Phantom limbs

  1. soveriegnslade
    phantom limbs. i thought it would be a good subject b/c allmost every otherkin either knows of them or feels they have em.
    phantom limb syndrome to my understanding is when some one losses an arm and still gets sensations as if the arm was their.
    we all know what the average human life span is. imagine spending 400-500yrs as a creature what ever it was that you think you where (or where) and then being in a human body.

    the concept is the same. ones who have spent years and years and years as something that ran on all fours might find walking on 2 cumbersome.some one who had wings in the past life might still feel as if they are there.

    thoughts? experiances? cannot have a conversation with myself you know ima itching to share stories.
  2. Gryneos
    This is a good subject, and I would like to see what anyone else has to say

    Personally, I'm not sure if I've felt them so much as sometimes feeling the whole body. I can certainly shift my thinking to being all centaur and feeling that form, but I can't recall feeling only one or two of the extra limbs or tail. This subject likely applies more to other bodies than my kind...
  3. ketkah
    oh i know this very well. i feel wings on my back, like angel wings except made up of energy. also my ears are pointed but their points are energetic. i dont have pointy ears in this life because i supposedly need to fit in with people
  4. winteranimeluv
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this.
    Sometimes I feel a ghost limb feeling on my back, like I should have angel wings.
    I also feel the same sensation on my heads, like I should have wolf/dog ears.
    I've felt the sensation that I should also have a tail or a different type of hand set.
    I've also felt like I should be walking a different way or even flying, but I'm not.
  5. Gryneos
    Hi winteranimeluv

    You might want to look at the "awakening" aspect of otherkin. If you're feeling phantom limbs, either you are going through an awakening, or are on the verge of one. The process varies for everyone, and can take place in days, or over several years (as with me.) The site I'm most active on, Otherkin Community, has a good section for awakening if you're interested.

    If anyone here has more experience with that, please post.
  6. Verumi
    When I was young, I used to feel like I was going to turn into a wolf. My senses were heightened, I was more alert, and I felt like I was going to drop to all fours. I had experiences like that from about age 9-15. When I was little, I used to feel like I had a tail and wings like a dragon.
  7. winteranimeluv
    Thanks, I will take a look at that.
    I think I'm experiencing a Kundalini awakening.
  8. winteranimeluv
    Oops posted twice on accident.
  9. Gryneos
    Verumi, your experience sounds quite similar to an otherkin awakening.

    Winteranimeluv, I hope your kundalini awakening goes smoothly
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