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1/3/09 Love from the GFL, and "The Kingdom/Company of Heaven" "The Real You"

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  • 1/3/09 Love from the GFL, and "The Kingdom/Company of Heaven" "The Real You"

    Pre-First Contact Information
    “The Silent Evolution”, Liberation of the Soul
    “The Real You”
    YouTube - Whatever You're Doing (Something Heavenly) - Sanctus Real

    Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The “Kingdom/Company” of “Heaven” from Galactic Central. WE are Your Family of Light, The Away Team, Ground Crew, Medical Team ,for “First Contact” [we say medical because we are fully aware of the problem on this Planet, and We have the Solutions to help]. Also, it's US, Here in the Manifest With you, We are Mother and Father God, Your Real Parents of Creation. Thank you for Celebrating that We are Here with You, as We Celebrate “The Real You”, and Your Awakening.

    Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, and Magical Moments, How Grand is it to Be Here on Planet Earth=Heart during these most Auspicious Magical moments? Today is Saturday January 3rd, 2008. We are here again to provide you with The Highest Truths and True Reality Events that are occurring behind the Scenes, that We are Participating in [True Reality is a Particpation Sport]. All the events that occurred behind the Scenes, that most of you were unaware of, will Be made Manifest in this Realm, This year. Last Year, we spent the whole Year laying the groundwork for the upcoming events, BE IN JOY! So lets move on to the definitions.....
    Exist- To be, to have life, Live, to Continue to Live and Be Present. Example- Love is the only True Reality and is ALL THAT EXISTS. The program is nothing, not even life because it can only take, never give, and therefore does not really exist. Love always GIVES!
    Existence- All that Exists, Presence. Example- Love is the Truth, and therefore is everything in True existence. Let us Reheart you, the program ego does not really exist, it is an illusion.
    Grand- large, and impressive, Magnificent, Splendid. Example- In True Reality every Moment becomes Grander, and Grander. True Reality is GRAND.
    Pretend- to play make believe, to claim falsely. Example- In illusion or the program you have been playing a game, a pretend game. You can see and understand this because in the game you had unconsciousness [killing ect..,] while in True Reality all Your Experience is Love Everywhere Present. Then death no longer exists, only death existed in illusion.
    Self-Denial- denying one's own Natural State of Being and One's Natural State of Being is Love Everywhere Present.

    Okay, So let's move on to the rest of the Message. Currently you have so called leaders who think or have a “belief” [ BULL S***] that they are in charge or in control. We say wrong gong, thanks for playing, that game is already over. Creation is in motion, and LOVE IS IN CHARGE. In Truth, there is no single “being” who is in control or in charge, and Truly the only one you can control is YOURSELF. Creation is in motion [no batteries required] and why bother controlling something that is always in Motion/Creation. Ignorance is requesting “proof” that it is US, all the while, Just Being [IN THE PRESENT MOMENT] is Love everywhere Present, and requires nothing. Let us Re-Heart you, we do not take anything you say to us personally and neither should you with our messages.

    Inside each of you is Life Force Energy also called “Passion”, that is the connection into the Higher Grid, Which is Your Higher Self. Allow US to Again Re-Heart you, We have been through every experience you have had in the program. We did this so that we could Fully Understand what has occurred here, we Got our selves out of the Program, so that we could assist you out of the program. The program is nothing, While Love is Everything. Would you rather be nothing or EVERYTHING? Your controllers, with the full understanding that We of the Light were coming in, thoroughly ingrained in you that “Too Good to Be True, Was not True.” This is a lie, a big fat lie. Take a moment and look at all the things your controllers told and taught you. You can look at it like this= Everything they said was a lie. If you can look at it like this, it will make it easier for you to see through the illusion and into True Reality. In True Reality we experience “Too Good to Be True Experiences”. When you awaken and have these experiences, you will then be able to clearly see right through the lies and the illusion given to you by your controllers.

