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  • Politics, the indigo way

    Have I spoke about this yet?

    So 3 years ago I had an idea. An idea that could change the world. I had it in the shower.

    It's a deceptively simple idea.

    What if someone ran for office on the promise that when elected they would create a website. And that website would allow the constituents to vote on every single bill the elected representative would vote on. Then, if they won, that person promises to vote according to the participating majority.

    If they got elected, how long would it take before other politicians emulated that idea. How long before you couldn't be elected without this promise? What would the world become then?


    So yea, I plan on running for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014. I've created an indiegogo campaign to try to raise some initial start-up funds.

    What do you guys think?

    Also, I could sorely use your help. If anyone knows anything about mass marketing, viral media, web design, graphic design, or really anything that might be useful for this campaign, give me a pm. Or if you want to run too, pm me. I believe this could actually work.
    If you like something I write, please, hit that thank button or the helpful thingy. It brings me a small measure of joy.
    I know I haven't been around in a while. Life calls. You can read about it HERE if you feel so inclined ^.^

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    ur n illumnati. run errybuddy. he wuntz 2 b n govt
    I am online 24/7, so if you need anything. Just send a PM or comment on my profile. and even if not. My secretary will be of assistance, she will help you with anything you need. I designed her to act exactly as I would. She also hold the same amount of knowledge I do. (not much) So when I learn something new, I can update her knowledge telepathically.


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      i think this is actually a great idea.. mainly because its sounds so simple.. and if it doesnt work the first time we'll just keep trying till we do..
      why not?


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        Sharing resources, it would actually be rather cheap to run. Get a shared host for a website showcasing the idea that anyone running can share, which would have resources to use in your own campaign. And fliers are cheap as fuck. 100k for 4k denero.
        If you like something I write, please, hit that thank button or the helpful thingy. It brings me a small measure of joy.
        I know I haven't been around in a while. Life calls. You can read about it HERE if you feel so inclined ^.^


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          This sound GREAT! I have a few Ideas on reforming Government, but cannot run for office yet..
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            I'm just going to let you know right now that the website would be hacked, spammed, destroyed, and used for the troll agenda of any hacker on the planet.


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              changing of this world has to happen in every human being. people who are aware of stuff don't need any education of living in peace, and they will live that way. so all we need to do to change the world is to educate people about who they are (or better who they're not), but that means every cop, every politician, every sportsman, every drug addict, every religious man have to be aware of themselves in non -ego way to accomplish a peaceful society. so, what are we waiting for?


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                What would be your plan if there was a very discernible human rights issue that people voted against? I love the concept, but after having my equal rights voted on last week, still shell shocked even though it won, the absurdity of it all is still getting to me a bit.


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                  Itz true you have a great idea...

                  I believe what many people are trying to say here iz that they know that no matter what great idealz people come up with .... they will not let them work because then they would have to hold to their word.

                  The system right now haz so many changez and alterationz that no one haz to stand on their word.... they dont even have to try....

                  I have a veteranz counselor that workz in the government and all he has to do and haz done is throw my paper work in the trash and tell me that he never received it. Now I have to go back and fill it out and he can do that over and over and no one will say a word.

                  See thatz the problem ... You Cant Make Any Person Actually Do What They Should .... But We Are All Affected By Their Actionz ....

                  And the sad part iz that people with motivation for money loose their moralz quickly ...


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                    I think the founders would have had a similar idea, if they had the internet.

                    The only reason we send representatives to DC is because it was impractical to poll the public.

                    But, times have changed and maybe the time is right for this.

                    I also believe that we would solve a lot of our problems if we required all lobbying to be done in public.



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                      Why link it only to single politician? Why not start an INDEPENDENT forum for votable bills, complete with blogs for pro-con and discussion forums. Then any savvy politician would visit the forum or at least the media would get the voice of the forum out there somehow.
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                        Direct democracy is an old concept and has been used in the past. While I do see your ideas merits I don't believe that any governmental systems will ever work. As a general rule I just ignore politics entirely as I see the whole thing as an exercise in futility.


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                          Instead of using the modern term of "Politics", countries should be run by people who are in constant communication with the rest of the country for the sake of the country, rather than for the sake of their reputation to get re-elected.


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                            The problem with having people vote is that most of the time sheeple don't understand what it is they are voting about, while I like the sentiment of allowing the people a voice how do you educate the people that are voting on the subjects they are voting about.

                            Can you imagine the cost of passing any vote and checking who was voting. It would be impossible to work.
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                              maybe they should do away with the representative senator etc who votes for the people, and in turn is 'voted in' and just have a leaderboard of issues and bills and let people vote themselves on that directly. we have the technology to help do that now.
                              Dum Spiro Spero Meliora
                              .... but why hope for better when you can settle for best!