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    I believe there are many spiritually enlightened beings alive today

    It is my understanding that the development of Indigo and other abilities is a side effect of (and goes in tandum with) the process of spiritual awakening and the evolution of consciousness in human form. The realisation known as Enlightenment is the pinicle of this, and there have been some famous and many more less famous people who have come to this realisation. From Jesus Christ to the Buddha, there have been many teachers, though the ancient teachings have long become distorted, mistranslated, erroded and often grossly misinterpreted and misused. But there is still a discernable core of truth at the heart of most traditions, if you know what to look for.

    I believe there are many people who could be described as 'Enlightened Masters', 'Buddhas' or 'Christs' alive today - human beings who have realised the absolute, the spiritual realisation that lies at the heart of all religious and spiritual practices.

    Eckhart Tolle - now famous for his bestselling book The Power of Now and his webcasts with Oprah Winfrey, Tolle spontaneously realised enlightenment at 29 in the midst of a bout of suicidal depression, culminating in a total dissolution of the egoic self and the painbody.

    Mooji, Gangaji & Eli Jackson Bear - Both Mooji and Gangaji come from the lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi, and both became enlightened after meeting with Papaji in India, who's master was Ramana Maharshi. Eli is Gangaji's husband and a great spiritual teacher in his own right.

    Osho (now desceased) - aka Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh - dispite the controversy surrounding Osho, he is widely recognised as one of the great spiritual masters of the 20th century, and his teachings are profound and insightful.

    Having been to see Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and Gangaji at satsangs and talks, I can confirm in my own experience that all three are enlightened beings. I also believe that Osho was an enlightened master, as were Papaji and Ramana Maharshi. What I find most fascinating is that, whilst there is only one enlightenment, one spiritual realisation, each Buddha is clearly individual and has their own unique way of teaching, and a unique personality, and are still not 'perfect beings' so to speak. Eckhart Tolle said of himself that "I'm not perfect, but I am whole". As with most religions and spiritual practices, whilst there is only one goal, there are many roads that lead to it.

    Other spiritual teachers I who appear to be enlightened (but I can't confirm) are:

    Isira - an Australian woman who appears to be a Buddha.


    Tyohar - who founded and resides at the spiritual village of Pacha Mama in Costa Rica.

    Vishrant - an Australian spiritual teacher who gives Satsangs in Perth, Western Australia

    Dolano - a German born woman who found enlightenment through the grace of Gangaji and also learned meditation from Osho.

    Most of these have videos on YouTube and google videos, and they're deffinately worth checking out to see for yourself. If anyone knows more about these teachers or knows any others not mentioned, please post it here.
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    never heard of them but.... it'ss good that there is someone famous....great teacher of today...i guess
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      Osho was a major fraud, I'm guessing some of the others you listed are frauds too.


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        Rajneesh was absolutely brilliant, Osho was a marketing ploy. He didn't care about what people thought about him, so he let dumb followers create a whole movement around him. And now people who don't understand what he was sharing judge him based upon what his clueless followers did.

        And I think Krishnamurti should be added to the list.
        Here's his talk at the UN:
        YouTube - KRISHNAMURTI at United Nations. part 1
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          Thanks for that Calibas, I'd heard the name J. Krishnamurti before, but I'd never seen him speak, and yes, I'd agree with adding him to the list.

          I'm going to go and watch some more videos of him on youtube.

          And I think that's pretty much right about Bhagwan, I don't think he was a fraud, but I think some strange characters were drawn to him amoung others. ..
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            He was my teacher for three hours right when I needed him most, I will never forget it. In late 2007 (October/November) I had an experience just sitting watching TV where everything started to feel... off. All the characters on the show seemed so odd, and even I, or my concept of myself felt odd. Like we were all just playing roles or characters. Not the best description, or even one that captures really the entirety of what I was feeling, but oh well.

            Two days later my religion teacher had just happened to invite Mooji in to speak to her classes, I sat through two classes listening to him and I was enthralled, it was like he was articulating everything that I was feeling and experiencing.

            Thank you so much for this timely reminder, I really needed it


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              I think the Dalai Lama fits the criteria.
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                I think there are plenty of masters that have or will help our generation. Some are known to us, some are not yet. You have got to believe that probably more than a few of those crystal children being born now are masters that will teach us all about love which unconditional love and giving are enlightened tools used by the masters.

                In my own experiences, coming across Edgar Cayce when I was young brought about a wealth of information to learn from. I also study the Dalai Lama's teachings and Lao Tzu as well. I believe Ralph Waldo Emerson is a master, you look at the Unitarian Universalist sect and you can see it's really about love and positive action, open to anyone with any beliefs. I believe Jane Godall was a master because of her abilities to work with primates and she really help further the study of evolution and human development. We had to start somewhere. I believe people who can communicate, interact with animals on a soul level are masters.

                Maybe even Albert Hofmann (inventor of LSD)/Timothy Leary/Ram Daas could be considered masters...
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                  yogananda. i've read autobiography of a yogi twice, years apart, and both times came in astral contact with him. what a light hearted and fun being.

                  there is a female guru from india, still alive, whose name i don't know- her followers call her ma. this is the plump ma who sings and dances and has a lot of followers in no. calif. when i was reading her autobiography (she was treated like a retarded slave by her family when she was young, has worked many "miracles") i again came into contact with her also and she is wonderful.

                  so there are many out there. not to mention the ones leading private lives, not attracting publicity.
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                    You forgot UntoldGlory.
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                      MahaVajra : There is a new guy in town. His name is MahaVajra. search the web, and youtube, and you'll find tons of free stuff and videos. This is the real thing. He doesn't care about money, and he charges a fraction of what other masters bill to attend his seminars. He granted 2 girls for free in his seminar because they are poor, and he said one's evolution should not be limited by social standing or wealth. Whoever listens to his class go into bliss (almost everyone). He's the miracle level type of master, and no one ever end up in a group, sect or constraining system. He teaches free-will and free mind. Look him up for yourself.
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                        I had the privilege of meeting and taking satsang with Bhagwan. I was able to spend some time with him listening to his discourses. I am still his sanyasin. He is enlightened and continues to instruct me. A master's words are powerful and the unenlightened can use the ideas and messages for their own power trip. This has happened with all enlightened people. Jesus is a perfect example. I was raised in the catholic religion and I have not met one person who understands what Jesus said.


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                          The Dalai Lama definitely fits the category.
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                            Don't limit the list to just these members, there is actually a handful (I have a big hand) more people who are similar to these. And I bet another hundred that are not linked to anything mainstream or www, not all enlightened people go around write books, preach, and collect Rolls Royces
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                              After Shakyamuni Buddha became enlightened he spoke saying "I have discovered a new enlightenment".