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  • Anger!!!

    This has been cropping you for the last 6-8 months now, it has raised its head, im feeling really angry at the past and present. I wasnt like this a year ago.
    Water which is too pure has no fish -- Ts'ai Ken T'an

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    Yay! I love your anger magonia. It tells me you are alive and want more than you have settled for in the past. Rawr! Good for you. Let your anger propel you to your dream.
    " All the problems of the world can be solved with a garden." Geoff Lawton


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      pretty much....what indigo dog said.

      just dont hurt ppl.
      F L O W


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        I am feeling exactly the same way!!!! But for some reason i KNOW that is has a lot to do with my previous negative emotions being released. You must accept the anger but DO NOT ACT on it. Let it flow like in Kung fu panda


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          We all know the feeling, like you have no patience for anything or anyone of a lower frequency vibration than you. Its like a disgust of the world and society for being so shallow and closed minded, but at the same time you just wish you could feel love for it all. Just try not to lash out at family and friends, i found myself doing that quite often:/
          The only constant is change.


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            I read somewhere that to purify silver one has to turn up the heat. As the impurities rise to the surface they are skimmed off, removed till no more come to the surface. When asked how the expert knew when the silver was pure he said "When I can see myself in it."

            I thought of this when I read the original post and the replies to it. Seems to fit, this anger many of us are feeling I truely believe is part of that process, as has already been said in different ways.

            I will, however, be glad when the process if finished and I can release the anger completely. I also believe that how we percieve ourselves plays a role in this. I've had a self confidense problem for years but now I find myself getting angry with people who cannot see "what even I can see". I've had to learn, in spite of myself, that I do in fact percieve what others sometimes cannot... That at least has helped a little.