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Can your Soul be stolen?

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  • Can your Soul be stolen?

    Originally posted by AmentiHall View Post

    I apologize for mentioning concepts without expounding lol. I've just done it for so long. The "harvesting" of souls is not a reality in the way it sounds. I mean you can't actually harvest a soul- but that's why its so attractive to some beings who have lost their connection to their own. This is very difficult to explain because it creates a reaction in fear.

    Let me give you an example of some beings who have abducted people in the past: The Soul, or the Anima, the true spirit can never be destroyed or taken. But some being have figured out- in their foolishness and desperation how to displace our own temporarily (via technological methods that are quite traumatic) and in some instances, place them into containers (this includes some of their bodies). Because the energy, and the spirit itself is completely incapable of being harvested, what they are able to extract is a massive amount of energy (for different purposes). It is rumored the group known as the Grey's were trying to do something similar via hybridizing with mankind (unsuccessfully) to save their own species genetic and spiritual degradation (they took emotions, and other things out of the equation). I have heard from someone on the inside that some beings, even those that don't have bodies have begun a program which gives them the equivalent of our "gut chakras" in order to evolve their own template, as emotions is something many of them are highly interested in and lacking.

    They also commented on how humanity is in a position in our current stage of evolution for MASSIVE change. MASSIVE evolution- and this was because of the richness of our media- our media to them BTW is our range of emotions and thinking.

    There are beings that also feed from the energy of violence and fear, and in the past they were called "Valkyries."And many other names. This does not matter so much. In regards to "harvesting of energies" many beings tried to influence powerful people in this world, and in some ways there is some old "remnant" programming in us to externalize God. To see the divine on some far away cloud and in the hands of beings, angels, light, or "Dieties" that need our blind dedication and worship. This blind dedication and worship is not merely harmless, it is a MASSIVE amount of energy that is being projected and picked up by some on the otherside. This is nothing to be afraid of though, it is quite harmless in the grand scheme of things- the only thing it has done is given our power away when it was always inside of us.

    This is what I mean by the infinite supply of energy inside of us that is being harvested, or attempted to. Simultaenously, there is nothing conspiratorial or evil about this because it is what creates this extreme illusion of physicality. And as souls- some of us are addicted to it and enjoy the illusion of extreme separation, and yes, in some cases what the Buddhists call "suffering." There is actually a lot more and this is not even the tip of the iceberg but I'm tired of talking about it for now
    I heard and read and saw interviews with people who reported these things before.
    One example is here (I always bring references! And I would like others to do the same.):

    The Body Snatchers (By Susan Reed)

    But I dont feel that all of it is true.
    These are partially stories to make people afraid and confused.

    I believe that there are evile people, and even maybe evil Aliens in the world (I had some other dimensional and also worldly experiences with this, even with Reptilians, see my other Posts for this), and that they may be able to control people through mind controlling techniques and extreme trauma based control, etc, which is all scientifically valid, well documented also through court cases.
    The american government had to admit in court that it is using regularly mind control programs on a huge scale.

    But I dont believe for one second that the soul can be taken away.
    They can maybe influence your mind, but not your soul.

    The soul is your eternal Self, and that cannot be taken away or influenced.
    Only the mind can be influenced.

    And most importantly, most of what you say does not feel right.
    So here we can see how important it is for people to be specific in what they are saying (with examples as I do), and not just hint at something vague.

    And even making a mind controlled slave is also not that easy.
    It takes a young start and extreme controlled influence of a child from the very early childhood, with torture, building up of trust and distrust and other mind control techniques employed.
    Essentially creating a split personality, and not a split soul (which is not possible!).

    Here are some sources:'Brien&oq=sex+s lave+mind+control+Cathy+O'Brien&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_ sm=12&gs_upl=51177l55560l1l56861l2l2l0l0l0l0l616l9 21l3-1.0.1l2l0&gs_l=hp.12...51177l55560l1l56861l2l2l0l0 l0l0l616l921l3-1j0j1l2l0.llsin.&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf. ,cf.osb&fp=fc4961e5d0488cf&biw=1280&bih=706

    One very important Link to read about Mark Phillips being still an active agent is the following story:
    It includes David Icke.

    Dont believe anything!

    Be responsible, smart and not lazy, and look up the proof and all the sources for yourself!
    Google can be your friend in this, for now.
    But they want to censor the internet soon too...they already made laws for it, and try to push them into reality in the EU and in the USA, and all over the world.
    In Australia they already use a Firewall, as they do in China.

    And most importantly, dont listen to your fear.
    Become quiet in your heart and mind, relax, and listen than to your intuition and gut feeling.
    You are the infinite One Source of everything.
    You can never die. You are the power in your source.
    Remember it. Whatever your mind asserts will be true. Because you are the true Source of everything.
    Whereever your consciousness takes you, you will go. Because you are the "boss" of everything.

    Since you are everything you can also know the truth about everything, because you are connected with everything, but even more - You are the true source of everthing that exists.

    What does anybody else think?
    Open for discussion!
    You will become what you do now. Now is the time.