, thanks for the post.

                            I'm getting used to my role as an interpreter of sorts. So, here's some info you might like.

                            Getting close to the Mother: Earth represents physicality in general. Your body is hers, per say, when you "die" it returns to her. She is going through a shift, as are we physically (our cells and otherwise!). This demonstrates our connection to her. And Gaia loves us, and we are realizing our love for her. (Part of love is making conscious decisions for their well-being). A super generic translation is that we are wanting to and thus becoming, more harmonious with her. We have free will to treat her unwell, but karma will keep teaching lessons until we change to empathy towards her.

                            Also, about the mental transferance (result of science today, masculine energy, divine will, all of which intercorrelated if not synonyms) vs dimensional. The dimensional we only have snippets of. Examples: channels, empathetic understanding of ourselves (auras, chakras, past lives, etc.) However, I do know the solar plexus and/or inner child plays a big part in dimensional expression.

                            Let me explain: We are finishing a previous cycle of the divine will (masculine) and are now understanding the divine feminine. They are like cause and effect. The 1's and 0's of the matrix. The cool thing about embracing 0, is that it already exists everywhere on the number line. Thus, it represents imagination. Being open, and receptive. And, I am assuming, creates the possibility of dimensional travel. Levitating being an example of that: exist where laws of gravity are lessened by simultaneously being on Earth. And that is only one way how. There isn't only one way/application, a program we have to unlearn from dominantly masculine.

                            Application = will. So, application of divine feminine requires divine masculine, and what happens when creative/sexual forces of male and female combine? A child! And no you don't necessarily need sex, it is just a metaphor. But that is where the inner child comes in. We can balance both forces to play/experience! The solar plexus, where your belly button is, your umbilical cord to the universe, is a tool that we will learn how to use.

                            Well, let me know what you think!

                            Peace In and Peace Out,