How to know if you are an Old Soul?

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  1. Cusp_Child
    Hola, I'm new here i guess my questions a little self explanatory, but how do u really know?
  2. MoonFlower
    Hi! I'm brand new here too! You know I wasn't sure for a while but then I started meeting people that I know I've known before, and I started doing a lot of meditation, reading cards and shadow work, and now I just know I've been around for a long time. Also, my soul's kinda tired it feels like...
  3. andrewhanzes
    whats shadow work? i'd like to learn more about it. i think i've acknowledged being an old soul cuz they say that the people we come in contact with through this life are people who we've known before, we just have to accomplish and overcome the same lessons we did not pass before, or help others along. ofcourse we all help eachother in turn. i'd like to get deeper into what will open me up as an indigo. what should i do. meditate? ect... ? what do you do to open you up to the all
  4. Dagh´Edom
    You just...know
  5. Strongstar
    I've always thought I was one because I felt a deep bond with ancient religions,I feel like sometimes i should be hanging around the 40 plus crowd because I cant relate to anyone younger. Old Souls just desire a more in depth spiritually calm life they feel as if they already understand the concepts of this world in a in depth manner. I just always felt I was one just don't know who I was in a past life...
  6. openeyes
    I'm a strong medium and can see auras, my fourth aura is white I've come to the conclusion that I'm in my last lifetime then I rise to a higher conscience. I'm not quite sure what it is though. As over the past year I've been in some extremly paranormal situations and it has really opened me up. Because of these situations it has opened me up spiritually and what I've gathered is I'm extremly old soul as well as most of my immediate family is as well. I think just by digging into your soul and understanding your spirituallity you will be able to figure it out. Good Luck
  7. MysticChik
    I read something interesting...

    "The Indigo and Crystal children that come to the planet are known as "starchildren". Often this is because their souls are more at home in the stars, and they have NOT INCARNATED on Earth before. They come at this time as a "special assignment" team to assist Earth and her inhabitants with their transition and rebirth as a higher dimensional "New Earth".

    So, if this is true...then does it only apply to the children being born now or are we all "special" and this is our first incarnation on earth? If so, then the theory that we are all old souls is untrue, unless we come from other planets. Just a thought....
  8. desire knowledge
    desire knowledge
    Most of the souls incarnating now are from other star systems. They are here to help awaken those that can not remember who they really are.
  9. Leomhann
    The term is pretty well self explanatory, but I'm curious as to the actual definition. So, what are old souls?
  10. Sandra Lira
    Sandra Lira
    Well since a while back I started believe that I was an Old Soul because I always seem more advanced than everyone else my age and seem to know a lot of things that people never thought about and I always long for spirituality. If feels as if i'm old but I always feel like I need to help others remember who they really are and how material things mean nothing and how they only take us away from spirituality. You know? I feel as if i've been sent to help change Earth and help people find who they really are. It's always been like that since I was a child. I've always felt it. Not only that. I feel as if I don't help humanity they are going to be lost because I always have this constant feeling that something is going to happen to Earth and I have to awaken everyone before it's too late. So, now the debate is whether i'm a starchild or an Old Soul.
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