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  • connection to water element

    i did a little meditation sooner on dragons and how they join the 4 element, and i reviewed a bit all the element in me, and i'm ok with fire and air, earth is ok but i have kind of a problem with the water element =)

    like fire = passion, air = speed/mobility, earth = power/stability, and water would be maybe tranquility, but i always had trouble with water, when i was a child i was afraid of water it took me lot of time to learn how to swimm, well now it has nothing really phobic or scary, but i just don't like swimming, diving or anything like this even aqua parc i don't like it that much, and i don't like to be wet and i have zero interest with anything related to water =) i think i some kind of miss a connection with the water element, even in my personality as well as physically =) well i dunno it can sound a bit odd like that, but the more i think about it, the more i think i would need to connect more to the water element , and i miss more or less all the caracteristics that i can associate with it, and i may miss this also to balance my passion and being more quiet or something like this =) i think the two element i would connect the more with are fire and air, and earth a bit even if i'm more an 'air person' than 'earth person', there is nothing that disturb me into earth element, but i can't help to see water more or less like a threat or something dangerous that i have nothing to do with =) well i know how to swimm, i'm not scared of fish or anything, i'm not specially scared about water or swimming under water, but it just make me feel always unconfortable =)

    maybe i could use some mantra or pictures or i dunno things that could help to connect to this element =) i think dolphin childs are good with this he he =)

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    17.07.03 The Ring(s)

    The Ring Of Fire, Everburning,
    Exploring, Helping, Teaching,
    Purifying, Destroying, Burning,
    Marking, Raging,
    Eternal Knowledge

    The Ring Of Water, Everflowing,
    Cooling, Loving, Helping, Cleansing,
    Feeding, Nurturing, Tranquility,
    Eternal Love

    The Ring Of Air, Everblowing,
    Searching, Playing, Moving,
    Transmitting, Transparent, Invisible,
    Calming, Softening,
    Eternal Wisdom

    The Ring Of Earth, Evercycling,
    Frightening, Death, Soil, Growing,
    Gaia, Connecting, Building, Sacrificing,
    Eternal Growth
    Don't mind the God, beware of the owner!


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      It's also a possibility that you have an aversion to it from a past lifetime my dear. That occurs within quite a few people. When something occurs and you don't "get over it" within that lifetime it carries itself on as an attachment and sometimes what people call karma...though it's more of an energetic attachment to something that's occurred within the past. It's something you'll have to look within to find the answer to.
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        it is not really an aversion more a lack of connection, like i don't enjoy anything related to water, and i clearly miss all the words amur has put with water, i'll use them as a mantra maybe

        do you think i'm right if i say it is more a feminine element ?

        i miss something about everflowing and tranquility lol
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          it is everything i'm not lol

          this character looks nice he is called zazua , he comes from a comics but i don't know the comics or the anim just found him several times in searches =)

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            i spend at least 2h meditating next to a waterfall this evening, very calming =) better than aspliff hihi

            well me it was a very little waterfall , but it was nice lol :-)

            everyflowing, cooling, quiet, constant very nice lol :-) i will setup a fountain and a water circuit in my room :P


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              Water is interesting. It tries to flow with friendly elements and around hostile ones. Once you get it moving, it takes a great deal to stop it. Water can lap gently against a shore or crash into it. What it doesn't absorb gets dispersed evenly, which makes people with a water affinity naturally empathetic. (Which in my experience is more of a curse than a blessing.)

              As far as advice goes, I got nothing.


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                omg Im scared of water too hahaha ironicallly I dont really have all that much of an aversion for water... its an animal that lives there that scares the crap outta me .. i seriously believe I must have died this way in a past life because I have no reason to fear this animal and as far as I remember even from when I was a little child I have always been reallyyyy scared of that thing hahahaa but anyway I guess we all have things to work on ... for some reason my water is ok as an element in me I know this I checked it somewhere hehe then also my earth is my strongest along with fire and then I also have a bit of air in fact all the normal elements are ok in me apparently except for metal and wood hahaha ah well I guess I have to work on those then =P but Ive never really liked water all that much if you find any way to meditate on that and get over your fear please do tell cause I also have an issue with it haha


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                  Dragons are connected to water in the sense that they are primordial creatures. Also, haven't you ever heard to a sea dragon? They're as prevalent in world mythology as any other incarnation of the beast. Also, if you think about it astrologically, all of the water signs are creatures like the scorpion, the crab, and the fish. Dragons probably have the most significance if you think of them in terms of Scorpio, which doubles as an eagle or dove in esoteric traditions. If you crossed a scorpion and an eagle, you might get something pretty dragonlike.


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                    Hi H0bby1,

                    What you are saying is quite interesting for me, because I love water. It is the element I feel the most confortable in, yet perhaps fear the most.
                    I feel good when there is water around me, when it is raining, and most importantly., when I am IN water.

                    So here is my recommendation to you - you should swim more. I recommend that you walk around in water, let your body get carried by it, and let your head go under water once in a while to experience a communion with it. When it rains, do not shy away from the drops, go outside and walk around in it. Also, drink more water. All of this will allow you to accept the part of water that is in you.


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                      haha bumping this thread.... weird how hobby describes me as more of a water person... although i feel balance of 4... i feel strongly to each 4.... and maybe the 5th element too whatever that is called

                      but i guess depending on where i am... i guess i act more of a certain elements in certain situations...
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                        Air element for me
                        I'm not scared of the water - though I don't like much swimming or diving - but my favorite is sitting on the edge of a rock watching the sea and feeling the air hugging my body
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                          i'm rahter into fire currently hi hi

                          i need my water fuse


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                              Originally posted by h0bby1 View Post
                              Be careful with that fire
                              "Some Warriors look fierce but are mild. Some seem timid but are vicious. Look beyond appearances - position yourself for the advantage. - Deng Ming-Dao