    Many of you say we are repetitive. We have shared with you that we are from the “Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy.....Department”. Until everyone awakens, we will share the Information over and over, until Everyone is Celebrating all of Humanity's Awakening. We will do “Whatever it takes” for you to get it through TO YOU, that you are not a program. We are assisting you in breaking down your ignorance so that you can See the Truth, break out of the program and join True Reality, and then you will be able to hear us. Again, we say you cannot hear us in your illusion, and you must step out of the program. Look Within, where you will also find us. When you Awaken, you Will See and Feel this. The Truth and The Real information we bring you, is inside of each of you. Some “tell” us that you have heard our information before. If so, we ask “Well are you Awakened yet?” If you have not connected in with the Love you are, Equal to Us, then you are not awake.

    Those of you that traded one fantasy for another fantasy will Now find yourselves “Hitting a brick wall”. It is impossible to change anything in illusion, all you can accomplish is trading one lie for another. Just look within, to The Real You and The Real Love that you Truly are. In essence we come to you from Within. Each of you have all the answers and all the solutions from within your being, because You are Love and So are We, We are Equal.

    In Truth your illusions are stealing from you and keeping you from Experiencing True Reality and Being Fully Conscious. All unconsciousness exists in illusion, as well as all and any “darkness”. All of your unconsciousness and all your fears are based out of illusion, and You use this as a mask to hide from US of the Light. In True Reality unconsciousness does not exist, Only Love Everywhere Present. In Truth we are ALL Pure Conscious Energy, indestructible, Eternal, and the same as PURE LOVE.

    The Information we share with you is based on when the Right and left brain is fused together. Our information is Wholistic because it comes to you in this form, from Full Consciousness, because we are in Full Consciousness, which is what everyone on the Planet is Becoming [FULLY CONSCIOUS BEINGS]. For many of you, your Right and left brain is being fused back together [As we have shared with you, your controllers disconnected your Right and left brain so that they could control you AND MAKE you robots. The re “fusing” will Free you and Assist you, as you allow.] As this occurs your head will hurt and for many of you, make it difficult to read our messages. Also for those sharing with us that your head hurts, you are refusing the Truth, because the program is attempting to stay and hold onto its control over you. It reacts to our information by becoming “defensive”. Then it controls you with “fight” or “flight” reactions, instead of Embracing, Allowing, and Accepting the Truth, so that you can BE FREE. In Truth, your program is stopping you from being Truly Joyous and Happy, is this what you want? We say Let Go of the program and Set Your Self Free. Be the Real You, The Love you Are. We are Here to Give you “The Kingdom of Heaven”, how much longer would you like to complain or ignore this? In True Reality “The Kingdom of Heaven”, Where We are FREE, the Experience is Similar to Flying, Freely, Like Eagles. Would you like to experience this as well? Well you Have to Let GO and then You too Can Fly.

    Current Events- Last Night's meditation We saw Everyone chained and bound [also saw some of you realize you were chained and let go as you were ready to Fly and Be Free]. This Symbolizes how the program has chains around the Real You, Your Soul. It's hard to fly with chains on. You are the only one that can set yourself FREE, let go of the hold this illusion has on you, and Break the ropes, the chains. Set YourSelf Free to Fly and Be the Love you Truly are. Also This Morning we Gave the “Decree” To Amp Up the energies Arriving Vivaciously into The Planet. What this means for you is what we refer to as “The Shake”, as the energies will shake you out of your boxes, and illusions. So it is in Heaven, So On Earth, and So it is, and will Always Be. SO Be Love and Say Love!

    Amy Grant , I have Decided, I am gonna fly, All I ever have to be ... re=related
    YouTube - amy grant - I'm Gonna Fly - The Collection ... re=related

    Today's questions Would you rather be ignorant or “DIVINLY INTELLIGENT? Are you a program/robot or a Real Live Being? Email your answers to us at WE also are Now Updating our Forum daily and will be adding A Social Network, More Pictures, and Adding more to our Library, as well as we currently are working on YouTube Videos of taped Meetings here in the “Kingdom of Heaven”. Through this you will be able to get a better feel and deeper understandings of the Information we share with you Each Week [Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays], as well as Connect into the Oneness energy Here.
    Kingdom of Heaven: Galactic Central
    We Love you with the Highest Love. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, and Your Family of Light.

    Here is Today's Song List, Full of Synchronstic Magical Events and Truths. Listen carefully
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