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Perceiving angels or superior entities who guide us...

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  • Perceiving angels or superior entities who guide us...

    I had hard time remembering how to log on and this message is just a sort of experiment to see if I can publish on this forum and how to use it and I have a lot of information to share with other indigo people to see which manifestations are common to many of us and how we live them, how we interpret similar experiences etc...I need to see if it is possible to make corrections after I have written the post because this is not my language and I have also a sort of concentration problem and I am likely to make many error..sorry for it..i am going to see if I can also upload an image to let the other indigo experiment with some sort of automatic writing related to sacred images and numeric data...
    I have added a space after http otherwise it would not accept it, so you have to copy and remove the extra space and investigate the image:
    http ://

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    you can edit your posts, there is a button edit in your post bar..
    what do you want to discuss about this image?



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