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What religion, faith are you?

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  • What religion, faith are you?

    What religion or faith are you?
    Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke.

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    None -- I let go of religion when I awoke to the fact that these are the beliefs of someone else. I couldn't see the logic in exchanging one unsubstantiated belief for another.

    I felt that your belief should come from you via what makes sense to you.
    Until then, becoming comfortable with uncertainty is a great gift you can give yourself.

    I am reading up on subjects like reincarnation, near death experiences, ghosts and psychic abilities .

    So far, those phenomena are the only things that have some measurable and verifiable qualities.


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      i am a hindu.
      but in my mind i do not follow any religion.
      I do what Longjourney said.
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      All is One. One is All


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        catholic, but not by choice. no one asked for my permission to join them,
        they baptize you without asking, with the excuse of "cause when you are a baby you are pure" you know... BS
        but by choice, no. no religion.
        religion made enough damage for my taste.
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          No "re-legion" or "faith."

          My faith is in the eternal presence of all that is. My words are just intellectual ramblings on something that has no true shape or form, and yet is all of them at once.

          Why believe in a religion when it is based on limitation? If we understand religions as rituals, customs, and traditions- that's one thing. But to assume that it is the one and only truth is just flawed. Not because the religion and its belief systems itself are flawed, but because every culture in the world sees it so differently that it divides us as human beings. Difference of opinion is a beautiful thing, but division of our spiritual selves because our "religion" tells us to do so doesn't make sense to me.

          Why more and more people don't try to "put it all together" and truly understand one another, as well as our customs/cultures is beyond me. Sure, "new age" tries a little bit, but it comes off like another religion. Why label it at all!? If every person begins to study similar subjects and come to similar conclusions- then you know we are onto something.

          So if I had a "religion" it would be to have no limitations. No limitations in my thinking. No limitations on my perspectives.

          Bruce Lee had a similar perspective when it came to martial arts.


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            If I had to name a religion I would use the term "Gnostic". I am a seeker of wisdom. I study numerous religions, yet I also look inside the self. I look to spirit, to religion and most importantly to life experiences. I shall not claim to be any certain religion because I can see why people believe in them, yet at the same time can see why the dogma and doctrines lead to judgment and fighting. I believe that everyone should follow their hearts and what "feels" right to them.
            Loving yourself has to occur before you can allow anyone else to Love you in return.
            Sometimes I just want to spread my wings and soar....anyone else want to come with me?


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              born in muslim family, learn christianity and buddhism secretly from parents...
              i don't believe in religions


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                I am a Christian, and Catholic in some degree or technicality. I have studied many religions in the world, and even considered Minoring in it at one point. One of my majors is history, and studying religion allows me to see what motivates a person. I am fascinated by glittering Byzantine and the often dark Medieval Europe. The historical records can help us look into the mind, but religion allows us to look into the soul.


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                  Loving yourself has to occur before you can allow anyone else to Love you in return.
                  Sometimes I just want to spread my wings and soar....anyone else want to come with me?


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                    Hmm that's a hard one for me. Imo religion doesn't exist, but what is it that determines that ones belief is a religion? Is it the dedication of ones life to one belief? Does it then become a religion because ones mind closes itself to other beliefs? In my case, i consider myself a free spirit who absorbs the positivity of ones religion in which can nourish my spirit with positive spiritual nourishment. Imo there isn't a right one or an incorrect one. Every religion has a piece of truth to it. My spirit absorbs what is right and rejects what is wrong. Which to decide which is right or wrong for the accumulation of ones positive being? Morality is one, the natural clean morals of ones being should be able to decide which is good or bad for the gradual ascension of ones spirit imo.
                    And as far as faith goes, it is all within us. The power of belief is faith...
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                      My religion is my path/purpose.

                      Quite literally. I worship myself.

                      For anyone who finds conventional religion unsatisfying, give it a try! Worship yourself. After all, we all have a spark of the divine in us. Let's have a little bit of divine pride!
                      Accept that life is as much about being dragged through the mud as coasting through the sky; they are the same, the difference lies in how you perceive​ them.

                      Sacred cows make for great hamburgers!


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                        Originally posted by CrazyIQ View Post
                        What religion or faith are you?
                        I don't know.


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                          was born into a Hindu family, but i dont follow any religion. I just follow my heart, and have faith in my soul.


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                            Like the majority who have replied, I don't subscribe to any organized religion. To do so is like believing that one school of thought has it 'all figured out', when clearly that is not the case, in my opinion. That is not to say that I don't recognize a 'higher power' or have an interest in spiritual matters. I enjoy learning about all types of religions, finding common threads and figuring out for myself what it all means. This is pretty much how I approach most matters in life, using my own powers of observation, discernment and intuition, regardless of what the 'establishment' says is true.

                            So basically I can appreciate teachings from all religions, anything that I feel will help me maximize my potential.


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                              I say my religion is ecclectic beliefs/spiritual.I don't believe in religion cause,tbh,religion has caused a lot of violence in the world yet they claim to believe in God and I want no part in i'm more spiritual if anything.i believe in heaven(not hell,if anything,hell is here on earth i believe because this place is full of greed,wrath,pride,lust,gluttony,sloth,envy which they're all sins),reincarnation,angels,paranormal ideas and i don't believe that if you've done bad things(violence,suicide,etc...)you are sent to hell,cause if God is a forgiving God then why would he send his children to suffer,especially ones that have suffered and commited suicide when they've already suffered enough, for eternity in hell?so i'm not religious,i'm spiritual with my own beliefs